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StoneFly DR365 protects data for a Research & Publication Company


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  • Risk of Data Loss
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Risk of Downtime
  • Data Availability
  • DR365 Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution (DR Site in a Box)

  • Integrated Backup & DR System
  • On-Premises Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Reliable Ransomware Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Reduced RTOs & RPOs
  • Highly Scalable Backup & DR System


A Research & Publication firm in Minneapolis, USA has been in business since 30 years. They have distributed materials covering current affairs, scholarly publications, historical archives, military collections and many more from all over the world. Headquartered in USA, they have offices around the globe, including Russia, Ukraine and Beijing.


Research & Publication


The company had a large network of companies, working with them with their individual projects. This required them to be up and running round the clock. Their business model could not afford any downtime or data loss whatsoever.

With so many cases of ransomware recently they wanted to be fully protected against ransomware and other cyber-threats as they dealt with very sensitive mission-critical data from companies, all over the world, sometimes even military documents, so they could not afford it going to the wrong hands.

Other than this, they could not afford any amount of data loss as they had important data from many clients from all over the world that relied greatly on them. They needed a solution which would prevent any type of data loss and made sure that their data remained ‘backed up’ in an off-site location, ready to be recovered whenever needed.

In other words, they needed a single unified backup & Disaster Recovery (DR) solution which offered data protection, ransomware protection and offered high availability for their data so that they would not suffer any downtime. They also needed the solution to solve all their data management and data security concerns in a very efficient and reliable way.

“Ransomware has become so common these days that one cannot be more careful, we needed an all-in-one solution which would offer protection against ransomware, disaster recovery and guaranteed no data loss, as we could not afford any data loss or downtime for that matter,” said Jeff, the Senior IT manager of the company.


After talking to the organization’s IT team, our technology experts recommended StoneFly backup and disaster recovery appliance (DR365).

The DR365 DR site in a box is a purpose-built, feature-rich, hyperconverged and cloud-enabled backup and disaster recovery solution designed to deliver state-of-the-art data protection for enterprise-grade workloads with features like immutable snapshots, granular file-level backup & recover, volume encryption, immutable WORM (Write-Once Read-Many) storage, sync & async replication and more.

The DR365 appliances offer terabytes to petabytes of storage capacity for backup data storage along with the ability to scale out to virtually unlimited number of appliance nodes as needed.


Our DR365 backup & DR solution addressed the data protection concerns of the company. It offered a single unified solution that facilitated data backup storage and protection; enabling them to ensure high availability and data recoverability for important business data.

The DR365 backup & DR solution enabled the research and publication company to turn their challenges into a competitive advantage. Following is a brief list of the capabilities our DR365 solution delivers to the company:

Multiple Backup Locations

With DR365, they were able to back up their data to multiple locations and configure the ever-reliable 3-2-1 data protection strategy for mission-critical workloads. The ability to replicate to multiple appliances and multiple locations enabled the company to setup redundancy, ensure high availability and enhance business continuity.

Highly Reliable Ransomware Protection

The DR365 comes with built-in ransomware, malware and virus detection removal. The backup appliance automatically detects unusual behavior and secure important business data from it.

Other features such as immutable snapshots and immutable WORM storage also play a complimentary role in preventing data loss from ransomware attacks, malware, virus infection, and accidental and malicious deletion.

Reduced Recover Time Objectives (RTOs) & Recover Point Objectives (RPOs)

With StoneFly DR365 backup & DR solution, they were able reduce RTOs and RPOs to less than 15 minutes, through services like instant VM restore and by spinning up VMs directly on to the backup appliance.

As Jeff noted:

“It’s great. Our data feels safer with the built-in ransomware protection and we can use the storage part of the server for backend storage when we need to. We could not be more satisfied”.

Research & Publication Company protects their data with DR365

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