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Affordable Enterprise Cloud Based Server

Cloud based servers are affordable, easy-to-manage, secure and highly scalable. However, it is difficult to choose a cloud based solution capable of handling all your requirements. In this blog, we take a closer look at StoneFly SCVM and how it delivers the best cloud based server experience in the market.  

Before we take a closer look at SCVM and its cloud based computing capabilities, let’s define cloud based servers.

What is a Cloud Based Server?

A cloud based server is a logical server hosted, built and delivered through a cloud computing platform over the internet.

Cloud servers have similar capabilities and functionalities to a regular server; the only major difference is that they can be accessed remotely and data owners do not have to deal with the purchase, maintenance and upkeep of the physical servers.  

What is SCVM™?

SCVM™ (Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine) is a Software Defined Storage (SDS) solution that  can be deployed as a Virtual Machine (VM) on most mainstream hypervisors like VMware, Hyper-V, KVM and Citrix (formerly known as XenServer).

The virtual storage appliance includes support for on-premises Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) appliances and cloud-based virtual environments with the above-mentioned hypervisors.

When deployed as a virtual storage appliance on public or private clouds, SCVM delivers the complete cloud based server experience enhanced with an array of enterprise features that ensure data protection and effective storage space utilization.

Cloud Based Server Powered by StoneFly SCVM

StoneFly SCVM supports industry standard NAS, SAN, and object storage protocols. This implies that the software can be used to provision:

  • File-level storage (NAS)
  • Block-level storage (SAN)
  • Object-level storage (Blob – Azure | S3 – AWS)

While traditional systems need add-ons to support object to file, object to block (or vice versa) interoperability, SCVM comes with native support for the three storage types. The ability to support and provision all three types of storage protocols allows SCVM to cater to a wide array of enterprise requirements.

StoneFly customers can benefit for our longstanding partnerships with Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to setup cloud based servers in:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon AWS
  • Other S3 Compatible Clouds

Besides public clouds, SCVM users can also opt to leverage the StoneFly private cloud for their cloud based servers.

SCVM also supports multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments for environments keen on data redundancy and high availability.

Note: Real-time replication based high availability clusters are supported. Book a demo to see how it works.

Features & Data Services of Cloud Based Servers Powered by SCVM

The software-defined solution also integrates a mix of data protection features and storage optimization features to secure critical workloads and reduce the cost of storage for SCVM users.

Here is a brief list of the standard and advanced SCVM data protection features:

Data Protection Features

Storage Optimization Features

Other Advanced Features


Free trial: Experience all of the abovementioned features and more with a free SCVM trial. Install SCVM on your hypervisor and test it out. To get the free trial, click here.

Common Use Cases of Cloud Based Servers

Here are some of the common use-cases for our cloud based servers:

  1. ROBO File Storage, Sharing & Collaboration

StoneFly SCVM enables users to provision NAS volumes in public clouds or StoneFly private cloud. The provisioned NAS volumes support NFS and/or CIFS/SMB protocols. These file storage volumes are best fit for file level storage, sharing and collaboration for Remote Office and Branch Office (ROBO) Environments.

With StoneFly cloud based solution, users can easily setup services like online volume migration, encryption, unlimited storage volume creation, and snapshots allowing them to share the stored data with multiple hosts – in different locations, at any time

The StoneFly NAS in Azure can be directly purchased from Azure marketplace.

To learn more about our cloud based servers in Amazon AWS or StoneFly private cloud, contact us.

  1. Target Repositories for Virtual Machines (VMs), Databases & Applications

High performance VMs, databases and applications tend to generate large volumes of continuously growing data. We have seen our customers prefer our cloud based servers to purchasing on-premises storage appliances for such type of requirements.

Our SCVM software installs directly on industry standard hypervisors and integrates public cloud or StoneFly private cloud repositories. Users can choose to start small and scale out seamlessly as the volume of data grows.
Our cloud based servers deliver the perfect blend of performance and scalability with affordability.

  1. Dev & Test Environment in the Cloud

Instead of provisioning purpose-built hardware for dev and test environments, SCVM enables users to configure cloud based servers with SAN support.

Users can run their databases, applications, and services on the cloud based servers. Users can choose the dedicated RAM and CPU to create a variety of environments to run tests.

Furthermore, the environment are always safe and secure with a number of data protection features. And once the users are done with the environment, they can easily repurpose it or discontinue using it without having to worry about life long contracts.

  1. Archiving in the Cloud

Cloud storage is economical, easily scalable, secure and future-proof. These attributes make it attractive for data archiving.

To facilitate data archiving projects SCVM supports offloading large volumes of data from production environments to the provisioned repositories in the cloud. Additionally, SCVM can be configured to automate the migration process triggered by user-defined policies.

With automated tiering, SCVM automatically transfers old data to cloud repositories simplifying data management, saving money and reducing the chances of human error.

To learn more about our cloud archiving solutions, click here.

SCVM – More than a Cloud Based Solution

StoneFly SCVM enables users to provision virtual NAS volumes or virtual SAN appliances on available unused storage space. This enables users to effectively use available resources before purchasing and setting up new ones.

Besides this, StoneFly SCVM™ also makes data management extremely easy. It has a single centralized management interface that manages all the provisioned NAS, SAN and object storage resources, making life a lot simpler for IT administrators.

Why Use StoneFly Cloud Based Servers?

StoneFly is the trusted service provider of corporate leaders and government bodies worldwide. Our list of satisfied customers include US Department of Defense, US Department of Homeland Security, Wells Fargo, and Walt Disney just to name a few.

Furthermore, SCVM powers all StoneFly cloud based solutions. SCVM is an 8th generation patented storage virtualization solution with a million lines of codes, built and battle-tested to deliver for the most demanding enterprise workloads.

Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing StoneFly cloud based servers:

  • Simply Powerful

Migrate hundreds of terabytes of data, scale out effortlessly and add as many CPUs and system memory as required.

  • Frictionless Experience

StoneFly SCVM is easy to install and use with industry standard hypervisors, public clouds and StoneFly private cloud. No friction – simple plug and play experience!

  • Data Security

Protect critical workloads with advanced data protection features that ensure data security from ransomware, malware, virus infection, human errors and malicious deletion.

  • Cost Effective Solution

Optimize storage space utilization and reduce the cost of your cloud based solutions effectively and seamlessly.

  • Non-Stop Storage

StoneFly cloud based solutions provide all time availability without any downtime.

  • Agile Storage

Access your storage on-demand wherever and whenever you need it.

  • Performance and Capacity

StoneFly cloud based solutions allow users to have maximum performance while reducing storage I/O and costs.

  • Enterprise level Scalability

Easy-to-scale storage repositories: start small and grow as your data volumes grow. 1-click scalability with support for hundreds of terabytes of data.



Whether its file storage, sharing and collaboration, setting up remote dev and test environments, archiving data to the cloud, or running your applications and databases in the cloud, StoneFly SCVM can help set up the right cloud based servers for your projects.

StoneFly SCVM delivers cloud based solutions with the perfect mix of performance, scalability and affordability best fit for businesses of all sizes – and all sorts of industries.  

Interested in StoneFly SCVM? Get a free trial and experience the 8th generation patented storage virtualization solution. 

You can also schedule a demo and discuss the software with our technology experts.

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