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The Hyperconverged Storage + Server + Network Appliances

Consolidate and virtualize your data center into one redundant and highly available appliance.

The HyperConverged  Storage +  Server + Network  appliances are the ideal hyper-converged infrastructure solution to consolidate and virtualize all of your Server + Network into one easy to manage appliance.

Use of virtualization allows for complete hardware utilization with great compatibility with VMware and HyperV.

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Integrated HyperConverged Appliance Node

StoneFly’s USS Series of Unified  appliances with storage capacities up to 192TB per node are available in 12Gb SAS (48 Gb/sec throughput) or SSD combinations of 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 36 drives bays per appliance. Additionally, StoneFly USS appliances offer the industry’s most cost-effective expansion via 12, 16 or 24 drive expansion units for USS appliance configurations up to 256 drives per appliance.

The Integrated Hyperconverged can support up to 44 cores Xeon processor and 1.5TB of memory. Redundant power supply, Network ports, and Hardware RAID controller.  

Modular HyperConverged High-Availability Appliance Node

StoneFly’s USS-HA Unified Cluster appliance is the ideal hyperconverged infrastructure solution to consolidate your data center into one redundant and highly available appliance, with storage capacities up to 25 PetaBytes. USS-HA appliances are designed to offer the ultimate in high-availability with clustered Storage Concentrators and active/active RAID controllers, all while being scalable from 6 up to 4320 drives per appliance Each Host controller support up 44 cores of Xeon CPU for total of 88 Cores, up to 3TB of memory, Dual active-active cluster SAN storage, Dual active-active Hardware Raid controller, Total of 6 Power supplies and much more …

Integrated and Modular HyperConverged – Hyper-V Node

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