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An enterprise hybrid cloud storage solution that lowers costs by up to 60% 

✓ Consolidate storage infrastructure

✓ Automate data management across the enterprise

✓ Accelerate disaster recovery,

✓ Ensure compliance to numerous industry regulations

✓ Enhance IT agility to support core business

StoneFly SCVM™ is a Virtual IP Storage Software Appliance that creates a virtual network storage appliance using the existing resources of your virtual server. This virtual SAN storage platform for VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi, VMware vCloud and Microsoft Hyper-V environments provides an advanced, fully featured iSCSI, Fibre Channel SAN and NAS within a virtual machine to form a Virtual Storage Appliance.

You can use SCVM™ as a:

Cloud Storage Gateway

Enjoy enterprise-class NAS/SAN with Stonefly SCVM™, combining access to on-premises and public cloud storage with S3-compatible object storage or Azure Blob connectivity while layering on rich NFS, CIFS/SMB, and iSCSI file services

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Enterprise Cloud NAS Storage

Create NAS in the cloud and share access with multiple hosts with multiple data services like Online volume migration, Encryption, Snapshots, Unlimited storage volume creations, Active Directory Integration and many more.

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Enterprise SAN in the Cloud (Cloud Block Storage)

Seamlessly setup block-level storage in the cloud with SCVM™ . IT environments can easily access and use SAN resources deployed in the cloud as if they’re setup locally. SCVM™ delivers iSER, iSCSI and Fibre Channel for Cloud Block Storage

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SAN + NAS in the Cloud

Create iSCSI targets on the cloud and assign them to hosts or create NAS in the cloud and share access with multiple hosts. Enjoy the enterprise-level features of SCVM™ including volume encryption, snapshot, deduplication, volume replication and many more!

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StoneFly SCVM™ enables Enterprises to effortlessly deploy a Complete Business Model in the Cloud

Digital technologies are innovating with each passing day. The advancements allow the businesses to do more from less. Cloud has empowered many organizations to consume technology. You can take advantage of the flexibility and efficiency offered by cloud computing. With StoneFly SCVM™ you can integrate, manage, and protect data. Meet the diverse needs of your enterprise with StoneFly SCVM™ by deploying complete business model in the cloud.

StoneFly SCVM™- The One and Only Solution For all Your Storage and Backup needs

Enable Highly Available NFS and CIFS File Sharing in the Cloud.

Customers Challenge

IT environments want to store unstructured user data in the cloud and share those files with devices on different Operating Systems (OS) like Linux or Windows, using standard storage protocols like NFS and CIFS/SMB. However, native cloud storage does not support POSIX-compliant file systems and traditional storage protocols

StoneFly’s Solution 

StoneFly SCVM™ enables IT environments to map block and object storage workloads using NFS, CIFS/SMB, AFP and iSCSI protocols facilitating the environment to use the cloud as highly available storage for applications and workloads.

Move out of the box and enjoy the perfect hybrid Structure
Customers Challenge

Running a data center is CapEx-intensive for businesses as it leads to vendor lock-ins and high maintenance costs and OpEx. This keeps businesses from accessing the more suitable solutions, support and security delivered by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

StoneFly’s Solution 

StoneFly SCVM™ enables IT environments to move out of the hardware box. SCVM™ transforms datacenters into a software-defined data management and control platform that works with the public and private cloud platforms that businesses are familiar and comfortable with. Deploy SCVM™ and setup hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure(s) for your business to get the performance and security that your business needs.

Move Petabytes of Data to the Cloud.

Customers Challenge

Data growth is challenge with your current data storage strategy. Managing data storage on-premises generates high CapEx and OpEx and is complicated; and public cloud services don’t deliver the performance your IT environment requires. Your production data is constantly changing and cloud vendors only offer offline data migration options, increasing downtime and slowing down data migration.

StoneFly to The Rescue 

Deploy StoneFly SCVM™ to migrate production data to the cloud while keeping application data changes synchronized, so you can seamlessly move to the cloud at your own pace without downtime or expensive migration services.

StoneFly SCVM™ The One And Only Software For Data Storage, Backup & Business Continuity Needs

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Optimize Storage Utilization Rates with Deduplication
Customer Challenge

Duplicated data is being created by multiple sources and consuming storage resources. This can be backups of the same files: for instance, email sent to all employees. You want to reduce the number of copies from numerous to one to effectively use your purchased storage resources.

StoneFly to The Rescue 

StoneFly SCVM™ delivers enterprise-level deduplication services that remove the duplicates and keep a single copy of the data. All other copies of the data are replcated with pointers that “point” to the location of the original copy. This enhances storage utilizatoin rates and reduces cost implications of unnecessary storage resources.

Protect your Enterprise Data with Erasure Coding
Your Challenge:
You’re worried about your stored data that it’s susceptible to data corruption. If a network failure or power failure occurs or a software patch goes wrong or a malware finds its way into the storage, then you have no way of recovering your data. Once its corrupted, it’s gone. You need a service that can help recover your data even after it has been corrupted.
StoneFly to The Rescue 

We deliver erasure coding to effectively protect your data and enable you to recover data if corrupted using the information about the data stored somewhere else in the storage array.

StoneFly SCVM™ is trusted By 500,000 businesses in over 150 countries

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 Data Security and Access Control.

Customers Challenge

Businesses need to protect private data and IPs but public cloud services like Azure and AWS don’t provide the granular security and controls that businesses need.

StoneFly to The Rescue 

StoneFly SCVM™ gives you a private, dedicated virtual scale-out NAS with multiple layers of security. Business data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest, and your IT environments control the keys. Granular file and directory access controls can be integrated to meet customer and compliance requirements.”

Unlimited Performance for Cloud and on-prem Workloads

Customers Challenge
Your workloads need more – more performance, flexibility and control You’re frustrated by performance issues that impact multi-tenant public clouds, like bursting limits, bandwidth constraints, and interference caused by user bottlenecks.
StoneFly to The Rescue 

StoneFly SCVM™ gives you total control of your data, with a virtualized NAS environment that delivers 10x better performance than public clouds. SCVM™ delivers the best performance for enterprise mission-critical workloads.

More Features Of StoneFly SCVM™


StoneFly SCVM™ runs on any hardware and supports Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX/ESXi hypervisors – offering flexibility to businesses and eliminating the cost of additional hardware and/or services. With the seamless integration of the cloud, SCVM™ enables businesses to revitalize legacy infrastructures easily without compromising capabilities and reducing the cost implications of doing so.

Automated Tiering

Great for stable workloads, cost saving where frequently used data fits on small, fast storage, such as SSDs and less frequently accessed or old data. Data resides on a slower/cheaper/remote volume, node, cloud, such as spinning disks, Hot Blob, Cool Blob(Azure), S3, Glacier (Amazon)

High-Availability (HA) with easy set-up


Scheduled and manual snapshots


Never Get Locked With One Vendor

Seamlessly replicate data between VMware vSphere®, Amazon® AWS™, and Microsoft® Azure™  so data is never locked with one vendor.

Access Files From Any Node

Each Server client can access their files from any node. One single IP for all the nodes. Exclusive access can be given to one or multiple clients to be serviced by one IP node.


Thin and thick provisioning

Scheduled and manual snapshots

Automated Storage Tiering

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