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Storage Products

Integrated SAN Products

This easy-to-use, ISC 12GS-Class Integrated Storage Concentrator product family offers a cost-effective iSCSI & optional Fibre Channel SAN solution for small offices, remote sites, branch offices and first-time SAN deployments. With RAID protection and redundant components, ISC 12GS-Class series of SAN appliances offer an ideal platform for applications ranging from Storage Consolidation, Virtual Server Storage, Disaster Recovery, Disk-Based Backups and more. The ISC 12GS-Class family of SAN products offer large storage capacities at a low price and are available in 4 to 36 drives per base unit, with modular scalability to 256 drives.

High-Availability SAN Cluster Products

StoneFly Voyager SAN Cluster appliances are designed to offer the ultimate in high-availability with redundant Storage Concentrators, StoneFly active / active clustering services with seamless failover and failback operations, active/active RAID controllers, hot-swappable components, and redundant high-performance interconnects. Suited for enterprise environments where high-availability and 24x7 operation is needed. Voyager appliances implement the flexible StoneFusion platform to deliver modular, highly scalable iSCSI or Fibre Channel SAN configurations where Voyager provides improved redundancy for mission critical deployments.

Scale Out NAS Products

StoneFly Scale Out NAS Storage Appliances deliver unprecedented performance, redundancy and scalability. Designed for customers requiring a powerful storage solution that can scale out storage capacity while scaling up performance. Scale Out NAS nodes scale up to 256 drives and 2 PetaBytes (2,048 TeraBytes) of storage per node, and easily scale out to multiple nodes on demand. Perfect for managing large quantities of unstructured (file-based) data within a single global namespace and a single file system. StoneFly’s Scale Out NAS appliances are optimized for markets that require vast quantities of high bandwidth or fast parallel throughput for very large files required by high performance computing in media and entertainment. Available in choice of single nodes or mirrored twin Scale Out NAS nodes that create a clustered replica of your data for even higher availability.

Unified SAN + Scale Out NAS Products

StoneFly “Unified Scale Out” SAN + NAS Storage Appliances deliver scalability and redundancy as a Scale Out NAS and fully featured SAN (iSCSI and optional Fibre Channel), all in one easy to manage appliance. USO series of appliances were designed for customer’s requiring the flexibility of both SAN and Scale Out NAS technologies in a powerful storage solution that can scale out storage capacity while scaling up performance. Choose from a standalone appliance offering large storage capacities at a low price with 6Gb SATA, SAS or SSD combinations of 4 to 36 drives per base appliance with the industry’s most cost-effective expansion, or as a High Availability Cluster SAN + Scale Out NAS Storage Appliance featuring active/active RAID controllers and improved redundancy, all while being scalable with up to 3600 drives per scale out node.

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