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Technical Videos

Watch previously recorded StoneFly educational and technical video to learn about StoneFly product families

Veeam Demos

Offsite Veeam backup and replication to StoneFly cloud
Explore the architecture of StoneFly's Veeam-ready backup and disaster recovery appliance - DR365V™
Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 off site backups
Veeam backup and restore to Microsoft Azure [Demo]
Veeam Backup and Restore for Microsoft Office 365 [Demo]
How to Add a Service Provider in StoneFly Cloud Connect
Veeam direct restore to Microsoft Azure Cloud
How  to Add a FailOver Plan in StoneFly Cloud Connect
How to Add Replication Job in StoneFly Cloud Connect
Veeam Backup & Replication- One-Click VM Recovery
How to do a FailOver Plan Execution in StoneFly Cloud Connect

Introduction to StoneFusion/ SCVM

Create fast and flexible high availability clusters with StoneFly SCVM
StoneFly’s SCVM™ Software defined storage appliance
Hyper-Converged Appliance Overview
Introduction to New StoneFusion GUI
Deploying a Complete Business Model in the Cloud with StoneFly SCVM™
SCVM on Microsoft Azure Cloud Smarter Way for Controlling and Managing Data
StoneFly’s Hyper-Converged Appliance; “ALL IN ONE infrastructure solution”
SCVM as a storage gateway appliance
what are resources In SCVM

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ransomware defense through DR365 - a Full featured backup and disaster recovery solution
Enterprise-grade Data Protection for Mission-critical workloads with DR365 and DR365V
StoneFly VSO Affordable On-premises Backup Solution
DR365V an ALL-IN-ONE for governmentl organizations
Hybrid Backup and Disaster recovery Solutions for Your Enterprise with StoneFly, Azure & Veeam
CDR365 Backup and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud or local
Stop ransomware through DR365
SVeeam Cloud Connect to Microsoft Azure Government Cloud
StoneFly DR365V, DR365VS and DR365V-HA Backup and Replication Appliances
StoneFly's Veeam Ready Backup and Replication Appliances DR365V, DR365V(HA) and DR365VS
Business Continuity: Disaster Recovery Planning (Part 2)
Complete Proactive Data Protection from Ransomware with StoneFly DR365
Exploring the Basics of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
Business Continuity: Disaster Recovery Planning (Part 1)


Affordable NAS Storage Appliance
CIFS access and CIFS users:
SAN Storage : An efficient storage solution for large enterprises
StoneFly Enterprise NAS Appliance: Exploring the Enterprise Level Features and Data Services
What do you want your IP SAN to do, Storage Centralization as main driver of IP SAN standard1
What Do You Want Your IP SAN To Do
Data Storage with Traditional Appliances VS StoneFly's Storage Appliances
How to Expand Volumes in NAS

How to videos

How to configure volumes in NAS:
Snapshots in NAS
How to add and manage images in NAS
Scale out NAS:
How to create SAN volumes In StoneFly SCVM
How to configure SAN volume In StoneFly SCVM
How to expand volumes in SAN?
How to manage snapshots in SAN And Recover your data
How to create thin SAN volume pools With StoneFly SCVM
How deduplicated volume works?
What are target portals? How to Create them
Different type of images in SAN

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