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StoneFly Pioneered and Standardized iSCSI for Enterprise Storage (

Cloud Storage and Cache Appliance as Service, Backup and Disaster Recovery

High Availability and Performance Flash Storage

Cluster IP SAN / Scale Out NAS, Virtualization and Hyperconverged virtual and physical appliance.

Shipping eighth  Generation of StoneFusion™ Storage-Virtualization-Cloud

 StoneFly, Inc., headquartered in the Silicon Valley (Hayward) California, was founded to deliver upon the vision of simple and affordable enterprise-class products.  Purpose-built, optimized, fully security hardened and tested Enterprise-class products.  StoneFly provides physical, virtual, cloud, software as a service (SaaS), consulting, enterprise managed services, cloud migration services, public/private cloud infrastructure, backup, disaster recovery (DR), cloud file/sync collaboration and office in the cloud.

StoneFly has been at the forefront of the most advanced and lasting technologies such as iSCSI,  fibre channel, object, scale out NAS, hyperconverged, HyperScale, and cloud.

StoneFly Cloud Storage has been deployed in all the Microsoft commercial and government datacenters worldwide.

             StoneFly products have been deployed on US Navy Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) and Virginia Class Nuclear Submarines.

 StoneFly™ is the innovator of powerful, cost-effective IP Storage products for departments, mid-tier workgroups, and enterprise organizations. StoneFly SAN appliances offer robust features such as Snapshot, Mirroring, Encryption, Asynchronous Replication, Deduplication, and Thin Provisioning. The heart of StoneFly products is an award winning software called StoneFusion™ Intelligent Network Platform. This platform includes advanced Storage Network Management, storage provisioning, centralized volume management, data migration and storage consolidation.

 All of StoneFly ‘s physical and virtual SAN appliances are protected by StoneFly ‘s Storage Virtualization Patents as certified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Patent #: 7302500, 7555586, 7558885, 8069292). In addition to iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN Storage Solutions, StoneFly has created a series of Hyperconverged Unified Storage & Server™ appliances and gateways, Scale Out NAS products, an assortment of Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions, and a variety of Enterprise Cloud Storage solutions.

 StoneFly is a member of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), the founding member of the IP Storage Institute (IPSI), a VMware TAP Elite Partner, a VMware Professional Solution Provider Partner, a certified Microsoft Azure Marketplace Partner, a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Partner, and an Amazon AWS Technology Partner.

Why work with StoneFly

Customized solutions for your business:

At StoneFly we offer solutions that help your business match its data needs. Our experts help create customized solutions that offer high availability, virtually no downtime and greater redundancy.

Your Success is our Success:

When you choose us, you choose your partner for success. All our solutions are designed to offer cost effective IP storage products for any business and its storage needs.

Business Continuity Guaranteed:

StoneFly offers a complete suite of backup and disaster recovery solution that guarantee that your business is always on for its customers. Our backup and disaster recovery solutions are based on three core elements: resilience, recovery and contingency.

StoneFusion™ Intelligent Network Platform:

Our Growing List of Customers:

Since 2006, StoneFly has been providing high quality products and solutions to many satisfied customers throughout the world. View how many organizations have used our products on StoneFly’s Customer List.

StoneFly's Patents and Copyright Information

With a focus on engineering excellence, all of StoneFly’s product lines of physical and virtual iSCSI & Fibre Channel SAN appliances are protected by the United States Patent  and Trademark Office.

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