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Simple and Reliable Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, and SharePoint

 Recent Webinar 

Affordable Data Backup in Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud

This is the recording of the webinar about StoneFly CDR365™ – a reliable and affordable cloud backup solution. In this webinar, we explained: – What’s CDR365™? – Complete hybrid Backup solution – What can you backup with CDR365™? – Compliant backup solution. – Getting free trial and setting up CDR365™. We answered questions about CDR365™ and in the end, we demonstrated how you can get a free trial and setup CDR365™.
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Recent Webinar 

Reduce Costs and Move data to Azure, AWS or any other S3 compatible cloud

This is a video recording for our webinar: Reduce Costs and Move data to Azure, AWS or any S3 compatible cloud. The discussion followed this flow: – Legacy infrastructure – costs and considerations. – What’s StoneFly Smart Cloud Gateway? – Integrating Cloud Technology. – Use-cases of StoneFly Smart Cloud Gateway. – Main Features of Smart Cloud Gateway.  
Recorded Webinar 2

 Recent Webinar 

Veeam, Azure and StoneFly together offering a FedRAMP Certified turnkey solution for Enterprise Backup & DR

In this recorded webinar you will learn how

• Microsoft, Veeam and StoneFly have partnered up to offer state-of-the-art Backup and Disaster recovery solutions for public and private enterprise

• Full integration and compatibility to Veeam Direct Restore in Azure • No limit on capacity or number of Scale Out nodes

• Single interface for managing backups, replication and restore

And much more….!

Recent Webinar 

Veeam Cloud Connect backup and replication to public and private Cloud

Stonefly’s Veeam Backup as a Service is a fast and easy way of provisioning cloud data storage supported by reliable and secure technology that delivers complete data restoration when needed. Leveraging secure cloud infrastructure can make IT Resiliency achievable and cost-effective for even mid to small enterprise customers. Learn more in this recorded webinar.

Recorded Webinar 3
Recorded Webinar 4

Why Disaster recovery in the cloud is a good choice for your organization

Although many businesses think they’re prepared for a disaster, most actually lack a comprehensive Disaster Recovery (DR) and business continuity plan. In reality, they have a backup-strategy in place. Unfortunately, many organizations do not piece together their DR plan until after disaster strikes.

Azure, AWS and Google which one is better for Backup and Disaster recovery

Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services are the main players of business cloud services, offering an array of products for your cloud operations. In this webinar, we compare these cloud service providers one next to the other in terms of the Backup and Disaster recovery services they offer.
Recorded Webinar 5
Recorded Webinar 6

Veeam, Azure and StoneFly together offering a FedRAMP Certified turnkey solution for Enterprise Backup & DR

In this Partner’s Webinar watch RANDY Wise, Enterprise Systems Engineer at Veeam and Mo Tahmasebi, StoneFly’s corporate solution expert reveal how StoneFly, Veeam, Azure and AWS can offer enterprise level offsite replication, backup and disaster recovery solution to ensure business continuity.

Recorded Webinar 7

Veeam-Azure-StoneFly a turnkey solution for Enterprise backup and DR

Veeam, Stonefly and Microsoft have partnered up to offer state-of-the-art Backup and Disaster recovery solution for Enterprise backup and DR. This solution provides capacity, file size, bandwidth, IOPS, Shared access, Multi-tenancy, security and active directory integration required. Learn more…

How to setup Backup and Restore in Microsoft Azure

This recorded webinar gives you a very precise and comprehensive look at what you can back-up like files, Applications, Emails, Active directory etc. and how to restore all that. You’ll find a comparison of Object level storage vs. File based storage vs. Block level storage along with information on different type of Blobs in the cloud.

Recorded Webinar 8
Recorded Webinar 9

Deployment Guide on How to backup Veeam in Azure using Stonefly Scale-out NAS

This video is an extract of a webinar with a step by step guide on how to back-up your Veeam in Microsoft Azure using Stonefly Scale out NAS. If you already have Azure account this will help you setup a one month free trial and play around with it to have a better idea on how it works. Learn more …

Hyper-converged Technology- How it works – How to reduce my datacenter cost by 50%

Learn how to consolidate all of your server, Storage and Networks  into one easy to manage appliance – how you can Replace your datacenter by migrating existing Windows and Linux physical servers into Virtual Machines hosted on the StoneFly USS appliance and how to reduce your datacenter cost by 50 percent.

Recorded Webinar 10
Recorded Webinar 11

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