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Transforming Traditional Data centers with the StoneFly USS Hyper-converged Appliance

The StoneFly USS Hyperconverged appliance combines server, networking and storage in as little as 3U of Rackspace and presents a solution for traditional datacenters to run any application or consolidate multiple virtual machines, workloads and data stores into a single appliance.

Basics of Microsoft Azure Cloud platform’s latest technology: Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Blockchain is a digitalized, decentralized, safe, shared, distributed ledger of all the cryptocurrency transactions. Blockchain is directly linked to the number of organizations or companies that participate in each of the Blockchains. Distributed-there are lots of replicas of the same database that are shared, in fact the more replicas there are just like peer-to-peer the more authentic the Blockchain becomes. Block chain is secure, shared and distributed ledger

Virtualization Containers and how they compare to Virtual Machines

In the world of technology, IT pros need to customize technology solutions to meet their physical and virtual infrastructure needs. Various industries and firms are using systematically important workloads. Increased daily data generation is leading the world to innovation with automated disaster recovery and data protection of the highest stature.