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Healthcare Provider Updates Backup and DR for Affordable, Secure, and Long-Term Retention


Updating legacy infrastructure to a purpose-built Veeam backup and DR appliance for cost-effective, secure and long-term storage.


Veeam-ready backup and DR appliance with automated air-gapped and immutable backup, and tiered hot and cold cloud, NVMe, and SSD storage at the best per TB/per machine cost in the market.

  • Automated ransomware protection.
  • Tiered hot and cold cloud, NVMe, SSD storage.
  • Seamless cloud archiving.
  • Low CapEx and high ROIs.


A US healthcare organization that delivers neurosurgery, oncology and cardiology medical care to thousands of patients per year.




The healthcare provider faced a critical challenge in updating their outdated backup and disaster recovery (DR) infrastructure. Their primary objectives were to enhance security, affordability, and long-term retention capabilities for patient records and health information. However, their internal team encountered a common dilemma: most mainstream backup and DR vendors aggressively promoted proprietary backup software, diverging from the provider’s preferred solution, Veeam.

Expressing their frustration, a team member stated:

“While HPE or Dell were familiar options, their insistence on proprietary backup software proved costly and incompatible with our setup. We needed a solution that seamlessly integrated with Veeam, offered cost-effective tiered storage for both frequently accessed and archived patient data, and had the capacity to retain records over extended periods.”

They were looking for a tailored solution that aligned with their existing Veeam infrastructure while addressing their specific needs for affordability, compatibility, and long-term data retention.


StoneFly provided the ideal solution, the Veeam-ready backup and disaster recovery system (DR365V), tailored to meet the healthcare provider’s requirements.

Tested and validated by Veeam as a repository, object, and immutable object, the DR365V seamlessly integrates with the Veeam data platform, offering comprehensive support for backup, replication, and restore tasks within a unified appliance.

This solution offers automated ransomware protection, tiered storage for cost-effective archiving, and the flexibility of optional SAN, NAS, and S3 storage—all at the most competitive per TB/per machine pricing available in the market.

As one team member expressed:

“StoneFly exceeded our expectations on every front. Their appliance was purpose-built for Veeam, included advanced ransomware protection and data management features, unified hot and cold storage within a single appliance, and stood out as the most cost-effective option.”

The Results

The DR365V enabled the healthcare provider to update their legacy infrastructure and set up a secure, affordable, and long-term storage, with the following results:

  • Automated Ransomware Protection: Policy-based Veeam-aware air-gapped and immutable backups with S3 object lockdown and FileLock for secure and long-term retention of patient information and health records.
  • Tiered Hot and Cold Cloud, NVME, SSD Storage: High performance, and capacity-tiered storage, using integrated Azure or AWS cloud, SSDs, and NVMe storage media hosted on a consolidated Veeam appliance.
  • Seamless Cloud Archiving: The built-in cloud storage gateway facilitates effortless integration of cloud storage with on-premises infrastructure, enabling seamless data transfers and long-term retention. The gateway ensures a uniform experience between cloud and local storage, streamlining data archiving processes while minimizing administrative overheads.
  • Low CapEx and High ROIs: With unmatched per TB/per machine pricing, DR365V ensures exceptional return on investment. Beyond affordability, it fortifies data security, enhances storage utilization, and streamlines data management across on-premises and cloud environments, delivering substantial long-term value.

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Healthcare Provider Updates Backup and DR for Affordable, Secure, and Long-Term Retention

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