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Case studies

Data Collaboration Made Easy for Engineering & Planning Company

StoneFly enterprise cloud storage in Azure is giving out Data collaboration services to an engineering and planning company in Springfield. Company needed cross site data collaboration while providing on site and off site data synchronization facility and scalable architecture. StoneFly enterprise cloud storage in Azure came to rescue by providing process-friendly storage experience. It made data collaboration, scalability, data transfer easier in a cost effective way.

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Renowned Educational Institute Counts on StoneFly USO™ to Deliver Unmatched Data Services

Educational institutions generate TBs of data each day. Our customer educational institution in US also generates TBs of data each day, but the legacy environment can’t keep up. Their legacy infrastructure is very time consuming. Any disruption can lead to loss of work for days or months. This can affect productivity of staff and quality of education. To mitigate the risk of data loss of sensitive data, the institute therefore requires a reliable, cost effective, simple, scalable solution for storage, backup and disaster recovery. Hyperscale, hybrid storage offered by StoneFly is a smart way to solve the challenges faced by the institute.

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Biotechnology Company Eliminates Data Management Complexity with StoneFly Smart cloud Gateway

The biotechnology companies strive hard to ensure that the patient’s health improvement is on the rise. Speedy and scalable data storage, fast backups and disaster recovery; this is needed by biotechnology companies but at low costs and high security. This is the case study about our customer which is a biotechnology company based in the United States. They use StoneFly smart cloud gateway which allows the company to keep things fast and local with full accessibility.

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SAN work for businesses ranging from non-profit, government, education, construction. manufacturing and more.
Learn about how companies across the globe are deploying iSCSI and SAN technologies to solve business challenges, consolidate infrastructure, and improve business continuity initiatives.

Sporting Goods Manufacturer Move Their Applications to the Cloud

With the fast pace of doing business, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest technology. But old technology means data security risks and downtime. This used to keep the general manager of a small sporting goods manufacturer up at night.

Requirement of Reliable and Robust Backup for Oil and Gas Industry

Technology is the ultimate answer to risk mitigation throughout the oil and gas industry. Companies are rapidly adopting new applications and processing more data to enhance performance.

Utah Paper Box achieves Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery through Storage Consolidation and Virtualization

The company’s implements a three phase plan to increase storage, performance, and backup infrastructure for their most vital data.

Case Studies 1 Utah Paper Box

Itim Upgrades Storage Supply Chain with SAN

Itim Ltd., a supplier of software systems for retail supply chain operations, required additional storage to support its highly accessed SQL servers. After researching Fibre channel and direct attached storage, Itim decided that an IP SAN was more convenient and cost-effective.

Case Studies 1 Itim Upgrades Storage Supply Chain with SAN

Randolph College Boosts Storage I.Q. Using StoneFly IP SAN

Randolph College Achieves Storage Scalability, Server Virtualization and Consolidation, and Dramatic Energy Savings.

Case Studies 1 Randolph Case Study

StoneFly IP SAN Keeps Data Flowing for Palm Springs’ Desert Water Agency by Supporting New Virtualization Initiative

“StoneFly has given us a solid storage platform upon which to support our virtualization projects and meet our business continuity goals,” said Tessman. He added, “From easy compatibility with Virtual Server 2005 R2, to superior scalability and an excellent price point, the StoneFly IP SAN has more than met our needs. In addition, as we’ve further explored the ISC-1620’s capabilities, StoneFly’s support team has been fantastic.”

Case Studies 1 Desert Water Agency

WRAL-TV Eliminates Disk Media with IP SANs for Blade Servers and New Applications

In 2006, when WRAL’s data storage requirements outpaced existing direct-attached storage (DAS) resources, the company found itself in the market for an entirely new approach to data management. WRAL’s most pressing storage challenges came to light when the company embarked upon a plan to implement a new e-mail archiving system. His experience with IP SANs gave him the confidence to recognize that the technology – which offers centralized storage management and leverages an organization’s existing IP infrastructure — would be more than sufficient for the company.

Case Studies 1 Capital Broadcasting Implements Blade Server, Email Archiving, and D2D

Nancy’s Specialty Foods Cooks up Key Ingredients for Business Continuity and Customer Compliance with Affordable, Easy-to-Use StoneFly IP SAN

Leading Manufacturer of Gourmet Foods Satisfies Appetite for Storage and Data Integrity; Projecting 18-Month ROI for Cost-Effective IP SAN with Synchronous Mirroring.

Case Studies 1 Nancy’s Specialty Foods PDF

Ecker Enterprises Constructs Centralized Storage Framework with StoneFly Backup Advantage

Leading Specialty Subcontractor Dramatically Increases Speed and Reliability of Critical Data Backup and Recovery.

Case Studies 1Ecker Enterprises PDF

Denton Appraisal District Maintains Valuable Tax Data with StoneFly IP SAN

Clustered IP SAN Configuration Ensures High Availability of Critical Property Appraisals for Top-Five Texas County.

Case Studies 1 Denton Appraisal District

Information Flows Freely at Contra Costa Water District Utilizing StoneFly’s Storage Concentrators

Leading California Water District Pumps up Storage and Disaster Recovery Capabilities with Affordable IP SAN.

Case Studies 1Contra Costa Water District

T.B. Penick Builds Strong Storage Foundation with StoneFly IP SAN

Full-Service General Contractor and Concrete Specialist Uses Leading-Edge IT and Storage Technology to Ensure On-Time, On-Budget Completion of Nationwide Construction Projects.

Case Studies 1T.B. Penick Case Study

PBS: Connecting Stranded Servers

Converged iSCSI and Fibre Channel SANs Improve Storage Utilization, Provisioning and Technology ROI.

Case Studies 1 PBS-Connecting Stranded Servers

Shoreline Communications Meets a Rising Tide of Data Storage

Provider of next-generation IP voice systems eases significant storage demands and streamlines critical backup support requirements.

Case Studies 1 Shoreline Communications

IP SAN Delivers Long-Term Benefits to Life Care Assurance

Leading third-party insurance administrator consolidates mass storage while lowering overall management efforts by more than 90 percent.

Case Studies 1 LifeCare Assurance

Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc. Consolidates Servers and Saves 400%

One of Nation’s Largest Managing General Agents (MGA’s) Quickly and Cost-Effectively Implements an IP SAN to Consolidate and Centralize Storage; Adds 2.2 Terabytes of Storage for $.01 Cent per Megabyte to Save 400% in Costs Associated with Traditional NAS Model.

Case Studies 1 SIU case study

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