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What’s a Backup Gateway and how can it solve data protection challenges

Backup is important but every IT administrator and CTO knows that getting dedicated backup infrastructure is a hassle. It’s always a challenge getting past the finance department and the CFO. Businesses need continuity and CTOs have to ensure that data is always available and recoverable. How’s that possible without a purpose-built backup solution? The answer: backup gateway.

Businesses have Storage Resources – they just need Backup

Most IT administrators and CTOs around the globe come across this problem: they have large on-premises storage solutions for data storage and data mobility purposes. The IT system is already consuming large sums of money as OpEx and it has consumed a lot of budget in the past, when it was acquired (CapEx). Now, when they have to setup backup for this data, which is mission-critical to the business and the company, they face financial restrictions.

Usually, IT systems already have unused storage resources lying around and all they need is a backup engine that can consolidate storage resources and integrate a preferred backup software that can backup the data and ensure availability and recoverability.

If we are to list what they have and what they need, the list would something like this:

This is what businesses usually already have:

  • On-premises storage resources – Unused severs, DAS, NAS or SAN appliances.

This is what they need:

  • Backup Software – that can backup data in real-time or setup a scheduled backup process.
  • Data services – like encryption, deduplication, snapshots, replication to ensure that data is safe and secure and the utilization rates of the storage appliances are high while keeping the costs low.
What’s a Backup Gateway and how can it solve data protection challenges

StoneFly BG365™ – Backup Gateway Integrates Backup Software with Existing Storage Resources

StoneFly BG365™ – backup and disaster recovery gateway appliance is the best fit for this kind of situation. The hardware appliance comes with pre-configured backup software (like Veeam, Acronis, Commvault or any other software that users prefer) and delivers enterprise-grade data services like deduplication, snapshot, encryption, replication and more.

The StoneFly BG365 is an all-in-one virtualization solution that supports VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors. Businesses can leverage the BG365 backup gateway to consolidate their storage resources and integrate their existing Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NAS and DAS storage to setup a full-featured and enterprise-grade backup and disaster recovery solution.

How StoneFly BG365 Backup Gateway works?

What’s a Backup Gateway and how can it solve data protection challenges
The BG365 backup gateway is a flexible appliance and it enables businesses to setup a versatile backup and disaster recovery solution. Businesses can integrate on-site storage infrastructure, they can connect off-site iSCSI appliances or they can also integrate cloud backups with their infrastructure for data redundancy and hyper-availability.

The BG365 backup gateway facilitates businesses to backup their systems to public (like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services – AWS, Google, etc.) and private (StoneFly cloud) clouds.

Available in three purpose-built models: BG365V™ with Veeam, BG365A™ with Acronis, and BG365C™ with Commvault and a universal model (BG365U™) – the BG365 backup gateway is suitable for organizations and companies working in every industry. These industries include:

  • Healthcare.
  • Finance.
  • Oil and Gas.
  • Media and Entertainment.
  • Construction and Civil Engineering.
  • Non-profit Organizations.
  • Government departments.
  • And more.

Ensure Compliance with Industry Regulations with BG365 Backup Gateway

Business continuity and the prevention of data loss aren’t the only reasons why IT administrators and CTOs decide to integrate backups with their storage systems. One of the main reasons is compliance. For instance, organizations working in the healthcare industry have to comply to HIPAA and HITRUST. Similarly, police departments have to ensure that the way they retain the recorded data from dashboard cameras, surveillance cameras or Body Worn Cameras (BWCs) is CJIS compliant.

The BG365 backup gateway enables businesses and organizations to setup backup and disaster recovery solutions that are compliant to industry regulations. With features like cloud connect to Microsoft Azure, businesses can leverage Azure cloud’s compliant backup with ease, at an affordable price and without a dedicated backup infrastructure.

Conclusion – If you can’t afford a dedicated backup appliance, setup StoneFly BG365 Backup Gateway

Budget restrictions are an important part of decision making and sometimes CTOs and IT administrators don’t get what they want. However, even if dedicated backup infrastructures are out of the budget, data protection is necessary.

For businesses on a tight budget and with unused storage resources lying around, StoneFly BG365 backup gateway is the perfect fit. Businesses can get

  • The backup engine they prefer (Veeam, Acronis, Commvault, etc.)
  • Deployed on mainstream hypervisors like Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware ESX/ESXi.
  • With cloud connect to enterprise-level clouds like Microsoft Azure or AWS.

Intrigued about BG365 Backup Gateway? Learn more here: StoneFly BG365 – Backup and Disaster Recovery Gateway Appliance.

Get a free quote today, call us at 510 265 1616 or send us an email at [email protected].

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