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StoneFly Backup And Disaster Recovery Appliances

Enterprise-grade Data Protection for Mission-critical workloads.

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since the last backup; this also reduces the costs of bandwidth consumed for cloud backups.

VMware ESXi and Hyper-V Host Bare-Metal Recovery

Increase resilience of your infrastructure by backing up your ESXi, Hyper-V and Citrix Hypervisor hosts and restoring entire systems (not just Virtual Machines) to the same or dissimilar hardware, avoiding the need to reconfigure your hypervisor systems.

Oracle Database Backup and Recovery 

Protect your entire Oracle database infrastructure with complete disk imaging backup and bare metal recovery of your Oracle database server. Reduce RTOs with granular recovery of databases, table spaces and logs.  

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Supported Hypervisors:

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The Complete Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution 

Scale Up to Petabytes of Backup and Storage and Improve Performance 

Scale out from a few TeraBytes to 2.5 PetaBytes of Backup and storage capacity. Each node can accommodate any combination of nearline SAS, enterprise SAS, and SSD Flash as its cache or storage tiers for throughput/performance or just direct storage for IOPS intensive VMs as part of disaster recovery (DR).  

You can easily setup a flexible backup and disaster recovery plan with the enterprise level scalability delivered by StoneFly’s innovative solutions.

Agentless Backups of Virtual Machines (VMs)

An included Backup Agent License, used exclusively for DR365 appliance, enables agentless backups of all Virtual Machines (VMs) including Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and Active Directory servers running directly on the appliance at no extra cost.

Advanced Data Security Services

The appliances come with multi-level authentication for repository protection, exclusive assignment storage as logical unit to the backup engine and immutable 64 system images to efficiently deliver enterprise level data security.

256-bit Encryption 

Data is secured at rest and after transit by AES-256 bit encryption while secure data transmission is delivered by incorporating SSL encryption.

Enterprise Level Data Services

StoneFly backup appliances deliver enterprise level data services such as dedup, snapshots, hardware encryption, tiering, thin provisioning and replication between sites or the cloud facilitating all kinds of combinations. (On-premises to cloud, Cloud to cloud, On-premises to On-premises etc.)

Enterprises can setup data redundancy policies by services such as cloud to cloud backup or on-premises to cloud backup or on-premises to on-premises backup etc

Data Transportability

StoneFly backup appliances facilitate data transportability via hot connect/disconnect of volumes and external appliances for secure off-site storage or for faster migration of large chunks of data to the appliances.

Cloud Connect Services

Each backup appliances delivers cloud connect backup and replication of backups and VM replicas to your choice of private and public cloud such as Microsoft Azure (Hot, Cool, Blob, Archival tier), Amazon (S3, S3-IA, Glacier) and other private and public clouds.

Enterprises can choose to backup to Azure cloud or AWS cloud and setup an additional layer of recoverability for their mission critical data. Due to these cloud connect services, StoneFly’s appliances aren’t just on-premises appliances; they’re complete hybrid backup solutions.

Visual Server Protection – with DR365

Mitigate risks by backing up and recovering your Virtual Machines (VMs) and hosts on any of the six supported hypervisors (VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, Red hat Virtualization, Linux KVM and Oracle VM server) available with DR365 appliance.

The embedded hypervisor enables backed up, replicated, migrated VMs and new user created VMs to be spun up directly on the backup appliance.

Restore within seconds

StoneFly’s backup appliances deliver RTOs (Recovery Time Objectives) of 15 seconds or less by starting your backup directly from storage as a VMware or Hyper-V VM; no data movement is necessary.

VMware vSphere Replication with WAN Optimization

Reduce VMware VM RTOs by maintaining a copy of your VM on a secondary site for quick failover and failback. Improve network performance with built-in Wide Area Network (WAN) optimization.

Virtual Machine Flashback

Effectively reduce RTOs by quickly restoring VMware or Hyper-V VMs by leveraged Changed Block Tracking (CBT) and recovering only the data changed

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DR Backup Appliances 2

StoneFly DR365 Appliance Hardware Overview

Blockchain Technology for Maximum Data Security

Improve regulatory compliance, establish validity of recovery, and ensure the authenticity and integrity of backups with blockchain.

Blockchain backup technology can add a level of confidence to the authenticity of your enterprise data. You can acquire a certificate that certifies when your backup was created and when was it changed / edited, if it was ever edited.

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Active Protection Ransomware Protection

Ransomware can sneak through your Cyber-defenses and disrupt your business flow by encrypting all of your data. Worried? Don’t be. Our DR365™  appliances turn ransomware disaster into a mere inconvenience. StoneFly DR365™ backup and DR appliance uses snapshot and replication technology to deliver 1-click instant recovery so your IT environments can easily recover from ransomware.

What can we backup:

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DR Backup Appliances 15
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SAN Storage Snapshots

Reduce the impact of backup processes on your infrastructure by offloading VMware VM backup snapshots to SAN storage. This creates an additional layer of redundancy for you to recover from in case your primary system is compromised.

Remote and Automated Recovery

Reduce RTOs of remote sites and systems by accessing bootable media and restoring bare-metal servers remotely via wide-area networks (WAN). Automate and orchestrate the recovery by customizing bootable media with scripting.


Tape Drives, Autoloaders and Tape Libraries

Satisfy regulatory requirements and disaster recovery needs by storing backups on local or central tape devices with support for media management, tape rotation and retention rules.

Active Protection from Ransomware

Proactively prevent the need to recover and protect data and systems from ransomware attacks by detecting, blocking, and reversing suspicious changes to data, backup files and backup agent.

Variable Block-Size Deduplication

Reduce disk storage utilization and network bandwidth requirements and protect more systems with efficient, high performance in-line and global deduplication.

With data deduplication enterprises can acquire substantial and recurring impact on the cost and manageability of data growth. With storage capacity reduction, enterprises will enjoy more cost reductions in areas including storage licensing, storage management, power, cooling and data center floor space. Data deduplication makes it much more affordable, analyze, manage and house data.

With StoneFly’s backup appliances you can acquire Data deduplication Engine Level 1 – Source (Standard) and Data Deduplication Engine Level 2 – Hardware – Assisted/Target (Optional).

Blockchain Technology for Maximum Data Security

Improve regulatory compliance, establish validity of recovery, and ensure the authenticity and integrity of backups with blockchain.

Blockchain backup technology can add a level of confidence to the authenticity of your enterprise data. You can acquire a certificate that certifies when your backup was created and when was it changed / edited, if it was ever edited.

Off-Host Operations

Reduce production machine loads by performing select activities – such as backup staging (moving), replication (copying), validation and retention (cleanup) – on a different system.

Admin Roles

Enable IT to protect remote office, branch offices, and departments with the ability to manage, delegate, and establish roles for multiple administrators.



Customizable Dashboards and Reporting

Increase infrastructure resiliency and quickly resolve issues with customizable dashboards. Get quick insights into your infrastructure and regular, customizable reports so you can focus on the exceptions in your environment.

Automated Physical Server(s) Backup Images

The backup engine automatically creates backup images of physical servers based on flexible user-defined policies. These images can be restored (bare metal recovery) to the same hardware or to dissimilar hardware to build a new server. These images can also be mounted as a drive to retrieve an earlier copy of a specific file, folder etc.

Automated Backup Server Conversion to Virtual Machines (VMs)

Every backup server is automatically converted into Virtual Machines (VMs). These VMs can be spun up quickly and hosted on the DR365 appliance. This feature ensures business continuity for production environments and makes the backup appliance an essential part of every reliable and robust disaster recovery plan.

Support for Multiple Restore Operations

The backup appliances support P2P (Physical to Physical), P2V (Physical to Virtual), V2P (Virtual to Physical), V2V (Virtual to Virtual) operations including restoring physical machines to completely different hardware and restoring Virtual Machines to a completely different hypervisor.

Virtual SAN appliance – Simplified Virtual Storage or Server Creation

StoneFly’s DR365 appliance includes a Virtual SAN appliance (StoneFly Storage Controller Virtual Machine SCVM), a virtual enterprise backup engine. This enables enterprises to create additional virtual storage or servers as needed. StoneFly’s backup appliances are flexible and replace the conventional “fixed hardware model”.

Virtualized Operating System

StoneFly DR365 backup appliance also enables you to migrate your existing Windows and Linux physical servers into Virtual Machines (VMs) running directly on the backup appliance. This greatly reduces your hardware footprint and allows you to run many more applications on much less hardware.


DR Backup Appliances 17
DR Backup Appliances 18

The use of virtualized operating systems allows complete hardware utilization and considerable reduction in power and cooling costs. You can effectively reduce the CapEx and OpEx of your datacenter by one-third by effectively leveraging the DR365 – backup and disaster recovery appliance.

Independent Back-end Enterprise Storage

StoneFly DR365 backup appliance can also be used for independent back-end enterprise storage (iSCSI, optional Fibre Channel, optional NAS) for your physical and Virtual Machines. The back-end storage provisioned by the backup appliance delivers all of StoneFly’s enterprise level data services such as snapshots, read-write snapshot volumes, thin provisioning, synchronous replication, optional hardware assisted data deduplication and more.

Multiple Backup Destinations

StoneFly’s backup appliances facilitate you to store your backups in up to five different locations, locally and in the cloud. You can combine local disks, attached storage, tape, network storage, public and private locations to minimize your storage costs and provide multiple recovery options in the case of disaster.

Having multiple backup destinations adds redundancy and recoverability, also facilitating efficient backup and disaster recovery plans.

Clustered SQL Support

Protect your entire infrastructure by backing up SQL server clusters from passive nodes by default or by choosing active/specific node to perform the backup. This improves the availability of the physical server hardware, operating system, and SQL server instances. If any of these fail, the SQL server instance fails over and continues operating, delivering business continuity.

Centralized Backup and Recovery Solution

In addition to the Virtual Machines (VMs) running directly on the DR365 appliance, the appliance can backup any of your physical workstations, servers and their attached storage devices. Bare-metal image backups of physical servers can be instantly recovered on the DR365 and run as Virtual Machines while you repair the physical server or workstation (Physical to Virtual – P2V)

Granular and File Level Backups

With StoneFly’s enterprise backup solution you can selectively backup specific files and folders or even network shares. By enabling selection between specific files, the backup appliance facilitates customization, efficient storage and effective bandwidth usage. This ability of the backup appliance also delivers reduced costs due to efficient usage of storage space and bandwidth.

Available Models

Best For SMBs 



M/Z Series Backup Appliance

The StoneFly M-Series provides you with a total backup solution for all of your physical and virtual servers and workstations in a single box.


Best For SMEs



VSO™ Backup Appliance

StoneFly VSO™ of DR Backup Appliances is a purpose-built scaleable backup system in one easy to manage appliance.

Best For Large Enterprises



DR365 is a  hyper-converged backup and disaster recovery appliance with Secure Blockchain Technology

Best For Large Enterprises


DR365 with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Innovative technologies of StoneFly and HPE to deliver efficient and reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions.

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Save millions – Protect your mission-critical workloads Efectively

Available Configurations 

DR Site In a Box (single Node)

The single node configuration provides total enterprise backup solution in a single box. It is a fully optimized and purpose built backup and disaster recovery appliance.

DR Backup Appliances 19
DR Backup Appliances 2
DR Backup Appliances 21

HA Appliance Node

The high availability (HA) configuration fits perfectly in environments that rely on mission critical data. The high availability (HA) backup appliance configuration utilizes two active-active head controllers plus dual active-active RAID controllers and two management engines. In case of a hardware failure, data is failed over in seconds and there is no single point of failure.

With a backup appliance using the HA configuration, you can achieve unprecedented speed, automatic replication of your data and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your data center

Scale Out Appliance Node

The scale-out configuration for StoneFly’s backup and disaster recovery appliance starts with three nodes. These nodes can be scaled out as required. Adding a node increases capacity and performance increases proportionally. You can spin up and failover unlimited Virtual Machines (VMs).

The backup and disaster recovery appliance is flexible and is capable of incorporating file level and object level data and is suitable for all kinds of big data.

DR Backup Appliances 22
DR Backup Appliances 23
DR Backup Appliances 2
DR Backup Appliances 2
DR Backup Appliances 26

Single Node with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Support And Warranty

If you have mission critical applications which cannot be compromised then you can uses. The high availability node is a full active-active cluster. It has two active-active head controllers plus dual active-active RAID controllers and two management engines. The data is failed over in few seconds and there is no Single point of failure. With HA-Node You can achieve unprecedented speed, automatic replication of your data and low TCO of your data center.

A look inside  DR365 node:

DR Backup Appliances 27

A look inside  DR365-HA node:

DR Backup Appliances 28

A look inside  DR365 Scale out node:

DR Backup Appliances 29

Petabyte Backup & Disaster Recovery Appliances


Looking to backup petabytes of mission-critical data? We recommend our petabyte scale backup and disaster recovery appliances. Our petabyte solutions are highly redundant, scalable, and facilitate hot-swap drives and power supplies.

StoneFly petabyte backup solutions leverage 2 x 1U head units, one dual RAID head, and EBODs (60-bay or 108-bay) to deliver a backup solution with no single point-of-failure. The petabytes scale solutions offer a maximum of 1.7PB storage capacity per 4U rack.

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Z-Series DR Backup Appliances

M-Series DR Backup Appliance


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