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Best Cloud Backup Software for Your Critical Workloads

Seamlessly set up cloud backups your remote physical/virtual servers, manage virtually unlimited remote backup agents with a centralized interface, and quickly restore to public/private cloud in the event of a disaster.

CDR365 Disaster Recovery Cloud
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Starting at
per workstation/month

Cloud backups for non-application servers (Windows, Linux, MacOS)

Starting at
per server/month

Cloud backups for Windows, Linux, MacOS, MS SQL, MS Exchange, & Unlimited Network Shares

Starting at
per host/month

Cloud backups for VMware/Hyper-V Servers (Unlimited VMs)

S3 Cloud Storage

How CDR365 Works

Cloud Backup Software

Automated Cloud Backups

Set up policies to backup remote desktops, physical/virtual servers, & applications automatically.

1-click Restore to Cloud

In the event of a disaster, leverage cloud disaster recovery to restore your data in the cloud quickly & ensure business continuity effortlessly

Centralized Cloud Portal

Manage virtually unlimited remote backup agents, orchestrate backup jobs, & restore data with a centralized cloud management interface.


Back up Anything with StoneFly CDR365

Designed to support popular operating systems and virtualization environments, CDR365 delivers seamless cloud backup services for all your unstructured and structured workloads.

unstructured data backup
Unstructured Data Backups

Back up your files, folders, images, videos, documents, emails, etc.

database backup
Structured Data Backups
Back up databases, CRM, EHR applications, & more.
virtual server backup
Virtual Server Backup

Back up Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines (VMs)

Physical Server Backup

Back up your physical Windows or Linux servers

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Remote Backup Software

Cloud Backup for SMBs, SMEs, and Large Organizations

The CDR365 cloud backup software enables IT administrators to:

  1. Set up local or cloud backup solutions for remote physical/virtual servers, branch offices, & employees working from home (WFH).
  2. Remotely manage virtually unlimited CDR365 backup agents with a centralized web-based management interface.
  3. Store backups in secure & compliant public/private cloud backup storage volumes.
  4. Leverage cloud disaster recovery to restore data to on-premises server(s) or to the cloud for instant recovery
CDR365 Disaster Recovery Cloud
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Get the best cloud backup software for
Small Business
Remote Office
Large Enterprise
Home Office
data protection

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Best Cloud Backup for Managed IT Services Providers

Offer backup as a service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to your customers with our easy-to-manage MSP backup solution.

Manage cloud backup services for thousands of customers with a centralized management interface, orchestrate backup & restore operations with a few clicks and deliver high quality managed IT services with ease.

Cloud backup for MSP
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Managed IT Services

Get Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (BDRaaS)

Looking for experts to take care of your cloud backup and disaster recovery projects? Our experts can set up and manage data protection for your remote offices, branch offices, and employees working from home, so you can focus on other core business operations.

CDR365 Disaster Recovery Cloud
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Simplify Cloud Backup and DR

Set up cloud backup services for your remote branches, & employees working from home with StoneFly CDR365

CDR365 Disaster Recovery Cloud
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Powerful Cloud Backup and Recovery for the Enterprise

Learn more about CDR365 software and how you can effectively use it to set up reliable cloud backup and disaster recovery for your business-critical workloads.

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