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What Kind of Business Potential Are We Talking About?

With StoneFusion, your business can offer enterprise-grade and high performance storage. This enables your business to become a part of the enterprise storage market.

100.8 Billion US Dollars

– worth of revenue from enterprise storage systems market worldwide ( Source: Statista )


– enterprise storage systems market revenue growth ( Source: IDC )

Reach out to an ever growing audience of enterprise storage users worldwide and grow your business with StoneFusion OEM.

Storage Options with StoneFusion

Software-Defined Data Storage Solution

Stonefusion OEM

Facilitate File-level Data Storage

– Virtual Network Attached Storage (NAS)


Configure hyperscale storage repositories that combine block-, file-, and block-level storage in a single highly scalable virtual storage appliance. Support industry standard protocols like CIFS/SMB, NFS, iSCSI plus object in an all-in-one easy-to-manage virtual data storage appliance. Integrate scalability with data services like data encryption, snapshot, and replication to optimize data storage and ensure high availability for your business data.

Enable High Performance Block-level Data Storage

– Virtual Storage Area Network (SAN)

Leverage StoneFusion software-defined data storage solution to setup virtual SAN storage on bare-metal servers, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX/ESXi hypervisors, and in public (Azure, AWS, etc.) and private clouds (SAN in the cloud).

Setup NAS + SAN

– Unified Hyperscale Virtual Storage with StoneFusion


Configure NAS + SAN virtual storage volumes with a single centralized management console and setup a unified hyperscale solution. Support standard industry formats like CIFS/SMB, NFS, iSCSI, optional Fibre Channel and more with the virtual storage solution.

Become a Storage Service Provider Today with StoneFusion

OEM Offer

Sell Virtual Gateway to Public and Private Clouds

Stonefusion OEM
Stonefusion OEM

Modernize Legacy Infrastructure

StoneFusion optimizes data storage with a number of enterprise-grade data services and facilitates users to integrate cloud technology with legacy infrastructure


Stonefusion OEM

StoneFusion as a Backup Gateway

Users can also configure StoneFusion as a cloud backup gateway. This allows IT environments to setup the 3-2-1 data protection rule and ensure high availability and recoverability for their mission-critical workloads.

Stonefusion OEM

StoneFusion as a Storage Gateway

Users can configure StoneFusion as a cloud storage gateway and setup virtual NAS and/or virtual SAN volumes in public clouds like Azure, AWS cloud, etc.

Target Veeam & Microsoft Azure Users Worldwide with StoneFusion Storage Gateway


Fortune 500 companies rely on Veeam to ensure high availability for their mission-critical applications.

Stonefusion OEM
Stonefusion OEM

Enterprises are running applications on Microsoft Azure

Are experimenting with Microsoft Azure.

Plan to use Microsoft Azure       ( Source: Statista )

Veeam backup and replication software does not directly create backup copies or backups on Microsoft Azure cloud.

In order to integrate Veeam with Microsoft Azure, users need a storage gateway. Users can leverage StoneFusion and configure a storage gateway for Veeam backups in Microsoft Azure. With StoneFusion rebranded as your product, you can target enterprises already using Veeam and Microsoft Azure – giving you an audience of millions of users as potential customers.

Who Can You Sell StoneFusion To?

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Target an ever growing market and sell reliable, secure, and high performance storage with StoneFusion OEM

Which Enterprise Data Services Can You Offer to Your Customers with StoneFusion?

Stonefusion OEM

High Scalability – Scale Out and Scale Up

Stonefusion OEM

Data Protection from Ransomware, Data Corruption, Data loss – with Image-based Snapshots

Stonefusion OEM

Dispersed and Distributed Dispersed Volumes – with Erasure Coding

Stonefusion OEM

Geo-redundancy – with Replication and Cloud Connect

Stonefusion OEM

Optimized Data Storage – with data deduplication

Stonefusion OEM

Data Security – with AES 256-bit encryption and SSL/TLS tunneling

Stonefusion OEM

High Availability – with Replication (Synchronous and Asynchronous)

Stonefusion OEM

Easy and Automated Storage Management – with Automated Storage Tiering

Stonefusion OEM

Storage in Public Clouds (Azure, AWS, etc.) and Private Clouds – with virtual storage gateway.

Stonefusion OEM

Faster Storage Provisioning for Applications and Programs – with Thin Provisioning

Rebranding is as Easy as 1-2-3

Stonefusion OEM

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Stonefusion OEM

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Stonefusion OEM

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Stonefusion OEM

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