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What Ransomware Taught us in 2021

In 2021, ransomware attacks grew in number, scale, and complexity disrupting healthcare, education, and more. Here’s what we learned from ransomware in 2021.

Transforming Traditional Data centers with the StoneFly USS Hyper-converged Appliance

The StoneFly USS Hyperconverged appliance combines server, networking and storage in as little as 3U of Rackspace and presents a solution for traditional datacenters to run any application or consolidate multiple virtual machines, workloads and data stores into a single appliance.

Affordable Enterprise Cloud Based Server

Cloud has changed the way people do business. Cloud has empowered many people to consume technology. You have to choose a cloud service provider that handles all for you. StoneFly Cloud Enterprise provides performance, reliability and scalability for your mission critical applications.