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TWICE THE POWER for Construction Company with StoneFly TwinHCI Systems


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  • Inadequate Infrastructure
  • Limited IT Staff
  • Data Availability
  • Preventing Loss of Mission-Critical Data
  • StoneFly High Availability TwinHCI System           

  • Superior Data Control & Management
  • High-Availability & Business Continuity
  • Fault-Tolerant Solution with No Single Point-of-Failure
  • Centralized Management


The client is a leading US-based construction company.


Construction Industry


With three hosts that provided file service, a windows server for the materials department, and a backup system, their infrastructure had grown and become fault-prone. The organization had already experienced five incidents with multiple hardware failures that caused data and VM losses.  In addition to hardware failure, the company had limited staff to cater to every component (i.e. network, storage and compute), in turn adding to the problem.  

The client’s IT Director, Kyle, said, “Business was booming but so was our data. Our projects needed a reliable infrastructure with minimized attention and ours had reached the end of its life”.


After a detailed discussion with the client, StoneFly storage experts suggested the TwinHCI systems.

The TwinHCI system is a reliable and cost-effective high availability dual-node hyperconverged solution with automated failover and failback. For the client, the solution simplified administrative needs, delivered high availability that didn’t need dedicated IT staff to manage, maintain, and orchestrate it.   


The solution helped the client to deploy an infrastructure that ensured business continuity and high availability with minimum IT staff intervention and no single point-of-failure. The highly scalable and simplified setup could easily be handled by a single member of the staff. Additionally, the TwinHCI enabled the client to utilize their compute and storage resources to its full capacity with significantly reduced costs.

Moreover, the centralized management platform exterminated many management complexities and provided a stress-free working environment for the staff.

Kyle finished ”With this solution, we don’t have to worry about hardware failure anymore and the built-in security and optimization features really simplify our job. Thank you, StoneFly, for going over and beyond our call”.

On-Going Value for the Construction Company

Coupled with the high availability and affordability of the TwinHCI, the construction company also got more bang for their buck in the form of the following benefits:


Superior Data Control & Management with Feature-packed Infrastructure

In order to put data owners in complete control of their data, the TwinHCI come preconfigured with a storage OS (SCVM) that delivers advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities.

The SCVM dashboard feature real-time graphical performance reporting of metrics such as CPU usage, storage, network consumption, and more.

Additionally, SCVM delivers an array of data protection and storage optimization features coupled with advanced data services to compliment the high availability HCI solution and enhance user experience.

Standard SCVM data protection features include: air-gap volumes, Write-Once Read-Many repositories, Backup Vault, advanced encryption, immutable snapshots, threat scan, and more.

Storage optimization features include deduplication for NAS, iSCSI & S3 volumes, thin provisioning, FlashCache™ SSD caching, and more.

Advanced data services include sync & async replication, NAS, SAN, & S3 storage provisioning, and more.

To get the complete list of SCVM features, contact StoneFly sales.

With the advanced reporting, built-in data protection, storage optimization and advanced data services the construction company enjoys powerful hyperconverged capabilities and seamlessly manages their storage infrastructure.

Highly Scalable & Future-Proof Infrastructure  

Similar to other StoneFly storage solutions, the TwinHCI systems boast the ability to scale out without limits.

In fact, the TwinHCI are dually scalable. That means that users can choose to either scale out or scale up. In order to scale out, users can add more appliance nodes; consequently increasing the performance and storage capacity in multiples.

To scale up, users can add hundreds of storage drives using storage expansion units (EBODs) and deploy petabyte-level high availability HCI systems.

In other words, the construction company built a future-proof infrastructure that can scale effortlessly as their data grows.

Centralized Management

With the built-in storage OS, the construction company manages their complete infrastructure from a centralized management GUI that runs on standard browsers. The interface provides access to administrative and management features for the entire infrastructure.                                                          

You can Deploy a Highly Available HCI System for Your Business Too

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TWICE THE POWER for Construction Company with StoneFly TwinHCI Systems

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