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StoneFly  9th Generation Enterprise SAN Storage Appliance

High Performance, High Availability & Powerful iSCSI Storage Solutions from the original pioneer of the iSCSI protocol

Integrated Storage Appliance 1

High Performance Block-Level Storage

Integrated Storage Appliance 2

Integrated with Enterprise Data Services

Integrated Storage Appliance 3

High Availability SAN Storage: Voyager DX & Voyager FC

Integrated Storage Appliance 4

Terabytes to Petabytes in Block Storage Capacity

Integrated Storage Appliance 5
Integrated Storage Appliance 6


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StoneFly Enterprise SAN Storage Infrastructure

Currently in its 9th generation, StoneFly SAN storage is purpose-built for high performance enterprise block storage workloads.

Our SAN storage appliances are highly redundant, modular, and robust.  With support for iSCSI and optional Fibre Channel (FC), StoneFly SAN appliances are flexible, expandable, and easy to manage.  Available from Terabytes to Petabytes in storage capacity, StoneFly enterprise SANs can be scaled up in storage capacity with expansion units;  hence making them well suited to enterprise-grade workload volumes.

Our SAN storage solutions are available in two types of hardware configurations:

·       StoneFly ISC™ = Integrated Storage Appliance.

·      StoneFly Voyager = High-Availability Modular Cluster Appliance.


StoneFly ISC™ – Integrated SAN Appliance

The StoneFly ISC (Integrated Storage Concentrator) SAN appliance is a single storage box featuring enterprise Xeon architecture with a robust hardware RAID controller, hot-swappable power supply modules, and hot-swappable storage drives to deliver high performance block storage.

Our SAN storage infrastructure supports combinations of enterprise hard drive and flash drives and can be set up as:

  • Hybrid SAN Storage – with SAS and SSDs.
  • All-Flash SAN Storage – with SSDs.
  • Hard Drive SAN Storage – with SAS.

StoneFly ISC SAN storage appliances are available in 8-bay to 36-bay rackmount configurations and scale up to 256-drives per appliance with StoneFly expansion units; allowing for storage configurations as small as just a few Terabytes or up to several Petabytes.

Integrated Storage Appliance 7

StoneFly ISC – Integrated SAN Appliance

Integrated Storage Appliance 8

Modular & Redundant Hardware

Integrated Storage Appliance 9
Integrated Storage Appliance 10
Integrated Storage Appliance 11

Key components of the StoneFly ISC hardware is modular, redundant, and hot-swappable.  Users can dynamically replace drives and power supplies without any disruption.  The redundant power supplies make sure that the appliance continues to run even if one power supply fails.

With integrated data services such as delta-based snapshots and replication, combined with proven technologies like hardware RAID protection with RAID cache battery backup, users can ensure business continuity for mission-critical enterprise workloads.

Add More Capacity to Your SAN Storage System

StoneFly ISC SAN appliances (with 12-bays or more) support the addition of StoneFly SAS expansion units for easy scalable storage.  Users can add Terabytes or even Petabytes of additional storage to their new or existing StoneFly SAN storage systems.

Our expansion units support enterprise 12Gb SAS drives and SSD.  Users can choose to add:

  1. All-Flash Expansion Unit – for hot tier data
  2. Hard Drive Expansion Unit – for long term block storage and data retention
  3. Hybrid Expansion Unit – for tiered block storage

Available form factors for StoneFly SAN storage expansion units:

  • 12-bay 2U 12Gb SAS Expansion Unit (3.5” Drives)
  • 16-bay 3U 12Gb SAS Expansion Unit (3.5” Drives)
  • 24-bay 4U 12Gb SAS Expansion Unit (3.5” Drives)
  • 24-bay 2U 12Gb SAS Expansion Unit (2.5” Drives)

StoneFly SAN appliances can support up to 256 drives per appliance node.

Integrated Storage Appliance 12


Integrated Storage Appliance 13


Integrated Storage Appliance 14

24-bay (3.5″)

Integrated Storage Appliance 15

24-bay (2.5″)

Interested in StoneFly ISC SAN Storage Hardware Specifications?

StoneFly Voyager – High-Availability SAN Storage Appliances

Voyager DX and Voyager FC are StoneFly’s high-availability SAN storage appliances.  While StoneFly ISC appliances use an integrated infrastructure, Voyager cluster appliances have a disaggregated infrastructure with emphasis on high availability and fault-tolerance.

The Voyager DX and Voyager FC share similar architectures.  The difference between the two is that the Voyager DX scales its capacity via 12Gb SAS-attached RAID subsystems, whereas the Voyager FC scales its capacity via 16Gb Fibre Channel (FC)-attached RAID subsystems.  When combined with an optional FC switch, the storage capacity of the Voyager FC is nearly limitless!

Integrated Storage Appliance 5

Voyager HA Cluster Appliances – Disaggregated & Modular Hardware

Each Voyager HA appliance consists of two clustered SAN storage controllers and one or more High-Availability RAID subsystems with dual active-active RAID controllers supporting failover and failback.

The two StoneFly SAN storage controllers provide a parallel or clustered path of access to the stored block data.  In this SAN storage system, even if one storage controller node fails, the other continues to access the HA RAID subsystem; thus providing the end-user a disruption free experience.

Integrated Storage Appliance 17

Voyager cluster SAN appliances have a modular and highly redundant infrastructure.  StoneFly Voyager appliances can withstand the failure of an entire storage controller, a hot-swappable RAID controller, disk drive(s)* or power supply module with no impact to uptime.  All RAID controllers, disk drives and power supply modules are hot-swappable for easy maintenance.

* Disk drive failure tolerance determined by your specific RAID configuration.  Contact StoneFly for details.

Multipath Connections in Voyager Cluster SAN Storage Appliances

Voyager cluster SAN appliances support optional Multipath connections.  Users can reduce single points of failure by setting up multipath access and dedicate two paths from each storage controller to the HA RAID subsystem.

In the event of a failure of one path, the redundant path ensures business continuity and a disruption-free experience for the end user.

Integrated Storage Appliance 18

Add More Storage to your Voyager Cluster SAN Storage Solution


Users can increase the storage capacity of their StoneFly Voyager cluster SAN storage solutions by adding StoneFly HA RAID expansion arrays and HA expansion units.

HA RAID expansion arrays and expansion units are available in a wide range of form factors and capacities.  StoneFly HA expansion can be configured with combinations of enterprise SAS and SSDs for a variety of use-cases and applications.

Voyager DX clusters featuring two 1U storage controllers can scale to support up to 1776 SAS drives or SSD per cluster appliance.

Voyager DX clusters featuring two 2U storage controllers can scale to support up to 4440 SAS drives or SSD per cluster appliance.

Voyager FC clusters can support a nearly unlimited number of drives when combined with an optional FC switch.

For more information on RAID expansion arrays, click here.

Interested in Voyager Cluster SAN Storage Hardware Specifications?

StoneFly SAN Storage Enterprise-Grade Features

StoneFly SAN storage solutions are purpose-built to optimize block-level storage and deliver enhanced read and write speed for businesses while making storage easy and convenient.  To do so, StoneFly StoneFusion delivers a number of data services in StoneFly SAN storage appliances.  Here’s a brief list of these enterprise-grade features:

Thin Provisioning

Enhance storage utilization rates, make the most of your SAN storage infrastructure & speed up storage provisioning for applications and programs with thin provisioning.
Integrated Storage Appliance 19

Flash Cache™

Speed up data accessibility and read speeds by configuring Solid State Drives (SSDs) / Flash drives as front-end cache for your frequently accessed data (Hot data) with optional StoneFly Flash Cache.
Integrated Storage Appliance 20

Encryption – AES 256-bit & SSL/TLS Tunneling

Secure mission-critical workloads at rest with optional AES 256-bit encryption technology and in transit with SSL/TLS tunneling.  Make sure your important data is secure from foreign threats, cyber-attacks, rogue applications and malware.
Integrated Storage Appliance 21

Delta-based Snapshot

Schedule point-in-time delta-based snapshots of your SAN storage infrastructure and store snapshots on primary, secondary, offsite and / or cloud-based StoneFly storage.  With snapshots, businesses gain the ability to recover their IT systems to a specific point in time and recover from data corruption, data loss, ransomware, and other similar threats.


Integrated Storage Appliance 22

Data Deduplication

Leverage data deduplication technology to reduce unnecessary copies of data and the storage capacity consumed by them.  Use SAN storage capacity effectively with optional integrated data deduplication (memory upgrade required).


Integrated Storage Appliance 23

Synchronous & Asynchronous Replication

Setup real-time synchronous replication or schedule optional asynchronous replication jobs to secondary or remote/off-site StoneFly SAN appliances and enable high availability of mission-critical data.  Businesses can also opt to create replicas in public clouds (like Azure, AWS, and other S3 compatible clouds) or in StoneFly’s private cloud for additional redundancy and business
Integrated Storage Appliance 24

Interested in StoneFly SAN Storage and its features? Schedule a demo and experience enterprise-level storage technology.

StoneFusion – Single Centralized Management Interface

Integrated Storage Appliance 25
StoneFly SAN storage appliances are pre-configured with StoneFly StoneFusion software.  With StoneFusion, users can deploy, manage and control their SAN storage infrastructure with ease.  StoneFusion provides useful insights on storage capacity usage, available storage space, and facilitates users to integrate enterprise-level data services that optimize data storage, reduce costs and enhance productivity.  No need to setup a plethora of tools for effective management of your SAN storage solutions – just do it with one:  StoneFly StoneFusion.

Why trust StoneFly SAN Storage Appliances with your Block Data?

StoneFly pioneered the creation, development, and deployment of the iSCSI storage protocol.  After our registration of the domain back in 1996, StoneFly spent years on the early development of iSCSI and has been shipping StoneFly iSCSI SAN appliances since 2002.

Since that time, StoneFly has been facilitating enterprise block storage with state-of-the art SAN storage products with an ever-growing feature set.

Our expertise in storage technology has enabled us to build a customer base of over 2000+ enterprise customers around the globe.

Trusted by Customers Worldwide

Integrated Storage Appliance 26
Integrated Storage Appliance 27
Integrated Storage Appliance 28
Integrated Storage Appliance 29
Integrated Storage Appliance 30
Integrated Storage Appliance 31
Integrated Storage Appliance 32
Integrated Storage Appliance 33
Integrated Storage Appliance 34
Integrated Storage Appliance 35
Integrated Storage Appliance 36
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Integrated Storage Appliance 44
Integrated Storage Appliance 45

StoneFly SAN Storage Appliances Can Be Configured As

All-Flash SAN Appliance

  • Supports high performance 12Gb Solid State Drives (SSDs) and NVMe.
  • Built-in NVMe for storage operating system.
  • Pre-configured with StoneFly StoneFusion software.
  • Purpose-built for high end, high performance enterprise workloads.

Hybrid SAN Appliance

  • Supports combinations of high performance 12Gb SSD and SAS.
  • Built-in NVMe for storage operating system.
  • Pre-configured with StoneFly StoneFusion software.
  • This flexible appliance brings tiered storage to on-premises block-level infrastructure for a variety of enterprise applications and workloads.

Recommended StoneFly SAN Storage Appliance Models

Integrated Storage Appliance 46
Integrated Storage Appliance 46
Integrated Storage Appliance 48

Voyager DX i9004i-D Cluster SAN Appliance with 12-Bay High IOPs HA RAID Expansion Array

  • Six bonded 10Gb RJ-45 iSCSI connections per cluster (backwards compatible with 1Gb)
  • Supports up to 1776 SAS drives or SSD with optional expansion.
  • Dual 12Gb SAS ports on each cluster node for connection to HA RAID expansion array(s).
  • No single point of failure.
  • Uses only 4U total rack height.
  • Redundant 80-PLUS certified high-efficiency hot-swappable power supplies.
Integrated Storage Appliance 49

ISC-1208S 12GS-Class SAN Appliance

  • Dual bonded 10Gb RJ-45 (backwards compatible with 1Gb)
  • Twelve 12Gb SAS 3.5” enterprise drives:  7200RPM, 10k, 15k, and SSD.
  • Supports up to 256 drives for maximum capacity of 3.5 Petabytes (PBs) per node.
  • Capable of RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, and 60 plus RAID Cache battery backup.
  • Form Factor:  12-bay 2U rackmount.
  • Redundant 80-PLUS Platinum certified high-efficiency hot-swappable power supplies.
Integrated Storage Appliance 50

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