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Data Protection from Ransomware with StoneFly DR365™

Ransomware is a global threat to IT driven businesses. A successful ransomware attack leads to discontinuity, data loss and in turn financial repercussions. Security experts expect the threat of ransomware to grow even more in the coming years. In April, 2018 SamSam ransomware attacked the city of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The successful ransomware attack is expected to cost the city of Atlanta over $10M.

This makes it very important for enterprises to setup reliable means of data protection from ransomware. StoneFly offers an enterprise-grade backup and disaster recovery appliance that delivers data protection from ransomware and secures enterprise workload volumes: DR365™. The feature-rich DR365™ can also be configured as a disaster recovery appliance that ensures recoverability of mission-critical workloads ensuring business continuity for the enterprise.

This free whitepaper sheds light on ransomware and explores how StoneFly DR365™ delivers enterprise-grade data protection for the enterprise.

Briefly explore the following subjects in this free whitepaper:

  • What is ransomware?
  • How ransomware works?
  • How can you protect your data from Ransomware?
  • The role of Cloud Technology
  • StoneFly DR365™ – The complete Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) Solution
  • Enterprise-level Data features of DR365™

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