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Enhance Your AWS Cloud Storage Experience with StoneFly

Companies today need to simply and securely collect, store and analyze their data at a massive scale. But today’s fragmented data storage portfolios force businesses to struggle with complexity and slow down innovation. AWS Cloud Storage gives you a place to store all of your data with unmatched durability, availability and scalability. StoneFly provides you the tools and gateway technology to leverage AWS cloud efficiently and cost effectively.

Durability with AWS Cloud Storage Infrastructure

Enhance Your AWS Cloud Storage Experience with StoneFly

Amazon cloud storage was built from the ground up to deliver 11 nines of durability. S3 standard infrequent access and Amazon glacier storage classes store all of your data redundantly across three availability zones. These zones are separated by miles, on separate power substations and connected to other platforms and the internet on multiple physically separate fibre paths. It keeps data written to a single AWS region, protected even in the event of an entire availability zone loss.

AWS cloud storage gives you the option to store reproducible data in a single AWS availability zone, trading lower fault tolerance for lower cost. With all of these storage classes you have the ability to replicate that data to any other AWS region.

Bear in mind that durability is not to be confused with backup. Durability only makes sure that your data is available. It does not protect from data loss, data corruption, accidental or malicious deletion, human errors and other similar threats.

Security and Compliance Features of AWS Cloud Storage

Enhance Your AWS Cloud Storage Experience with StoneFly

AWS cloud storage supports three different forms of encryption and offers sophisticated integration with tools like AWS cloud trail for auditing. It is integrated with Amazon MACIE, a machine learning service that can automatically discover, classify and protect sensitive data. It supports the security standards and compliant certifications that help satisfy compliance requirements for virtually every regulatory agency. Highly regulated organizations like Capital One, say they can operate more securely in the S3 cloud like AWS cloud than in their own data centers.

Additionally StoneFly cloud storage gateway provides features such as WORM (write-once read-many) storage provisioning, immutable snapshots and advanced encryption technology and more, that simplifies the compliance journey of SMBs and large enterprises.  

Management of AWS Cloud Storage

Enhance Your AWS Cloud Storage Experience with StoneFly

Amazon S3 cloud storage gives storage administrators the most flexible set of storage management and administration capabilities for classifying, reporting, inventory and analyzing data. This means you can understand what data you have, make the best decisions about it and automatically keep your costs down.

Amazon S3 also works with AWS lambda, so you can develop workflows without adding dedicated computing resources.  

Furthermore, StoneFly cloud storage gateways provide you a single centralized pane that enable you to manage, monitor and control all your integrated AWS cloud and your on-prem resources. You can provision storage volumes, repurpose existing storage resources, configure read only snapshots, set up multisite replication and more with StoneFly’s cloud gateway or hardware gateway solutions.     

AWS Cloud Storage Offers Query in Place

Amazon S3 cloud storage lets you run sophisticated big data analytics on your data without requiring you to extract and move the data to a separate analytics platform. Anyone who knows SQL can use Amazon Athena to analyze vast amounts of unstructured data in Amazon S3 cloud storage on-demand.

With Amazon redshift spectrum, you can run analytics against Exabytes of data in S3 and run queries that span both the data you have in S3 and in your redshift data warehouses. These query in place tools make it simple for anyone to use SQL commands against your entire data set. Even when application data increases, automatic scaling means performance stays fast.

The StoneFly cloud storage gateway integrates AWS S3 repositories with your on-prem infrastructure in a way that it is accessible as if it was a local appliance. Thereby, simplifying access for SQL or any other relational database queries.


Amazon cloud storage is the single place for whatever data your business needs to store, manage and analyze. And StoneFly cloud storage gateway gives you the tools to fully leverage the high performance and scalable AWS cloud storage tiers.

Start Your S3 Cloud Journey with StoneFly’s AWS Cloud Storage Gateway

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