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StoneFly BG365™ - Backup and Disaster Recovery Gateway Appliance

Powerful and Cost Effective Backup Gateway Appliance for Data Protection and Data Processing Workflows

An All-in-One virtualization Solution for Backup and Disaster Recovery

StoneFly BG365™ – backup and disaster recovery gateway is a purpose-built and turnkey hardware solution. The BG365 gateway is a backup appliance without storage – businesses can integrate their existing storage resources and enable data protection for mission-critical workloads using preferred backup software (Veeam, Veritas, Commvault, etc.)

With the BG365 – backup and disaster recovery gateway, businesses can convert their existing Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NAS and DAS storage into their choice of modern backup and disaster recovery solution. Enable data protection for your mission-critical workloads and leverage existing storage resources with StoneFly BG365.

What makes StoneFly BG365 – Backup Gateway Appliance the best in the market?


StoneFly backup gateway appliance has advanced enterprise storage and full support for VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors as integrated virtualization engines plus network and backup engine as a full turnkey appliance.

Cloud Connect Services

Built-in cloud connect services allow users to migrate their workloads to numerous public clouds like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and private clouds like StoneFly private cloud or any S3 cloud.

Integrate Existing Storage Resources

Stonefly backup gateway appliance can be integrated with existing storage (Fibre Channel, SAS, iSCSI or NAS) to build a complete hyperconverged environment.

Engineered for Backup and Disaster Recovery

StoneFly backup gateway appliance is purpose-built to protect enterprise mission-critical applications and data. The appliance supports popular backup software like Veeam, Acronis, Commvault and others as backup engine and delivers reduced RTPOs ensuring business continuity and hyper-availability.

High Performance

The BG365 is a feature-rich backup gateway appliance that delivers enterprise-grade data services – making backup and recovery faster, simpler and reliable.

Backup and Spin-up VMs

Mitigate risks by backing up and recovering your Virtual Machines (VMs) and hosts with the BG365 backup gateway appliance.

StoneFly has been manufacturing Backup and Storage Appliances for the last 17 years

StoneFly has been delivering full-featured backup and storage solutions since 2002. StoneFly’s backup solutions facilitate 500,000 businesses worldwide. Our expertise enable us to come-up with customized solutions for businesses to ensure high availability, virtually no downtime and greater redundancy.

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How StoneFly BG365 Backup and DR Gateway Appliance Works?

Backup and DR Gateway Optimized for Veeam (BG365V™)

The BG365V™ backup gateway appliance is built and optimized for Veeam production environments. The appliance accelerates backup and disaster recovery while providing features such as instant recovery, minimized RTPO times and automated recovery verifications.

Backup and DR Gateway for Acronis (BG365A™)

The BG365A™ appliance is purpose-built for Acronis backup software. The appliance delivers data protection services that meet today’s demands. The BG365A keeps your business running, protects any workload and scales without limits.

Backup and DR Gateway purpose-built for Commvault (BG365C™)

Optimized for Commvault environments, the BG365C™ backup gateway appliance is engineered for today’s complex needs. With the BG365C appliance, you can backup any kind of workload including traditional storage, flash arrays or hyperconverged infrastructure at an unparalleled backup and restore performance.

Compatible with all Famous Backup Software

BG365U™ backup gateway appliance can be provisioned with any backup software of your choice such as Veritas, Symantec, or Unitrends. The BG365U Universal backup gateway can also be integrated with any backup software running on-site to accelerate the backup and disaster recovery operations between on-premises and the cloud.

Additional Features of BG365 Backup Gateway Appliance

Snapshot Technology

Create automatic snapshot schedules of one or more storage volumes and/or network shares. This allows for instant recovery back to a previous point in time to recover lost files or other data.

Encryption - before, during and after transit

BG365 appliance protect important data with AES 256-bit encryption before and after transit while protecting data during transit with SSL/TLS tunneling.

Data Deduplication

The BG365 backup gateway uses data deduplication to optimize bandwidth and storage capacity usage. With deduplication, the BG365 backup gateway appliance removes redundant data and reduces the cost of data backup.

Thin Provisioning

Thin Provision applications and processes with the BG365 backup gateway appliance to effectively leverage existing infrastructure and provision resources faster – reducing gaps and enhancing overall productivity.

Automated Data Tiering

StoneFly BG365 backup gateway enables users to setup policies to automatically move data between physical infrastructure and/or cloud storage tiers reducing data backup costs and simplifying data management.

Centralized Data Management

The BG365 backup gateway provides a single management console, enabling IT administrators to control and manage all backup resources spread across on-premises infrastructure, offsite infrastructure and cloud storage tiers.

Asynchronous Replication

Setup robust data protection using asynchronous (scheduled) replication jobs to on-site and/or offsite infrastructure or cloud storage tiers for Virtual Machines (VMs), backups and mission-critical applications with the BG365 backup gateway.

Synchronous Replication (Campus Mirroring)

With the BG365 backup gateway appliance, users can setup real-time synchronous mirroring of virtual and physical machines to a secondary appliance and/or a cloud storage tier and create full and identical copies of data for instant recovery whenever necessary.

Fast and Easy Installation

StoneFly appliances are user friendly and can be installed easily and quickly. Just integrate the appliance into your work, setup policies or use the default appliance settings – it’s as simple as “plug and play”.

Industry Compliant Backup Solution

With StoneFly BG365 backup gateway appliance, users can setup industry compliant backup solutions effortlessly. StoneFly customers can leverage our longstanding partnerships with industry leaders, like Microsoft Azure to setup their backups in Microsoft Azure cloud (Commercial or Government), and comply to a number of industry regulations.


FedRAMP is part of a set of security standards developed by the US government to make sure cloud services and products could protect federal and government data properly. FedRAMP comprises of a standardized approach to “Authorization, Security Assessment and continuous monitoring for Cloud services and products”. Learn More 


HIPAA defines rules and regulations for healthcare service providers that deal with patient data. These rules emphasize on data protection services for PHI (Protected Health Information) processed by healthtech infrastructure. HITRUST is a certifiable framework that synchronizes various other compliance frameworks such as HIPAA, PCI, ISO, NIST etc. Learn More


CJIS policy is developed by the Advisory Policy Board, comprising of people representing different states, and is enforced by the FBI CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Service) division. The policy describes rules pertaining to the data protection of federal data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) stored and backed up in the cloud. Learn More

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