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StoneFly Storage Products 

StoneFly’s diverse range of storage solutions simplify data storage, ease data management, and enhance data mobility for businesses worldwide. Download our storage product catalog and learn more about what we have to offer for your data storage requirements


Storage Controller Virtual Machine SCVM™

Consolidate your data center, optimize data storage, deploy NAS/SAN/NAS + SAN in the cloud or setup a storage gateway to Microsoft Azure, and/or AWS cloud. Optimize data storage with data services like deduplication, replication, snapshot and data encryption.


Smart Cloud Gateway

Integrate cloud technology with existing infrastructure and setup archiving, storage, backup and disaster recovery in the cloud of your choice with StoneFly Smart Cloud Gateway.

Cloud Storage in Azure, AWS, Google

Add storage on the fly with scalability, performance, capacity and security. Save money on CapEx and OpEx and use off-site private or public cloud storage.


VSO™ NAS Storage Appliance

The Value Scale Out (VSO™) NAS appliance is an affordable NAS storage appliance. It supports industry standard protocols, is scalable and is best fit for businesses with budget restrictions.

ISC™ SAN Storage Appliance

StoneFly SAN products offer cost effective iSCSI and (optional) Fibre Channel support serving small, medium and large enterprises as primary or secondary storage, main data center, remote offices and branch offices.


SSO™ Scale Out NAS

StoneFly Super Scale Out (SSO™) NAS appliance supports CIFS/SMB and NFS protocols and facilitates Petabytes of data storage. It’s a perfect storage solution for large quantities of unstructured

USO™ Hyperscale NAS- SAN Object Scale Out Storage

The Unified Scale Out (USO™) Hyperscale NAS-SAN appliance combines NAS and SAN technology to support a diverse range of workloads with the ability to scale-out without limitations.


Voyager DX and Voyager FC Cluster SAN Appliances

Ensure hyper-availability for enterprise workloads with StoneFly Voyager DX and Voyager FC cluster appliances – effortlessly setup clusters and remove single point of failure.

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