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Veeam Cloud Connect Backup to Microsoft Azure Cloud

Certified Veeam Cloud Connect in Microsoft Azure Commercial, Azure  Government, Azure to local and Azure Stack

74% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Veeam to ensure 24/7 availability of their data and applications.  StoneFly offers backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for on-premise, private, public and hybrid cloud.

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Key Features

Deploys in less than 30 minutes

Easily deploy Veeam-powered backups to Azure. With a single server and in just 30 minutes.

Full deployment and integration

Full deployment and integration and optimization with Cloud Connect Gateway.

Veeam Direct Restore to Azure with Powered Network(PN)

an easy to use, light-weight software defined networking (SDN) solution to eliminate complicated VPN installation and simplify network configuration to create the recovery site on Microsoft Azure

Direct external access to the repository

Direct external access to the repository for test, verification and restore.

Snapshot and Geo-Replication

Optional Snapshot and Geo-Replication to any other Cloud or Data Center

Quickly copy off-site backups to Azure

Veeam’s modern backup architecture makes it easy to transfer enterprise backups to Azure with forever-forward, incremental backups, as well as (grandfather-father-son) retention policies and built-in job copy functions.

6 Geo-Redundant Copies In the Cloud

Geo-redundant storage (GRS) replicates your data to a secondary region that is hundreds of miles away from the primary region

3 copies Redundancy in the Cloud

Month to Month Contract

Month to Month, NO long term contract  needed – Cancel anytime

Plug & play, Elastic Capacity

Plug & play, elastic capacity, performance, file size support, user and data security.

AES-256 encryption

Optional at rest and transit AES-256 encryption

Scale out Storage Repository

5PB per Repository. No limit on Storage capacity. Scale out Storage Repository – Unlimited

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How it works
Step 1: Sign Up for our solution
Step 2: Configure Veeam

Step 3: Backup your data

Step 4: Restore your data

Microsoft, Veeam and StoneFly have partnered up to offer state-of-the-art Backup and Disaster recovery solutions for Commercial, Government and Cloud Service providers.

Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise (VCC-E)  or  Veeam Connect Gateway in Azure with Veeam Connect on-premise plus StoneFly Azure Cloud solution are the components of complete backup and disaster recovery solution for physical and virtual environments. This solution provides capacity, file size,  bandwidth, IOPS, shared access, multitenancy, security and active directory integration.

Microsoft StoneFly and Veeam The Perfect hybrid Solution

Included features for StoneFly Scale Out Enterprise Cloud Storage in Microsoft Azure:

  1. Easy Active Directory Integration
  2. Global File Locking
  3. Bypass Azure’s Inherent File Size Limitations
  4. Scale Out to Petabyte of Storage
  5. Central Management System with Web-Based GUI
  6. Disk Space Quota Management for Directory & Volume Usage
  7. Graphical Performance and Utilization Reporting
  8. Logical Volume Creation and Patented Advanced Storage Virtualization Services
  9. Volume-Level Access Control and Dynamic Volume Management
  10. Multi-Appliance Campus Mirroring and Spanning
  11. Parallel Access and Execution Across Storage Nodes
  12. Muti–Tenet and Muti-user Storage
  13. Anywhere  Provisioning. On-premise, Private Cloud, Public Cloud
  14. Anywhere Geo-Replication

StoneFly Cloud Storage has been deployed in all the Microsoft commercial and government datacenters worldwide.

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StoneFly Veeam cloud connect backup in Azure is affordable and flexible, allowing customers to only purchase the storage they need now and only add more storage to the scale out as their storage needs grow.

Management is easy: Only one GUI login is needed to manage all of the Cloud Storage nodes in the StoneFly Scale Out configuration in Azure. StoneFly’s solution easily integrates with existing active directory servers to simplify user setup and secure data access.

Veeam PN for Microsoft Azure (Veeam Powered Network)

Veeam And StoneFly has developed a special, small-but-mighty Microsoft Azure appliance that allows you to connect various physical networks and endpoints into one virtual, dedicated-private company network Bringing complete connectivity for your workloads. This solution makes disaster recovery to Azure easy, fast and more convenient than ever. Veeam PN allows an IT administrator to:

• Build a secure connection between remote company offices and sites

• Join on-premises networks and/or private-cloud networks in Microsoft Azure

• Allow remote users to securely connect to the company network

Veeam PN is a small Linux appliance that can be easily installed within a few minutes. It features an intuitive web interface that simplifies management, configuration and monitoring. It also leverages OpenVPN and SSL technologies, allowing an administrator to implement Site-to-Site (S2S) and Point-to-Site (P2S) connectivity scenarios.

Veeam PN was specifically designed to work directly with and complement the functionality of Direct Restore to Microsoft Azure. Direct Restore to Microsoft Azure enables users to take on-premises workloads and move them to the Azure cloud. 

Now, the two products Azure direct restore and Veeam PN work in unison to deliver Veeam Disaster Recovery in Microsoft Azure and dramatically minimize downtime during a disaster by simplifying and automating the setup of an on-demand DR to Azure solution. This software combination makes the DR process easy to set up and perform, ensuring the Availability of critical workloads regardless of location — whether they are in the main office, remote office or in the Azure cloud.

An easy to use, light-weight software-defined networking (SDN) solution to eliminate complicated VPN installation and simplify network configuration to create the recovery site on

Enterprise Veeam Cloud Connect backup has been Deployed in Microsoft Azure Datacenters Worldwide and Azure Government

StoneFly’s solution allows you to “Scale Out” as your business grows by adding storage without losing performance and bypassing any storage capacity size constraints that Azure may have.

StoneFly Veeam Azure Government Architecture

Microsoft Azure goes above and beyond to deliver compliance at the platform level, working directly with the customers to maintain rigorous and changing federal, state and local compliance requirements for U.S. Public sector cloud solutions


The adoption of cloud by the U.S. government over the years led to greater security and compliance assessments to keep a secure eye on data. To solve the complex challenges of data security, U.S. government developed a set of authority standards to make sure cloud services and products could protect federal data appropriately. The “Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRamp)” has helped organizations to remain in line with the security requirements. The partnership has received enormous appreciation for security and more importantly for Certification and Accreditation or “C&A”. StoneFly and Azure have been approved by the Joint Authorization Board or JAB to provide a certified turnkey solution that offers governance, compliance and data protection solutions for customers in both public and private organizations.


Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS) is a division of the United States Federal Bureau Investigation which was established in February 1992 to provide authorized agencies with a security management structure for protecting, accessing Criminal Justice Information (CJI). Data security is top priority for CJIS compliance, StoneFly and Azure provide a turnkey solution in tandem with CJIS. Secured and encrypted data in storage and transmission is provided with physical and logical separation to prevent unauthorized access. The partnership has further fulfilled all the requirements including 99.9% of uptime allowing ease of access to important information and services.


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed by Congress in 1996 because of the lack of general requirements for protecting health information. A standardized set of security rules have now been place for over two decades to protect health information in the healthcare industry. StoneFly and Azure have followed on the lines of providing a HIPAA compliant solution which holds highest integrity in maintaining robust data protection with end-to-end encryption. The partnership provides customers with centralized management to ensure stronger data security. Customers are also provided with readiness in access to critical images for doctors and patients by providing spontaneous disaster recovery features.

Microsoft Cloud Service Compliance

Microsoft Azure Government Cloud Service Compliance

Azure Government Data Centers

Azure Comercial Worldwide Data Centers

A perfect harmony of software and services

Security is built into Azure from the ground up and includes a trustworthy technology foundation, multi-factor authentication for comprehensive identity and access management, AES-256 encryption for data at rest, Azure Key Vault for easy encryption key management, industry-standard transport protocols between user devices and Microsoft Azure datacenters and within datacenters, secure connections between VMs, Azure Virtual Network to extend your on-premises network to the cloud through site-to-site VPN, threat management against online attacks, monitoring, logging, reporting, timely alerts, and penetration testing to improve security controls and processes.

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The award-winning StoneFusion® Network Storage Platform (NSP), StoneFly’s patented storage networking operating system architecture, brings in block level storage intelligence to the IP network core. Featuring iSCSI, Fibre Channel and Scale Out NAS technologies, StoneFly delivers all the benefits of enterprise managed SANs.

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