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Backup Nutanix Infrastructures in Microsoft Azure with StoneFly and Veeam

This article explores what kind of enterprises can integrate cloud backup and disaster recovery to ensure business continuity and recovery for their enterprise workloads. Also explore the cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions that StoneFly offers to facilitate enterprises running their workloads in Nutanix Infrastructure.  

What is Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage

Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage is Microsoft’s cloud storage solution which is for the modern data storage needs. Azure provides the massively scalable storage for data objects, file systems for the cloud. Microsoft Azure Cloud consists of three main components. Microsoft Azure Cloud is the package of fabric, the storage, all of the API’s in the cloud. The article discusses what is Microsoft Azure cloud storage and the major components of it

How and What to move to the cloud

Being an IT professional you are under pressure, you have to keep your company’s data up and running with simplicity. Every bite and bit of data, every key element depends on you. You ought to be focused on greater things than troubleshooting email, like figuring out how to adjust your existent infrastructure set-up to the demands of the digital world. You understand your company the most and you know what are the mission critical applications for your business. The article discusses that which type of data is essential to move to the cloud and what is the fine process for it

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