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Hyperconverged (HCI) Storage Solutions from StoneFly for Cost-Effective Data Center

StoneFly has been been in business since 2002, we provide data storage, backup and disaster recovery, archiving, and hyperconverged storage solutions.

Our enterprise storage products include cloud-enabled highly scalable Network Attached Storage, high performance SAN appliances, and dually scalable cloud-native hyperconverged storage appliances.

At the core of all StoneFly storage products is our patented virtualization solution: StoneFusion™. StoneFusion is an all-in-one software-defined hyperconverged storage solution. StoneFusion can also be deployed as a Virtual Machine (VM) as SCVM™. StoneFusion (or SCVM when virtualized) enables users to deploy NAS, SAN, and Object Storage with a centralized management interface. StoneFusion runs on most mainstream servers, on StoneFly storage appliances, and facilitates integration of public clouds like Azure, AWS, StoneFly cloud, and other S3 compatible clouds.

 Hyperconverged storage solutions from StoneFly

Storage Controller Virtual Machine SCVM™ – Software Defined Hyperconverged Solution

Consolidate your data center, optimize data storage, deploy NAS/SAN/NAS + SAN in the cloud or setup a storage gateway to Microsoft Azure, and/or AWS cloud. Optimize data storage with data services like deduplication, replication, snapshot and data encryption.

 Software defined hyperconverged solutions
 The ideal hyperconverged solution that reduces costs

Hyperconverged Unified Storage Server Appliances (USS)

The Unified Storage & Server appliances are the ideal hyperconverged infrastructure solution to consolidate all of your Server and Storage systems into one easy to manage appliance. Use of virtualized operating systems allows for complete hardware utilization and considerable reduction in power and cooling costs.
By migrating your existing Windows and Linux physical servers to VMware-compatible Virtual Machines on the StoneFly USS appliance, you can greatly reduce your hardware footprint and run many more applications on much less hardware.

Campus mirroring to a second on-premises StoneFly USS appliance and asynchronous replication to a USS appliance at a remote site or in the cloud makes the USS the perfect business continuity and disaster recovery solution. Available in integrated in high-availability cluster configurations

SAN Gateway Appliances

StoneFly’s series of SAN Gateway Appliances allow businesses to easily convert their existing Fibre Channel, SAS, Infiniband, or iSCSI storage (EMC, NetApp, Dell, etc.) into their choice of unified advanced iSCSI, Fibre Channel SAN or NAS storage.
Once storage volumes have been provisioned by a StoneFly Gateway appliance, they can enjoy StoneFly’s numerous advanced data storage management features such as snapshots, thin provisioning, synchronous mirroring, asynchronous replication, hardware-enabled volume encryption, and data deduplication as well as add their own Virtual Machines.

Available in single-node, or high-availability dual-node cluster solutions in active-active configurations. Most popular are StoneFly’s data deduplication gateways and encryption gateways.

 Hyperconverged SAN gateway solution
 Remove single point of failure with dual node hyperconverged storage solutions

USS-SN 2-Node Shared Nothing Hyperconverged Storage Cluster

A true, non-disruptive hyperconvergence solution where there is no single point of failure!
Start with only two nodes. USS-SN shared nothing clusters provide the ultimate in high-availability with as few as just two on-premise nodes. It eliminates the need for shared external RAID arrays, servers, SAN and NAS. USS-SN can easily and cost-effectively scale to meet challenges of capacity, high availability, CAPEX / OPEX, data transportability and performance requirements.