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Best VMware Live VM Migration Solution in the Market

VM migration is typically a disruptive process. It involves VM backups, dismounting VMs and then moving the backup copies from the source to the target site. Many businesses need an alternative to this disruptive migration process. To help with that, we’ve introduced live VM migration solutions that include a certified VMware plugin, high performance live migration DTDs and professional services.

In this blog, we explore the recently introduced live VM migration solutions and see the value they provide to all kinds of businesses; regardless of the size or industry.

What is VM Live Migration?

VM Live migration is to transfer data (Virtual Machines) from one physical host to another without disrupting any service, application or user’s access to it.

VM Live Migration

The corresponding services, applications & users do not experience any interruption at any point of the VM migration process; for them, it’s business-as-usual.

What are VM Live Migration DTDs?

Live migration data transfer devices, or DTDs, are the hardware component in VM migration processes. These physical servers are used to transfer Virtual Machines (VMs) from the source to the target site.

If the target server is offsite, then the servers are shipped to the location. The VM migration software ensures that all newly written is tracked and no data is lost while the appliance is shipped.

How does VMware Virtual Machine Live Migration Work?

VMware Virtual Machine (VM) live migration is coherent with the description of VM live migration stated above. The VMs deployed on the VMware vSphere client are replicated in real-time from the source VMware virtual environment to the target VMware virtual environment.

The VM migration can be done over the wire or via data transfer devices (DTDs). And the VMware virtual environment can be on physical Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) appliances or in cloud-based VMware environments. Depending on the chosen vendor and solution, VMware users can migrate live VMs between physical, from physical to cloud, or if need be from cloud to physical VMware environments.

VMware Migration over LAN or WAN versus VMware Migration using DTDs


Challenges of Live VM Migration over LAN or WAN

In order to ensure a 100% disruption-free VM migration experience, the process has to be continuous. This creates the challenges of excessive network consumption, bandwidth usage, and if the migration process involves VMware environments in the cloud, then egress costs as well.

Advantages of Using Live VM Migration DTDs

Data transfer devices (or DTDs) facilitate live migration and ensure that users don’t have to go through the above mentioned challenges.

With VM migration DTDs, there are no bandwidth concerns or egress costs (when migrating VMs from cloud-to-physical environments).

What’s more is that the DTDs provide faster VM migration experience than migration over the wire. However, this depends on the volume and size of the VMs, the network speed, latency and other applicable variables.

To figure out which type of live VM migration is best suited for your project(s), contact StoneFly pre-sales engineers today.

How do VMware Virtual Machine Live Migration DTDs Work?

VMware Virtual Machine Live Migration

The Virtual Machines (VMs) that need to be transferred are “offloaded” to these appliances. These physical appliances are then shipped to the target site and connected to it directly or via network. The VMs are transferred from the appliances to the target site. The newly written data, data created after “VM offloading” is tracked via background processes. After the VMs are “offloaded” from the DTDs to the target site, the newly written data is synced over the wire.

Key Features of StoneFly Live VM Migration Solutions

StoneFly recently introduced enterprise-grade and value-tier live VM migration solutions for VMware environments (read press release).

Staying true to StoneFly’s culture of customer-centric innovation, the live VM migration solutions offer a number of features simplifying VM migration and delivering great value-for-money experience.

StoneFly’s live VM migration solutions are a packaged deal comprising of:

  • Certified VMware migration plugin
  • Certified VM Migration DTDs

StoneFly also offers professional services for customers who need help migrating VMware VMs. For details, contact StoneFly sales.

VMware Migration Plugin Features

Here’s a brief list of the unique features of the VMware migration plugin:

  • Migration Time Estimation – run the VMware live migration utility in “observation mode” and estimate the time it’ll take to migrate virtual machines from source to target VMware environments.
  • Orchestration & Automation – automate VM migration startup and change-over.
  • Fault-Tolerant – the VMware live migration utility tracks progress. If the process is disrupted, the software continues from the point of disruption instead of starting over.
  • One-Time Migration Utility – the VMware plugin is a one-time migration utility. Once the VM migration process is complete, it can be removed from the virtual environment.

See the enterprise VMware live migration plugin in action, schedule a demo today.

Hardware Features of StoneFly VM Live Migration DTDs

StoneFly live VM migration DTDs start as small as 4-bay mini-tower or 1U rackmount with 64TB raw storage capacities (scalable) and can be as big as 36-bay 4U rackmount with 576TB raw storage capacities (scalable).

Here’s a brief list of StoneFly’s innovative and purpose-built live VM migration DTDs:

  • iSCSI & Fibre Channel (FC) Support – the VM migration DTD appliances come with iSCSI standard and support optional Fibre Channel (FC) upgrades. The DTDs can be connected with most industry standard HCI servers running VMware environments including StoneFly HCI Appliances, Dell EMC, HPE Nimble, Nutanix, etc.
  • Multi-Core Processors – the DTDs can keep up with the most demanding requirements as they are equipped with state-of-the-art multi-core processors starting from 9th generation Quad-core Intel processors to 28-Core Dual Xeon processors.
  • Built-in Hardware RAID Controllers – configure 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, or 60 RAID to improve speed and ensure no data is lost even if drive(s) fail.
  • Customizable Appliances – StoneFly offers different flavors to choose from when it comes to processor options, supported drives, storage capacities and more. The VM migration DTD appliances are available in I-Series, D-Series, XS-Series and XD-Series.

For details, refer to the live VM migration page. To learn more about the customization and upgrade options, contact StoneFly pre-sales engineers.

Benefits of Using StoneFly Solution to Migrate VMware VMs

StoneFly offers the complete package for customers looking to migrate VMware VMs. In other words, we provide a “one stop shop” for all your data migration needs.

Here’s a brief list of the advantages StoneFly customers get when they opt-in for our VMware migration solutions:

  • Complete End-to-End Service – we offer a VMware plugin, migration DTDs and professional services to help you set up, run and conclude your migration projects effortlessly.
  • On-Going Value – our live migration DTDs are powerful enterprise-grade solutions that can be repurposed as NAS, SAN, unified NAS + SAN + S3 object, or HCI appliances to provide on-going value when the migration needs are met. In other words, our customers get the most out of their investment by leveraging our hardware and patented storage operating system.
  • Best Price in the Market – StoneFly offers enterprise-grade solutions at prices that are worth a steal. Three out of four StoneFly customers say that they were pleasantly surprised by the cost; especially in comparison to the alternatives in the market. Don’t overspend on your projects – invest smartly and get StoneFly VM migration DTDs for your projects.


There are a number of reasons why infrastructure owners may need to migrate VMs from one site to another. In most cases, the applications, users, and services accessing these VMs cannot tolerate a disruption. The only way to migrate such VMs is via live migration.

StoneFly provides the full package that includes a certified VMware live migration utility, live VM migration DTDs and professional services that enable our customers to seamlessly migrate mission-critical VMs from one VMware environment to another without any disruption.

Migrate Your VMware VMs with StoneFly Live VM Migration Solutions

Contact StoneFly sales for more details:

Email:             [email protected]

Phone:            +1 (510) 265-1616

For More Enterprise-Grade Solutions, Connect with Us on Our Social Media Channels




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