Veeam Cloud Backup and Replication as Service

What is Veeam Cloud Backup & Replication?

Veeam can back up or replicate to the Public or Private Cloud for just


$75 / TB / Month

Fast, Flexible Failover

of specific VMs or an entire site.

Streamline Failover

with zero data loss and minimal disruption to users.
All of your data is transmitted over a secure SSL/TLS connection via a
single port. No VPNs, no  networking configurations.

Recovery Assurance

Including support for replicas, failover testing and alternating production between sites.

Public/Private Cloud

You can also use your choice of StoneFly’s Public or Private Cloud.


Sign Up

Sign up for Backup or Replication of your on-premise Virtual or Physical servers.  Just let us know how many servers you have and the number of Terabytes of Storage you require.

Configure Veeam

Select StoneFly as the Backup and Replication Service provider in your Veeam console or let us help you set it up using best practices.


Back Up or Replication

Start your Backup or Replication.  Replication is done incrementally as programmed with SSL/TSL tunneling plus is bandwidth optimized.

Restore & Spin Up

Restore to on-premise or use failover to spin up your VM(s) in the cloud.

Pure business continuity.

How does Veeam Cloud Connect work?

This diagram shows how Veeam Cloud Connect replicates backups and VM replicas to the StoneFly cloud:

Why is it better ?

Orchestration, network extension, WAN acceleration, etc. – everything is available as a complete turnkey solution with complete isolation.

Security of your Data

Securely transmit data over a single port using SSL/TLS.  There is no need
to set up and maintain VPN connections or open multiple ports.

Automated Network Reconfiguration

Eliminates the high cost and headaches of reconfiguring networks for DR
testing, full or partial failover. Our network extension appliances
preserve communication with and between running VMs regardless of their file location.

Bandwith Friendly Features

Built-in WAN acceleration, BitLocker, seeding and more allow us to
provide DRaaS to customers with slow or unreliable WAN connections, or a
large number of VMs.  Customers can even replicate from backups in cloud
repositories, further
reducing the amount of data that must be sent across the WAN.

Call NOW

Let us show you the best practices with Veeam Cloud Connect. Direct Integration with Veeam V9 and above


Security and Control

Fully encrypted in transit and at rest.  Your data securely transfers over an SSL/TLS connection, using a single port to simplify firewall configuration and eliminate the need for a VPN connection.

Enterprise Storage

We use Enterprise Storage with Enterprise data services.  Cloud repositories are completely isolated from one another.  Customers can also encrypt their backups – this is done at the source, before data leaves the customer’s network and without increasing bandwidth consumption. Unlike a general purpose WAN accelerator, Veeam’s Built-in WAN Acceleration maintains data reduction ratios even with encrypted data streams.



  • Let us help you with our time-tested best practices.
  • Testing and restoring with Support Engineers is available 24x7.

Your Data is Where You Are 

Access your backups.  Restore or spin up your VMs from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

VeeamConnect™ Backup (Veeam Cloud Connect Backup)

VeeamConnect™ Backup enables you to hire a cloud repository where you keep a copy of your entire IT environment.  This way your critical business date is no longer at risk even in case of complete data loss at your primary location.

Your data is accessible only to you.  It is encrypted with your own certificate or key before it leaves your company.

VeeamConnect™ Backup does not require a virtual environment at your facility.  It supports both physical and virtual IT environments, and it is suitable for all types of end-users.

Configuration is easy as it takes only a couple of minutes and is completed using your existing Veeam Backup console (version 8 or later).  Veeam® Cloud Connect technology supports VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments as well as Veeam Endpoint Backup clients.

Using VeeamConnect™ Backup “Backup as a Service” is a fast and easy way of provisioning cloud data storage supported by reliable and secure technology that delivers complete data restoration when you need it most.

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