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Hybrid Cloud Backup & Archiving with StoneFly Smart Cloud Gateway

The StoneFly Smart Cloud Gateway provides a performance optimized connection with management services to bridge data between private datacenters and the cloud. The Smart Cloud Gateway can enable hybrid IT architectures for cloud migration, cloud tiering and hybrid cloud backup. Read this whitepaper to learn more…

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StoneFly and Veeam Backup & Replication Best Practices to Cloud and on-premises

Enterprises are embracing the hybrid cloud as a means for hyper-availability. While this trend gives organizations more flexibility overall, it puts more pressure on IT to manage backup and recovery in a more complex environment. Utilizing a single platform for backup and disaster recovery, IT can ensure availability and simplify management across every cloud and any application.

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Data Protection from Ransomware with StoneFly DR365™

Ransomware is a continuously growing threat that has led to losses in millions and experts anticipate it to only grow in the coming years. IT driven businesses cannot risk losing their data and compromising data integrity, privacy, and enduring disruption. StoneFly DR365™ ensures data protection for enterprise workloads and delivers enterprise-level data security for ransomware.

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Veeam Backup and Restore to Azure Government

As threats from both disgruntled employees and hackers continue to evolve and expand, government agencies and the organizations that work with them may be subject to security breaches and substantial financial losses. Given such risks, a robust data protection solution that complies with security mandates is critical for any government organization. By leveraging the combination of StoneFly, Veeam and Microsoft Azure Government, government organizations can backup and restore their sensitive data to the Azure Government Cloud.

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Transform your business with the Cloud

Digital transformation is necessary for businesses. In order to digitally transform themselves, business need to revise their culture and integrate technology that compliments them and their core operations effectively. With StoneFly SCVM™, businesses can easily integrate the cloud with their existing infrastructure and acquire the tools to easily and effectively manage their resources in the cloud.

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Extending Enterprise Backup to the Cloud

Cloud backup and disaster recovery ensures that sensitive data is always secure on multiple offsite locations, is always available and recoverable. This has revolutionized businesses, service provision and life around the globe. In order to make their operations efficient, Governments around the globe are now employing backup and disaster recovery services to empower their data and operations.

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Cloud-Based Data Protection Strategies

Cloud-Based Data Protection Strategies The first step in adopting the cloud as a part of your data protection strategy is to consider what you are hoping to gain by leveraging the public cloud. While it is true that public cloud use has rapidly gained popularity among...

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Overcoming Traditional Backup Limitations

Data is continuously evolving and growing. There’s data in more places now: cloud, social media, IoT, analytics etc. Virtualization is becoming an essential practice for the enterprise. This means that a backup solution, that prevents data loss from this massive pool of data, is now necessary.

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Operational Optimization with Private Clouds for Enterprises

Private clouds provide several benefits to enterprises. The utilization depends on the data requirements of the enterprise. Private clouds are flexible and accommodating and comparatively more secure than public clouds. That is why, enterprises with sensitive data should consider using Private Clouds for their data.

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An Innovative Method of Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

The era of rapid technological advancements is helping the world develop more and more insight into methods of data protection and disaster recovery. The world of big data has made organizations realize the importance of reliable backup and recovery. Newer technologies like ‘Erasure Coding’ are becoming necessary as we move on with the modern world.

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Cloud backup and disaster recovery ensures that sensitive data is always secure on multiple offsite locations, is always available and recoverable. This has revolutionized businesses, service provision and life around the globe. In order to make their operations efficient, Governments around the globe are now employing backup and disaster recovery services to empower their data and operations.

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Docker Explained: Docker Basics & Fundamentals

This course will cover the basics and fundamentals of Docker and Docker infrastructure. You will learn the advanced usage of Docker, Docker containers and Docker infrastructure. You will learn how to run your containers in an enterprise environment with external storage providers and with advanced networking infrastructure.

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Change Block Tracking (CBT)

Change Block Tracking or Change Tracking or CBT is making a record or journal of which blocks of a storage object were changed by I/O. A storage object is any logically contiguous space used for storage of data.

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Demonstration of OMS and Azure Security Center

How many of you have a centralized pane of glass that tell you, you have malicious traffic attacks, that you have computers with security updates that are missing? Do you have all of this in a centralized pane of glass? Or do you have different tools that you use to find out what’s what? Those are the benefits that you have with Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite (OMS).

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What’s in Store for the Future of Computer Data Storage

In less than 20 years, we have gone from 2 gigabytes to 2 terabytes being a typical amount of storage. That is a thousand fold increase in storage capacity. Are things just going to keep becoming exponentially more capacity? This is what you will learn in this paper.

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Big Data & Hadoop Insights: Manage Big Data with StoneFly’s Scale-Out NAS Plug-in for Hadoop

The Apache Hadoop project develops an open source software for reliable, scalable and distributed computing. Apache Hadoop is a core component of a modern data infrastructure. Supporting data pools, allowing organizations to collect, store, analyze and manipulate massive quantities of data on their own terms. StoneFly is a leading innovator in the industry, creating, distributing and supporting enterprise ready opendata platforms and modern data applications such as the apache Hadoop.

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Cloud Backup and Data Protection of VMware Environments

The rise of virtualization has enormously improved primary storage and ultimately server utilization. However, protecting the created virtualized environments as well as the ever-incremental amounts of structured and unstructured data being created still requires a composite, on-premise secondary storage model that imposes high infrastructure costs and heavy administrative overhead.

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RAID Education

Practical RAID Optimization

This paper specifically addresses SMB and SME RAID implementations with current technology and practical application, taking into account manufacturers features and capabilities targeting these two markets.

Disk to Disk Backup – Backup and Restore

Seven Steps to Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery With IP SAN Technologies

Disk-to-Disk Backup & Restore and Off-Site Replication Now Within Reach of SMEs

It’s All About Restoring Your Data

Achieving Rapid Business Resumption with Highly Efficient Disk-to-Disk Backup & Restore

Securing an IP SAN

SANs deliver the capability for any server to access any storage device. Though this is extremely powerful and cost effective, it is obvious that security measures must be in place to prevent illegal access to data and to prevent accidental corruption or loss of data. Networked storage can introduce security vulnerabilities. To counter these weaknesses, it is important to adopt storage-specific security policies and practices.

StoneFly Backup Advantage-for Storage Consolidation, Automated Disk-to-Disk Backup, Archiving and Remote Replication

The prohibitive cost of traditional methods of retaining, managing, and disposing of regulatory compliance records, as well as the sheer volume of newly generated records, has resulted in the need for easy-to-use backup and restore solutions.

Information Lifecycle Management Using StoneFly Backup Advantage

ILM is about applying policies to the management of the data as it pertains to storage. It’s a new approach to managing information that uses policies, processes, practices, and data management software to align the business value of information with the most appropriate and cost-effective infrastructure.

Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery

Achieving High Availability & Rapid Disaster Recovery in a Microsoft Exchange IP SAN

A single-server configuration with DAS storage exposes the entire server as a single point of failure – a failure will halt all Microsoft Exchange services and potentially corrupt the Microsoft Exchange databases. Learn how an IP SAN provides the benefits of a Fibre Channel SAN and meets Microsoft’s recommendation of having storage independent of the server.

The Secret to Affordably Protecting Critical Data

Today, many IT managers are looking to innovative new practices using tiered storage and information classification to optimize access and retrieval while balancing regulatory retention requirements. The ultimate goal is to develop storage and operational practices that not only maximize storage investments, but also ensure that data is protected. Often it requires integrating multiple heterogeneous storage methods with backup and restore, local mirroring, remote data replication, security, and archival applications with information life-cycle management (ILM) policies (ILM is the process of aligning data in tiered storage according to its value).

StoneFly Reflection Synchronous Mirroring

StoneFly Reflection provides continuous access to a volume without interruption to data availability by substituting an exact mirror image, simplifying disaster recovery and reducing system downtime.

Application Notes

Migrating Microsoft Exchange Server Data to a Storage Concentrator

This guide provides the information needed to move Microsoft Exchange Server logs and databases to storage resources managed by StoneFly’s Storage Concentrator.

Implementing a Storage Concentrator in a Microsoft Exchange Network

Microsoft Exchange presents a unique storage challenge to IT management. This paper introduces an innovative storage networking solution that is simple, affordable and easily integrated into an existing Ethernet network.

Storage Consolidation Using a Storage Concentrator

This document explains 3 ways to migrate captured server disks (direct attached external JBOD or RAID) to an IP SAN using StoneFly Networks Storage Concentrators.

Technical Information

How StoneFly IP SANs Leverage Windows Volume Shadow Copy Services for Easy Snapshot Management

StoneFly’s IP SANs provide centralized storage management, advanced storage services and integration with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) to simplify storage provisioning.

Leverage IP SANs in Virtual Server Environments

StoneFly Storage Concentrators, incorporate a virtualization engine for storage provisioning and management in order to add another important advantage: the ability to cut operating costs.

Implementing Storage Concentrator FailOver Clusters

FailOver is an important fault tolerance function of mission-critical systems that require constant accessibility. A Storage Concentrator FailOver Cluster adds a high availability layer to an IP Storage Network.

Virtual Storage + Virtual Servers

Consolidating hardware resources into virtual storage, servers, operating systems, applications or networks allows any organizations to improve efficiency and simplify the management of its IT infrastructure. Since its founding in 2000, StoneFly has been applying the principles of virtualization in the development of simple-to-operate, highly available, high-performance IP SAN technology

Eliminating Physical Infrastructure Dependence to Centralize System Management

One essential goal for all organizations large and small is to increase system utilization and efficiency. After improving utilization via techniques such as consolidation, virtualization, and centralization, the next frontier requires removing the dependence of applications on physical hardware platforms.

Comprehensive Failover Integrity Certification

The quality we build into every StoneFly storage solution far exceeds the cutting edge design, the state-of-the-art materials, the innovative engineering, the excellent workmanship, and the complete integration of software with hardware inherent in all our appliances. Our extremely competitive pricing is based on some (but not all) of those factors, but what you receive from StoneFly is something much greater. You could in one sense call it pride, but we call it our Comprehensive Failover Integrity Certification Program (CFIC), which is our exclusive and extremely rigorous test battery that each StoneFly appliance must endure and pass before we offer it in the marketplace.

Improve IT Efficiency through Storage Consolidation and Centralized Server Management

IT administrators save time and resources by consolidating storage, server management and system boot imaged onto a centralized IP SAN.

StoneFly Virtualization Infrastructure eBook

A guide to storage and server virtualization

Virtualization Patent Overview

StoneFly Inc., one of the leading pioneers in iSCSI technology, has been awarded a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its proprietary method for generating virtualized data

Extending the Reach of Fibre Channel SANs

Workgroups and smaller departments outside the scope of corporate SAN continue to deploy storage one server at a time, producing budget eroding islands of storage. This paper introduces an innovative solution to extending SANs, encompassing isolated storage without requiring costly networking technologies.

RAIDML Technical Brief: Multi-level Data Protection

This technical brief overviews RAIDML, StoneFly’s unique approach to data protection that goes above and beyond conventional No Single Point of Failure (NSPOF) approaches.

Optimizing Large Arrays with StoneFly Network’s Storage Concentrators

This document shows how StoneFly’s Storage Concentrators can provision existing deployed storage and/or newly acquired cost effective large RAID arrays across Ethernet networks as logical iSCSI targets.

IP SAN Technology

Integrated High Availability Storage Concentrators Simplify IP SAN Redundancy and Availability

The Integrated-HA Storage Concentrator (HSC) product line offers the benefits of StoneFly clustering combined with the ease of IP SAN-in-a-Box deployment. With innovative cluster-mirror technology for full redundancy and availability.leveraging core StoneFusion based technologies to maximize intelligence and storage redundancy in IP SANs.

Setting up Disk-to-Disk Backup with CommVault Galaxy Backup and Recovery Software

This guide provides the information needed to set up the CommVault Galaxy Backup and Recovery software to work with StoneFly Networks’ Storage Concentrator to provide disk-to-disk backup. Includes information to help you backup from an internal disk to the IP SAN volumes and restore from the IP SAN volumes to media agent volumes.

Disk-to-Disk Backup & Restore Application Note

Cost-effective way of offloading backup and restore operations from the company LAN onto a dedicated Ethernet IP SAN by working in conjunction with industry standard software packages.

Unleashing the SAN in Your IP Network

IP networking technology is transforming the world of data storage. Instead of connecting to host computers with complex proprietary technology, storage devices can now be accessed and interconnected using industry-standard IP networks. In addition to simplifying IT infrastructures and offering significant potential cost savings, storage networking has become an increasingly strategic component of IT infrastructure. Learn how to build a storage network based on existing IP infrastructure to better meet the growing needs for business initiatives fueled by increasing data requirements.

Creating a Backup Strategy Over an IP SAN Utilizing Veritas NetBackup

This guide provides the information needed to set up the Veritas NetBackup software to work with StoneFly’s Storage Concentrator to provide disk-to-disk backup.

Storage Concentrators: A New Dimension in SANs

StoneFly’s complete line of Storage Concentrators are IP-based storage provisioning appliances that enable SME and large enterprises to manage and optimize their storage assets in real-time. Combining the functionality of an iSCSI router and bridge with the power of a storage provisioning engine, Storage Concentrators are installed as a centralized appliance at the core of the network for logical volume management of cost effective IP SANs.

Setting up Disk-to-Disk Backup with Legato NetWorker Server

This Guide provides the information needed to set up the Legato NetWorker Backup software to work with StoneFly Network’s IP SAN solution, the Storage Concentrator, to provide disk-to-disk backup. Back up and restore server attached storage to logical volumes across an IP SAN network or standard IP network.

Setting Up Disk-to-Disk Backup with BakBone Netvault

This guide provides the information needed to set up the BakBone Netvault software with StoneFly Network’s IP SAN solution, the Storage Concentrator, to provide disk-to-disk backup.

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