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Every business needs effective data storage, file sharing and data management. These needs are easily met with efficient NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems. However, a good number of businesses are deterred with the price tag on these NAS systems. StoneFly’s VSO™ NAS appliance delivers simplified data storage, file sharing, data management and is also an easy-to-use data backup solution.

The VSO NAS appliance enables remote accessibility and is ideal for users looking to create a secure private cloud environment to ease accessibility within their IT environment.

Having a dedicated machine for each specific task tends to be expensive and inefficient. StoneFly’s VSO NAS appliance enables business IT environments to deploy comprehensive applications and services, whenever they’re needed. Everything from data storage to file sharing, hosting a website or even setting up disaster recovery; VSO NAS can do it all.

Erasure Coding & RAID support

By default, each VSO NAS appliance comes with integrated Erasure Coding. Users can choose to integrate an optional hardware RAID controller for faster performance.

Encryption - before, during and after transit

VSO Protects your important data with  AES 256-bit encryption before, during and after transit.

Cloud Connect to Public and private cloud

Integrate public or Private clouds with the VSO NAS using cloud connect services.

Storage Snapshots

StoneFly VSO NAS uses storage snapshots to facilitate data backup and recoverability. In the event of accidental/malicious deletion or modification, users can easily and quickly restore the original data using these snapshots.

Lightning fast Read/Write Speed

StoneFly’s VSO when properly configured and at full network bandwidth is capable of delivering aggregate read and write speed which no other appliance can offer

Protocol Support

VSO NAS appliance supports various mainstream protocols like CIFS and NFS.

Latest generation i3, i5 or i7 Processors


Available in Tower and Rackmount

Best use cases of VSO NAS to enhance business productivity 

Surveillance Station

Complete surveillance solution for recording, monitoring, and Video management.

File storage and sharing

StoneFly VSO users can access all files in one central location and can also add the ability to group edit documents in a similar way to Google Docs or Office 365.

Deploy your Own Private Cloud

StoneFly VSO NAS enables users to configure remote access to stored data, so that the user can access it from anywhere and at any time. In other words, VSO NAS enables the setup and deployment of your own private cloud.

Data Backup and replication

With StoneFly VSO NAS appliance, users can setup automated backup and replication jobs which can mirror any changes made locally on the computer. As soon as a change is made to a file or folder, this change can be replicated almost immediately on StoneFly VSO.

Make Your Own Media Server

Access and stream your favorite Media content anywhere, anytime – StoneFly VSO NAS appliance is the complete multimedia solution for management, streaming, and playback.

Virtualization Ready

StoneFly VSO NAS appliances supports VMware®, Citrix®, and Microsoft   Hyper-V™ – enabling users to deploy any virtualization platform without having to worry about compatibility issues.


The award-winning StoneFusion® Network Storage Platform (NSP), StoneFly’s patented storage networking operating system architecture, brings in block level storage intelligence to the IP network core. Featuring iSCSI, Fibre Channel and Scale Out NAS technologies, StoneFly delivers all the benefits of enterprise managed SANs.

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