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StoneFly Subscription Plans


Monthly and Yearly Subscriptions

When you purchase a subscription, the price is guaranteed not to change for the initial term of your contract. If you select a one-year contract, the price will remain constant for the first year and may change upon renewal. If you opt for a three-year contract, the price is locked in for the entire three-year term until you choose to renew.

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Why Choose StoneFly Storage OS?

With our patented 8th-gen storage virtualization engine, unused storage is transformed into secure and scalable SAN, NAS, and S3 object repositories, ensuring optimal storage utilization and data security. 


Ransomware Protection 


Air-Gapped and Immutable Repositories, Controllers, & Nodes

Air-gapping isolates and detaches critical data from production, protecting it from ransomware attacks, malware, viruses, and hacker intrusions. Complementing this, immutability guarantees data remains unaltered and intact for a defined retention span. This combined security approach furnishes an impervious storage solution, ensuring your enterprise workloads remain ransomware-proof and operationally secure.


Volume Deletion Protection

Secure your crucial backups, snapshots, and volumes from unintended or malicious deletion through this distinctive feature. When activated, it protects the repositories, disabling the ability to delete. Reverting this protection involves a meticulous process, requiring verification by authorized personnel, ensuring the preservation of vital data integrity and availability.


Immutable Delta-Based Snapshots

Immutable snapshots are a fail-safe mechanism that ensures once a snapshot is created, it cannot be altered, deleted, or tampered with for a designated period. This unchangeable state protects critical data from unauthorized modifications, providing a crucial defense against ransomware and other malicious activities.


Storage Optimization & Management: Simplified

By repurposing underutilized storage assets into versatile SAN, NAS, or S3 object repositories, administrators unlock efficiency. With intelligent features like deduplication, thin provisioning, and FlashCache seamlessly integrated, organizations can efficiently manage and enhance their storage infrastructure without stretching their budgets.

Deduplication - Variable Block Support

Thin Provisioning for Repositories

Space Reclamation Technology

Load Balancing

Hot/Cold Storage Tiering Support Cloud/SSD/NVMe

StoneFly Storage Operating System Availability

StoneFusion for Bare-Metal

Transform your bare-metal servers to enterprise iSCSI or Fibre Channel SAN, CIFS/SMB or NFS NAS, and S3 object storage appliances with built-in ransomware protection, storage optimization, integrated cloud, and management features.

Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine (SCVM)

Compatible with VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Citrix (XenServer), and StoneFly Persepolis, the SCVM enables sys admins to repurpose unused storage and provision SAN, NAS, and S3 object repositories with integrated ransomware protection, storage optimization, and management features. Additionally, SCVM also facilitates cloud integration.

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