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Requirement of Reliable and Robust Backup for Oil and Gas Industry

Technology is the ultimate answer to risk mitigation throughout the oil and gas industry. Companies are rapidly adopting new applications and processing more data to enhance performance. This ever-increasing data throughput in High-stake environments demand total reliability of IT services. There is no tolerance for downtime in Oil and Gas industry as a single environmental mishap can cripple an O&G producer. CIOs are looking to move beyond legacy backup tools and deploy agile solutions that deliver unprecedented availability of data and applications while easing the strains on the IT.


The Problem

Greater data generation is resulting in digital transformation of the Oil and Gas industry. Huge companies are relying on this transformation for greater business value. Data storage and availability has become a critical issue as it helps in gaining competitive advantages over rivals.

The Solution

Traditional storage solutions do not provide the speed in recovery which adds value to the business. Veeam, Azure and StoneFly have partnered together to provide best recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) to the Oil and Gas industry with the state-of-the-art storage solutions.

The Benefit

StoneFly Scale-out NAS storage solution in Microsoft Azure has provided the Oil and Gas industry with low downtimes. Customers are able to buy only the amount of storage they need and scale-out as data grows. The Oil and Gas industry now has an unlimited amount of storage.

Oil and Gas industry is becoming more aware of the advantages of digital transformation and is gradually adopting it as the key driver of the business value. With the growth and development of data centers, Data availability became a critical issue for businesses and governments as they rely on data availability for competitive advantage and risk management/avoidance. O&G operations throughout the value chain carry environmental risks that are existential to the organization, and compliance officers are increasingly dependent on loss avoidance and data reliability.

Information management is becoming a daunting task as the data generation and storage are exploding. New applications are processing data from virtualized storage environments as well as public and private clouds. Data centers are located far from users working in remote environments, and mergers are bringing together disparate storage and VM environments. Today’s user is completely intolerant to outages; and IT must modernize its approach to Replication, backup and restoration.

Old school backup tools are failing to prevent major outages and data loss as they place high demands on the data administrator which in turn are not able to cope with ever increasing data. As the tradition tools become obsolete, IT needs an advanced and versatile solution that delivers extreme availability, simple replication and restoration and high visibility into diversified virtual environments.

Requirement of Reliable and Robust Backup for Oil and Gas Industry

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