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Promise Technology, StoneFly Partner to Bring Advanced Storage Solutions to Enterprise IT Channel

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StoneFly Datacenter

Make the move to a scalable and reliable data center infrastructure without sacrificing compliance or security needs. Learn more about StoneFly’s Datacenter

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StoneFly Cloud Storage as a Service

Store, retrieve and share data with simple, scalable and reliable storage solutions

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CDR365 Backup and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud or local

Afforadable Cloud Backup with Ransomeware Protection

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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Cloud Based Disaster Recovery with no on-premise infrastructure.

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StoneFly:  Storage Technology Innovator

StoneFly is the provider of high-performing, elastic and always available IT infrastructure solutions.  Coupled with StoneFusion, our intelligent operating system architecture, we can support your data dependent processes and applications seamlessly anywhere, anytime.


Backup, replication, disaster recovery, scale out block, file and object storage, private and public cloud support, virtual, container hosting & more. StoneFly also offers Cloud data migration services for email, archives, documents, SharePoint and  physical and virtual storage.


Choice of enterprise iSCSI, Fibre Channel SAN, Scale Out NAS, or all three!  Delivering unprecedented performance, redundancy and scalability. Available in integrated, modular high-availability cluster, or multi-node scale out configurations.


Total backup and disaster recovery solutions in a single appliance or cloud solution. Hyperconverged options allow physical machines to be restored as Virtual Machines running directly on the StoneFly disaster recovery appliance for instant recovery.


Consolidate all of the server and storage systems in your datacenter into one easy to manage appliance or SAN gateway.  Virtualization allows for complete hardware utilization and reduction in energy consumption.


StoneFly helps you to turn your data into a competitive advantage. This is our value proposition.

Your business demands that your information is protected, accessible, available anywhere and anytime. StoneFly offers a wide range of solutions that fit your budget and technical requirement while being flexible, scalable and portable to support your future growth.


The StoneFly resource section discusses and explains most common terms of modern technologies used in StoneFly products, such as iSCSI Powered SAN Storage, Unified Storage Solutions, and RAID technology, Server Virtualization, Flash Memory, Storage Snapshot Technology and much more.

Upcoming Webinars

Learn how your business can leverage StoneFly Scale Out NAS Cloud Storage in Azure!


Learn about the best practices in SAN deployment and designing highly-available environments.

Technical Education

Learn the fundamentals of today’s data storage technology including advanced topics of data continuity, disaster recovery and cloud computing.

Case Studies

Learn how StoneFly SAN storage solutions work for businesses ranging from non-profit, government, education, construction and more.

Here is what our customers say about us:

StoneFly’s flexible backup grew with us, safeguarding our business and providing an integrated, stable foundation. They helped us to streamline our evolving backup and recovery operations for the most efficient resource utilization possible.

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