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Veeam Cloud Connect in Amazon AWS S3, Glacier and EC2

StoneFly and Veeam bring seamless integrations with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and embrace a multi-cloud strategy to increase business innovation and agility by utilizing AWS

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Full encryption

Optional at rest and on-transit AES-256 encryption and optional cloud-to-cloud geo-replication

Single interface

Single interface for managing backups and restore.

Full Deployment and Integration

Full deployment, integration and optimization with Veeam.

Scale Out to Petabyte of Storage

No limit on Storage, Capacity And Scalability

Direct external access to the repository

Direct external access to the repository for test, verification and restore.

Single interface

Single interface for managing backups and restore.

Cost Effective

Month to Month- NO long term Contract needed – Cancel anytime

Pay as you Grow

Purchase the storage needed now and add more storage to the scale out as storage needs grow.

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How it works

Step 1: Sign Up for our solution

Step 2: Configure Veeam

Step 3: Backup your data

Step 4: Restore your data

What’s Included

Amazon AWS , Veeam and StoneFly have partnered up to offer state-of-the-art Backup and Disaster recovery solutions for Commercial, Government and Cloud Service providers.

Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise (VCC-E)  or  Veeam Cloud Connect Gateway in Amazon AWS with Veeam Connect on-premise plus StoneFly Amazon AWS Cloud solution are the components of complete backup and disaster recovery solution for physical and virtual environments. This solution provides capacity, file size,  bandwidth, IOPS, shared access, multitenancy, and the security that your business needs.

StoneFly Veeam cloud connect backup in Amazon AWS is affordable and flexible, allowing customers to only purchase the storage they need now and only add more storage to the scale out as their storage needs grow.

Management is easy: Only one GUI login is needed to manage all of the Cloud Storage nodes in the StoneFly Scale Out configuration in Amazon AWS. StoneFly’s solution easily integrates with existing active directory servers to simplify user setup and secure data access.

StoneFly Veeam Connect Cloud Storage in Amazon AWS- Features 

  1. Easy Active Directory Integration
  2. Global File Locking
  3. Bypass AWS Limitations
  4. Scale Out to Petabyte of Storage
  5. Central Management System with Web-Based GUI
  6. Disk Space Quota Management for Directory & Volume Usage
  7. Graphical Performance and Utilization Reporting
  8. Logical Volume Creation and Patented Advanced Storage Virtualization Services
  9. Volume-Level Access Control and Dynamic Volume Management
  10. Multi-Appliance Campus Mirroring and Spanning
  11. Parallel Access and Execution Across Storage Nodes
  12. Muti–Tenet and Muti-user Storage
  13. Anywhere Provisioning, On-premise, Private Cloud, Public Cloud
  14. Snapshot point in time Recovery of your backups as Read ONLY  – Adds extra recovery point and avoid ransomware
  15. Anywhere Geo-Replication

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