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Turnkey Scale Out NAS Storage Appliance

Leverage latest enterprise scale out NAS storage technology & advanced data services with StoneFly SSO™ NAS storage appliances. SSO NAS storage delivers performance, scalability, and reliability with an easy-to-use GUI and management interface.


  • Scale out storage from terabytes (TBs) to petabytes (PBs) data storage capacity.
  • Available as single appliance, dual cluster appliance, or as many scale out nodes as your performance, capacity, and fault-tolerant storage infrastructure needs.
  • Enjoy unprecedented read and write speeds for enterprise workloads with All-Flash configuration.
  • Setup as backup & disaster recovery repository or store documents, videos, images, IoT data, analytics, genome data, machine data, and any unstructured file-level data.
  • Manage all storage resources with a single centralized GUI management interface.
  • Secure stored data with enterprise-grade data service like snapshots, encryption, remote, cloud replication, tiering & more.
  • Choose any combination of SAS and SSDs and setup All-Flash or hybrid NAS with cloud connect to public/private clouds.
  • Support for 10/40/100Gb network ports with advanced features.
  • Built-in cloud storage gateway technology to Azure, AWS, Google, StoneFly, and other public clouds.
  • Ensure high availability for business data with sync & async replication.
  • Integrated optional backup & DR with leading backup software like Veeam, Acronis, Commvault, Veritas and more.
  • Optional global data ingest from many data sources with advanced data flow workbench.
NAS Storage Appliance
Scale Out NAS Storage Appliance
Super Scale Out NAS

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What is Network Attached Storage (NAS)?

Network attached storage, or NAS storage, appliances provide highly scalable target storage repositories accessible using Local Area Network (LAN). Also referred to as file storage, NAS appliances support industry standard Windows protocols: CIFS/SMB and Linux protocols: NFS. 

StoneFly Super Scale Out (SSO) NAS are powered by StoneFly’s patented 8th generation NAS Operating System (OS): StoneFusion. The NAS OS enables users to effectively manage NAS appliance nodes and integrate enterprise data services such as automated tiering, erasure coding, deduplication, and more. 

To learn more about file-level storage, click here.

Typical Use-Cases of NAS Appliances

What are NAS appliances used for?

Unstructured Data Storage

Store continuously growing unstructure data or file data such as images, videos, files, analystics data, genome data, research data, video surveillance data, or any data that grows continuously. 

Video Surveillance Storage

Store terabytes (TBs) to petabytes (PBs) of high definition surveillance video data in an affordable, easy-to-manage and highly scalable file storage system. 

Target NAS Storage for Virtual Machines (VMs)

Configure target storage for VMs deployed on VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, or Citrix (formerly XenServer). Store unstructured data on the NAS appliances for relational database VMs, backup software VMs, & similar applications & services. 

Target Storage for Relational Databases

Store unstructured data generated by relational databases such as MySQL, or applications such as NoSQL, PostGreSQL, Hadoop, Docker, etc. 

StoneFly Network Attached Storage (NAS) Enterprise-level Features

StoneFly SSO NAS storage appliances come pre-configured with StoneFly StoneFusion. Businesses can leverage the
patented and awarded software to setup enterprise-level data services that optimize data storage, enhance storage
utilization rates and simplify data storage for the enterprise.
The following is a list of data services that businesses can configure with StoneFly StoneFusion– Storage
Concentrator Virtual Machine:

enterprise scale out NAS storage

Synchronous & Asynchronous Replication – Make Data High Available & Accessible

Configure synchronous replication jobs that create replicas of business data in real-time on on-premises storage infrastructure, offsite storage media, or in cloud storage repositories. Or setup asynchronous
replication & create replicas by scheduling replication jobs to better suit system compute & network bandwidth usage.
Leverage StoneFly replication technology in a way that suits your business & make sure business data is always available and accessible.

enterprise scale out NAS

Future-Proof Data Storage Architecture – Disruption-Free High Scalability

StoneFly NAS storage appliances are flexible & can scale from Terabytes (TBs) to Petabytes (PBs) in storage capacity. The storage appliances offer dual scalability: storage & performance. Increase storage capacity with the addition of expansion units or add both storage & performance by adding more nodes to the system in a disruption-free & “plug and play” process.

NAS Appliances

Distributed File System (DFS) – Easy & High Data Accessibility & Sharing

With a Distributed File System (DFS) access, process & manage data in different nodes as if it’s stored on your local machine. StoneFly NAS storage appliances leverage DFS to provide users faster data access & easier information & data sharing.

storage appliance

Vendor Independency – Industry Standard File Format & Protocol Support

StoneFly NAS storage appliances are compatible with industry standard operating systems (Linux &
Microsoft Windows) & support standard file protocols like CIFs & NFS. StoneFly NAS storage appliances can be configured as backup repositories or storage repositories for different database servers – businesses don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.
Don’t make decisions that lead to a vendor lock-in. Leverage StoneFly NAS storage appliances & enjoy
enterprise-level data storage with vendor independency.

network attached storage enterprise

Fast & Secure Front-end Cloud Cache with StoneFly Flash Cache™

Enhance the speed of your hybrid storage solution by configuring built-in Flash Cache in StoneFly NAS
storage appliances as a front-end cloud cache. The cache reduces the time needed to access frequently used data in the cloud; complimenting processing & enhancing overall productivity.

enterprise NAS storage

Auto Rebalance for Distributed Volumes – Automated Data Storage Management

StoneFly NAS storage appliances utilize automated rebalance to distribute data between volumes. This implies that when additional storage capacity is added, the auto rebalance feature automatically distributes the data volumes so that the appliance can make the most of the average compute capacity.
This reduces storage management workload & simplified data storage management – making the process easier & convenient for system administrators.

NAS storage technology

Create Dispersed Volumes with Erasure Coding – Additional Data Redundancy & Scalability

With erasure coding, businesses can leverage StoneFly NAS storage appliances to create dispersed volumes & distribute them in different segments. Users can also define policies prioritizing mission-critical data segments. Choose from data redundancy levels of 1 to 5 with erasure coding in StoneFly NAS storage appliances & ensure high availability & business continuity for your business data.

StoneFly Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) – No Compatibility Issues

StoneFly NAS storage appliances are equipped with Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX). Businesses can run POSIX compatible applications on StoneFly NAS appliances without having to worry about compatibility issues and make the most of the enterprise storage infrastructure.

scale out nas storage

Snapshots – Protect Business Data from Data Loss, Data Corruption, Ransomware & Other Threats

Create Image-based snapshots of your storage infrastructure & store them in on-premises infrastructure, offsite storage systems or in the cloud. With StoneFly snapshots, users can revert back to a specific “state” of their storage infrastructure. This enables businesses to build storage systems that are resistant to data loss, data corruption, malware, cyber-threats, ransomware & other similar threats.

network attached storage enterprise

Faster Data Accessibility – No Centralized Database – No Metadata Director

Each StoneFly NAS storage appliance node can handle a read / write request by hashing it to calculate relevant file locations across the storage infrastructure. The lack of a centralized database also facilitates faster data accessibility & high IOPS because it avoids bottlenecks without compromising storage performance.

enterprise NAS

Encryption – Secure Data from Hackers, Rogue Applications, Data Breaches & Data Leaks

StoneFly NAS storage appliances use TLS/SLL for authentication when data is transmitted over the network, I/O connections are secured using I/O encryption between clients & the NAS, & management connections are secured with management encryption within data volumes. For data at rest, StoneFly NAS offer AES 256-bit encryption technology.
This makes StoneFly SSO NAS storage appliances highly secure & reliable for businesses keen on
ensuring data security for their business data.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Automated Storage Tiering for Easy & Error-Free Data Management

Business can define policies that move data between storage repositories – automating & simplifying data management. This automation compliments storage efficiency & reduces the possibility of human-error.

Introduce automation, enhance storage efficiency & simplify data management with automated storage tiering..

StoneFly Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Self-Heal – Ensure Data Synchronization & Prevent Data Loss

Self-heal automatically repairs corrupted or damaged data volumes. With self-heal, businesses make sure that previous copied or replicated data is in usable form and data is synced and available.

cloud nas storage

Automated Data Protection from Data Corruption & Ransomware with Transportable Storage

StoneFly NAS storage appliances are capable of detecting anomalous behavior using built-in data
protection technology. In the event of a detection, the NAS storage appliance disconnects transportable storage disks; protecting data within them.
Businesses can configure replication or mirroring jobs to replicate mission-critical data to these
transportable storage devices so that they’re safe from data corruption, ransomware, rogue applications and other similar threats. Protect what’s important for your business with StoneFly’s intelligent data storage technology.

 enterprise network attached storage

Distributed Dispersed Volumes – Combination of DFS and Dispersed Volumes

Combine distributed file system with dispersed volumes created by erasure coding for easier scalability, high reliability & improved read performance. The ability to setup distributed dispersed volumes makes StoneFly NAS storage appliances a good fit for IT environments where high reliability is critical.

True Scale Out NAS designed and optimized for Performance, Capacity, & Fault-Tolerance

Manage, control and store your data easily, effortlessly, and cost effectively

nas storage appliance

Highly Scalable Architecture

Scale up by adding expansion units or scale out by adding storage nodes. StoneFly NAS storage appliances can support 256 drives per node with storage capacities ranging to Petabytes.

Available in a wide range of form factors: 1U, 2U, 3U, & 4U rackmount with support for 12G enterprise SAS & 12Gb Flash drives, our NAS appliances can easily scale in storage capacity whenever needed in a non-disruptive, hassle-free process 

enterprise nas storage

Affordable 50% Lower CapEx & OpEx

StoneFly offers a wide range of options to choose from and customize storage systems to your enterprise needs. Buy what you need & expand when you need to. StoneFly prices beat any price up to 50% depending on the appliance model. High utilization enterprise grade components, automation, and advanced reporting and management contribute to lower OpEx for businesses.

scale out network attached storage

Simple Management

StoneFly NAS Storage Controllers (SCs) are installed and pre-configured with StoneFusion™ operating system.

StoneFusion is a single pane centralized management interface that facilitates businesses to make data storage management hassle-free & effortless. StoneFusion enables users to manage and configure storage resources, monitor storage capacity usage & activate and configure data services like snapshots, replication, encryption, & more.

scale out storage systems

Fault-Tolerant Storage System

StoneFly NAS storage appliances combine hardware and software features to deliver a fault-tolerant storage experience to the enterprise. Our NAS appliances come with redundant power supplies and support 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, and 60 RAID levels with RAID Cache battery backup and optional hardware RAID controller upgrade. Software features include erasure coding per scale out storage cluster with up to 3 node fault resiliency.

Our NAS storage systems support 10/40/100G network ports with multiple ports plus CIFS and NFS protocols. The pre-configured StoneFusion software integrates data services like encryption, snapshots, and replication to enhance redundancy and improve the fault-tolerance of the storage system.

nas storage solutions

High Performance

StoneFly Scale out NAS storage is designed to scale in performance. Start with one node and scale to as many nodes you need to meet your business requirements. Support combinations of flash (SSDs) and high performance 12G SAS drives.

Choose to add more Storage Controllers (SCs) for additional network or to add more data services or add storage capacity by adding storage nodes or add both SCs and nodes for dual scalability of performance and storage capacity.

StoneFly Super Scale Out (SSO™) NAS Appliance


StoneFly SSO Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances are high performance, high speed, and highly scalable file-level storage systems.

With built-in cloud connect, the SSO NAS appliances provide access to cloud storage repositories and using automated storage tiering, the storage solution makes data management simpler and easier. The SSO NAS appliances are purpose-built for enterprise data volumes and are fit for organizations that need high speed data storage and / or long term in-house archiving.

Our NAS appliances support combinations of enterprise hard drives and flash drives enabling organizations to setup tiered storage and build an efficient and cost effective data storage solution.

By leveraging high end storage drives and Xeon processors, our NAS appliances deliver incredible read and write speeds for enterprise-grade workloads.

To facilitate a wide range of data storage requirements, we offer SSO NAS appliances in three different hardware configurations:


  • Integrated NAS Appliance
  • Dual Node Shared Nothing NAS Appliance
  • Scale Out NAS Appliance

StoneFly Integrated NAS Appliance


The integrated NAS appliance combines the storage controller, RAID controller, and the storage drives into a single storage box.

This file storage box can be configured with enterprise SAS or SSDs or combinations of both. The storage capacity of our integrated NAS appliances range from Terabytes to Petabytes. And it is easily manageable using the pre-configured StoneFusion™ software. IT administrators can manage, control, and monitor their storage resources with a single centralized management interface.

Our NAS appliance delivers all storage resources under a single global namespace. The storage is as accessible and convenient as the local drives on a computer.

enterprise nas storage
nas storage solutions

StoneFly Integrated NAS Appliance Architecture



Interested about StoneFly Integrated NAS Appliance Hardware Specifications?

StoneFly Dual Node Shared Nothing NAS Appliance



The “Dual Node Shared Nothing” NAS appliance is a highly redundant and fault-tolerant hardware configuration that leverages appliance clustering and mirroring / synchronous replication.

By leveraging two identical NAS appliance hardware and configuring a cluster, the Dual Node Shared Nothing configuration offers two redundant paths to stored enterprise data. This setup is useful for enterprises keen on ensuring business continuity and avoiding disruption and downtime as much as possible. For instance, healthcare, finance services, professional service providers, etc.

The redundant architecture makes sure that even in the case of a full appliance failure, data remains accessible and operations continue without disruption while the failed system is recovered.

The Dual Node Shared Nothing NAS appliance supports enterprise SAS, SSDs or combinations of both, it’s cloud-enabled, and can be managed using a single management interface.


nas storage
scale out storage

Dual Node Shared Nothing NAS Appliance Architecture


Interested in our Dual Node Shared Nothing NAS Appliance Hardware Specifications?

StoneFly Scale Out NAS Appliance



The scale out NAS appliance configuration is a highly scalable hardware architecture with the ability to scale out to virtually unlimited number of appliance nodes.

The StoneFly scale out storage appliance configuration starts with a minimum of 3 appliance nodes, additional appliance nodes can be added as the need for storage capacity grows. The scale out NAS appliance starts from TeraBytes and has the ability to grow to PetaBytes in storage capacity.

Our scale out NAS appliances are best fit for enterprise unstructured big data and data lakes that continuously grow overtime.

With the ability to support combinations of enterprise SAS and SSDs or combination of both, the appliance is capable of facilitating a variety of workloads ranging from Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), genomics, academic research data, and more.

The cost-effective and scalable infrastructure also provides the flexible data storage platform that surveillance video storage solutions need.

Similar to StoneFly Integrated NAS appliances, the scale out NAS appliances are cloud-enabled, modular, redundant, and easily manageable with a centralized management interface.

By using data services like erasure coding, the scale out NAS appliance add a layer of fault-tolerance to the redundant and highly available infrastructure.

scale out nas

StoneFly Scale Out NAS Appliance Architecture

Interested in StoneFly Scale Out NAS Appliance Hardware Specifications?

Hot-Swappable, Redundant & Robust Hardware

scale out nas storage
scale out storage systems
enterprise nas storage

StoneFly enterprise NAS storage appliances are purpose-built for enterprise IT environments focused on business continuity and data availability.

Each NAS appliance has high efficiency, hot swappable and redundant power supplies. The storage drives are also hot swappable. System administrators can dynamically add / remove or replace power supplies and drives without any disruption or delay.

In the event of power supply failure, the second power supply ensures that the appliance is operational.

Data services like erasure coding and RAID make the system fault tolerant. Depending on RAID level, the SSO NAS appliances can tolerate multiple drive failures.

Cloud-Enabled Enterprise Scale Out NAS Appliances

StoneFly SSO NAS appliances are pre-configured with StoneFusion. StoneFusion can be configured as a virtual cloud storage gateway.

This enables all StoneFly SSO NAS appliances to integrate public clouds, like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and private clouds, StoneFly cloud, or any other S3 compatible cloud.

When configured as a hybrid scale out storage appliance (on-premises + cloud), our SSO NAS appliances support multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

StoneFly’s partnerships with Microsoft Azure, and Amazon enable our customers to choose their preferred datacenters worldwide.

Federal and local government bodies can leverage our hybrid NAS appliances to setup storage in Microsoft Azure Government cloud as well.

stonefly NAS in Azure

Microsoft Azure Marketplace Partner

Cloud Enabled Nas storage

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Partner

scale out storage systems

Microsoft Government Cloud Service Provider

enterprise nas storage

Amazon AWS Technology Partner

Available StoneFly SSO NAS Appliance Series

Choose from a range of value-tier, mid-tier and enterprise-tier NAS appliances & build your NAS system as per your requirements and budget. Available StoneFly SSO NAS appliance series include:

  • I-Series (Value-Tier NAS Appliances for SMBs)
  • D-Series (Mid-Tier NAS Appliances for SMEs) 
  • XS-Series (Enterprise Single Xeon NAS Appliances)
  • XD-Series (Enterprise Dual Xeon NAS Appliances) 

Supported NAS Storage Expansion Units

StoneFly SSO NAS deliver terabytes to petabytes in storage capacity. Our hardware RAID controller is capable of support 256 drives per appliance node.
To add more storage to StoneFly SSO NAS appliances, users can choose from a wide range of supported expansion units.
  • 12-bay 3.5” 2U 12Gb SAS Expansion Unit
  • 16-bay 3.5” 3U 12Gb SAS Expansion Unit
  • 24-bay 3.5” 4U 12Gb SAS Expansion Unit 
  • 24-bay 2.5” 2U 12Gb SAS Expansion Unit
  • 44-bay 3.5″ 4U 12Gb SAS Expansion Unit
  • 60-bay 3.5″ 4U 12Gb SAS Expansion Unit

Note: SSO I-Series appliances only support scale out. The I-Series appliances do not support expansion units. For details, contact StoneFly pre-sales engineers

StoneFly NAS Appliances are also available in Petabyte Scale with our HA-Modular Hardware Configuration.

StoneFly Network Attached Storage (NAS) Appliances Are Flexible, Adaptable & Customizable

Setup All-flash or hybrid NAS storage appliance or NAS storage appliance with enterprise-level SAS drives. You can also choose to customize StoneFly NAS storage appliances to better suit your requirements.

enterprise nas storage

StoneFly All-Flash Super Scale Out (SSO) NAS Storage Appliance

  • Supports high performance 12 Gbs Solid State Drives (SSDs).
  • Deliver incredible read and write speeds (high IOPS).
  • Supports upto 256 drives per node.
  • Built-in cloud storage gateway.
  • Pre-configured with StoneFly NAS OS.

stonefly sso NAS

StoneFly Hybrid Super Scale Out (SSO) NAS Storage Appliance

  • Highly scalable and redundant storage solution.
  • Cloud connect to Azure, AWS, and other S3 compatible clouds and StoneFly private cloud.
  • Automated data transfers with automated storage tiering feature.
  • Supports upto 256 drives per node.
  • Pre-configured with StoneFly NAS OS.
StonfLy SSO NAS appliance

StoneFly Super Scale Out (SSO) Hard Drive NAS Storage Appliance

  • Supports enterprise-grade SAS drives.
  • Affordable and robust storage solution
  • Built-in cloud storage gateway.
  • Supports upto 256 drives per node.
  • Pre-configured with StoneFly NAS OS.

Why StoneFly NAS Storage Appliances?

StoneFly family of customers comprise of over 2000+ enterprise customers worldwide. Our enterprise-grade solutions empower businesses and a wide range of industries including financial industry, federal government, local/state government, education, biomedical/healthcare and more.

StoneFly data storage solutions have been in the market for decades and are currently in the 8th generation of development.

StoneFly NAS storage appliances are powered by StoneFly’s awarded and patented StoneFusion software. The innovative storage software is certified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Patent #: 7302500, 7555586, 7558885, 8069292).

Recommended StoneFly NAS Storage Appliance Models

enterprise nas storage

SSO 12-bay 3.5" 2U Integrated NAS Appliance (D-Series)

  • Single 16-Core Xeon / 32GB System Memory
  • Support for High Speed Enterprise-Grade SAS & SSDs.
  • Supports up to 192TBs of raw storage.
  • Redundant High Efficiency Hot-Swappable Power Supply.
  • Built-in Software RAID
  • Optional Upgrade: Hardware RAID Controller.
  • Supports up to 256 drives per node.
  • High Speed Network Ports
  • 1 Year Extendable Warranty Upgradable to 7+ Years with 24/7/365 Technical support.


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nas storage

SSO 24-bay 3.5" 4U Integrated NAS Appliance (XD-Series)

  • Hybrid NAS Storage Appliance.
  • Dual 10-Core Xeon / 64GB System Memory
  • Support for High Speed Enterprise-Grade SAS & SSDs.
  • Supports up to 384TBs of raw storage.
  • Redundant High Efficiency Hot-Swappable Power Supply.
  • Built-in Hardware RAID Controller with RAID Cache Battery Backup
  • Supports up to 256 drives per node.
  • High Speed Network Ports
  • 1 Year Extendable Warranty Upgradable to 7+ Years with 24/7/365 Technical support.


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Super Scale Out NAS

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