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Hurricane Florence – Protect Enterprise IT Infrastructures

Hurricane Florence is the unwanted visitor in South Carolina that just refuses to leave. Thousands have been told to evacuate due to the Florence triggered floods. Human lives have been completely disrupted by Hurricane Florence and people have little idea when they will be able to come back and continue with their lives. In the midst of this disaster, one of the biggest victims is IT driven businesses.

IT infrastructures without pre-acquired backup and disaster recovery solutions have no choice but to risk losing all of their data to Hurricane Florence and the floods. That’s because the general assumption is that there is no way to secure the mission-critical workloads, needed to keep the business operational, in little time. However, that’s not entirely true. While setting up backup servers and disaster recovery appliances is time consuming; deploying a cloud disaster recovery solution is faster, reliable and can be concluded within hours.

To facilitate IT professionals looking to secure their workload volumes in the cloud, StoneFly offers a number of enterprise-grade services. In this article, we’ll be suggesting two full featured cloud disaster recovery solutions specifically for IT administrators struggling with the triggered floods of Hurricane Florence in South Carolina.

The article will also explore how StoneFly can help enterprises to rebuild themselves after falling victim to natural disasters – like the floods caused by Hurricane Florence.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions – Protect Enterprise Mission-Critical Data from Hurricane Florence and its Aftereffects

Commissioning a backup and disaster recovery appliance can take months. IT administrators in South Carolina do not have that much time. This makes cloud disaster recovery solutions the best option for them. Let’s take a look at two of StoneFly’s most suited cloud disaster recovery solutions:

Veeam Backup and Replication – Flexible Enterprise-grade Software for all kinds of businesses

Veeam software ensures business continuity for 74% Fortune 500 companies. With Veeam, enterprises can keep their lights on, even if their infrastructures are hit by disasters – hurricanes, earth quakes, hardware failure, power outage, accidental or malicious deletion etc. Veeam software is compatible with a number of mainstream servers and facilitates easier deployment and setup.

With the combination of Veeam and StoneFly, IT infrastructures can setup their disaster recovery in Microsoft Azure cloud using Veeam cloud connect to Microsoft Azure. Instead of going through the complexity of setting up Veeam and then getting access to Microsoft Azure storage, IT infrastructures can choose StoneFly to make the entire process simpler and faster. StoneFly accommodates enterprises by providing with a simple pay as you go payment plan and charges on a per TB and per VM (Virtual Machine) basis. Businesses only have to pay for what they use. They do not have to fat/thick provision their resources, if they anticipate growth in the future. StoneFly’s enterprise-level solutions are easily scalable and can be scaled-up or scaled-out with ease; whenever necessary.

By setting up StoneFly and Veeam, IT administrators in South Carolina can leave their mission-critical workloads to Veeam’s enterprise-level software and Microsoft Azure’s trusted cloud service. This powerful combination delivers RTPOs (Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives) of less than 15 minutes. When it’s time to recover, this combination will ensure that businesses are up and running with minimum delay.

To learn more about StoneFly’s offer for Veeam Cloud Connect to Microsoft Azure Cloud: Click here.

Veeam’s enterprise-level software is flexible and delivers a number of features that can facilitate businesses of variable sizes (SMBs/SMEs to Large Enterprises). SMBs/SMEs looking for simpler solution can also consider StoneFly CDR365-cloud disaster recovery solution.

CDR365 – Cloud Disaster Recovery for SMBs/SMEs

CDR365 is an online backup solution automates backups to secure enterprise cloud storages. The solution provides a simple to use interface that makes disaster recovery easier for SMBs/SMEs. IT infrastructures can integrate CDR365 with existing systems and leverage StoneFly’s partnership with Microsoft Azure cloud to setup enterprise-level backups.

CDR365 comes with easy to use backup and restore wizards. SMBs/SMEs can acquire and setup CDR365 and deploy their backups in any Azure data center around the globe. The setup process is simple and fast. Similar to other StoneFly products and services, CDR365 also facilitates scalability. IT environments can choose to scale-up or scale-out later as their backup data increases.

To learn more about the cloud disaster recovery solution – CDR365, click here.

With these two cloud disaster recovery solutions, enterprises without any other backup and disaster recovery solution can protect their mission critical workloads from disasters like Hurricane Florence and the floods triggered by it.

What about enterprises that have been affected by Hurricane Florence or its floods? StoneFly has options for such businesses as well.

Rebuilding IT Infrastructure after Natural Disaster(s)

In order to facilitate businesses recovering from Natural disasters, StoneFly has two options:

  • VSO™ (Value Scale-out) Storage and Backup appliances.
  • Get Financing.

VSO™ (Value Scale-out) Storage and Backup Appliances

The VSO™ appliance series comprises of Network Attached Storage (NAS) and backup and disaster recovery appliances best fit for SMBs/SMEs. VSO™ appliance series deliver a number of enterprise-level data services without the large price tag. Enterprises recovering from Hurricane Florence can setup VSO™ appliances and then expand the system as their business starts to grow again.

VSO™ appliance series also facilitates scalability. Businesses can choose to increase performance and storage capacity by scaling-out. For on-premises backup infrastructure, businesses can choose to VSO™ backup and DR appliance.

To learn more about VSO™ Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance, click here.

To learn more about VSO™ Backup and DR appliance, click here.

Get Financing – Rebuild your IT Infrastructure

Cloud disaster recovery solutions are a viable option but enterprise IT systems still need infrastructure. After going through a natural disaster, a business goes through financial challenges. Rebuilding IT infrastructures are although necessary but consume a lot of financial resources. If these resources are dedicated to the IT infrastructure, then the core operations of the business are adversely affected.

To help with this financial challenge, StoneFly offers flexible financing plans for all kinds of businesses. To keep things simple, StoneFly also provides a free lease calculator to users.

To learn more about the financing plans, click here.

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