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User Manuals

Hardware Manuals

Value Scale Out (VSO) NAS Storage Appliance

Storage Concentrator Slide Rails Rackmounting

Voyager DX  Expansion Arrays and Expansion Shelves Rackmounting

Super Scale Out (SSO) Appliance

DR365V Getting Started Guide

Unified Scale Out (USO) Appliance

Voyager DX Cluster High Availability IP SAN Appliance

Integrated Storage Concentrator (ISC) Appliance

High Availability RAID and JBOD Hardware Manual

DR365 Cluster High Availability Hyperconverged Appliance

USO Cluster High Availability Hyperconverged Appliance

USS Cluster High Availability Hyperconverged Appliance

StoneFly Unified Scale Out (USO) – 1204 12-bay / 2U Model

StoneFly VSO-120R-i7 Setup Guide

StoneFly DR365V-1204 Setup Guide

 StoneFly VSO-40R-i3 (Mini-Tower Model) Setup Guide

StoneFly ISC-1208s Appliance Setup Guide

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