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Best Ransomware
Protection Solutions

Physical, virtual, and cloud data protection solutions for small to medium-sized businesses and large enterprises.

Best Ransomware Protection Solutions for SMBs, SMEs, and Large Enterprises

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Best Ransomware Protection Solutions for SMBs, SMEs, and Large Enterprises

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Best Ransomware Protection Solutions for SMBs, SMEs, and Large Enterprises
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    Deploy the best
    ransomware protection
    as you see fit

    What can you backup
    backup your server

    Air-Gapped Nodes

    Add fully isolated nodes with automated network and power management to your existing environment(s).
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    backup your server

    Virtual Air-Gapped Volumes

    Repurpose unused storage capacity to set up virtual immutable and air-gapped volumes.
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    backup applications

    Cloud Air-Gapped Volumes

    Connect air-gapped and immutable storage volumes in the cloud to your applications and servers.
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    backup your server

    Turnkey Backup & DR

    Complete turnkey Veeam-ready solution with storage, virtualization, and backup, replication, and restore capabilities.
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    Empower Your Security with Our Ransomware Protection Suite

    Highly secure,
    immutable, and
    automated air-gapped
    nodes (DR365VIVA)

    The DR365 Veeam-Immutable Veeam-Air-Gapped (VIVA) is a purpose-built appliance for Veeam backup environments. It’s a fully automated immutable and air-gapped backup and disaster recovery node with integrated policy-based network and power management.

    physical server


    Set policies to automatically isolate the appliance nodes. When isolated, the data stored in air-gapped nodes cannot accessed or maliciously encrypted.

    immutable storage


    The DR365VIVA support WORM and S3 object lockdown features. Users can set policies for immutable volumes to prevent editing, deletion, and overwriting.
    physical server


    The DR365VIVA have been tested and built to support popular servers, virtualization environments, and clouds to provide seamless integration and support for your existing environment(s).

    Protect your business with automated immutable and air-gapped nodes

    Virtual Air-Gapped Repositories

    Reclaim and repurpose unused storage space to provision virtual immutable and air-gapped volumes on-premises and/or in the cloud.

    No additional hardware or storage capacity needed. Effectively leverage idle resources to add ransomware protection that your business can rely on.

    Virtual air-gapped volumes

    Ransomware Protection with Cloud Air-Gapping

    Cloud Air-Gapped for Ransomware Protection

    Automated Transfers

    Automate data transfer from on-premises to cloud air-gapped volumes by setting policies. Store sensitive data in secure, affordable, and compliant storage repositories for years.

    Hybrid Infrastructure

    Provision cloud air-gapped volumes and seamlessly integrate them with your existing IT infrastructure to build a secure and scalable hybrid infrastructure.

    Immutable Cloud Storage

    Leverage immutable storage volumes in the cloud with features such as WORM and S3 object lockdown. Set policies to prevent editing, deletion, and overwriting.

    Set up ransomware protection without any additional hardware.

    Turnkey data protection appliances

    StoneFly DR365V

    Complete Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution
    Turnkey hyperconverged Veeam-ready backup & DR appliances with cloud connect, secure hot/cool storage tiers in a highly scalable, and hyper-available standalone system.

    Best Fit For
    Companies looking to secure mission-critical servers, virtual environments, cloud volumes, and customer data from ransomware attacks,

    premium support

    Backup & DR

    Physical, Cloud, & Virtual

    premium support


    Azure, AWS, Other S3



    vSAN, vNAS, & more

    premium support


    Preconfigured & Ready-to-Use

    Simplify ransomware protection with turnkey backup and DR appliances



    Leverage software data protection solutions which allow you to automate backup and restore jobs, simplify management, and store backup data in affordable and secure cloud storage repositories.

    Back up desktops for employees working from home, secure physical and virtual servers, and control and manage everything from a centralized interface.


    Complete solution with Veeam cloud connect, management server, and storage in Azure, AWS, or StoneFly private cloud.


    Online backup solution with centralized management and backup and restore orchestration for user agents. Backup desktops, servers, databases, and store backups on-premises and/or in the cloud.

    Best Ransomware Protection Solutions for SMBs, SMEs, and Large Enterprises
    Best Ransomware Protection Solutions for SMBs, SMEs, and Large Enterprises
    Best Ransomware Protection Solutions for SMBs, SMEs, and Large Enterprises
    Best Ransomware Protection Solutions for SMBs, SMEs, and Large Enterprises
    Backups aren't enough
    Backups alone

    aren't enough

    Ransomware attacks target your production, your backups, and all devices connected to the network. If your business relies solely on backups, then your critical workloads and business are at risk.

    5 ways to protect servers from ransomware
    5 ways to protect
    your servers from ransomware attacks

    Five best practices that you can implement to make sure your business-critical data and servers are safe from ransomware attacks, data loss, and downtime.

    Best ransomware protection
    Best Ransomware Protection
    with Veeam and StoneFly

    Protect you business-critical data and workloads with StoneFly's Veeam-ready turnkey solution that offers features such as air-gapping, WORM, S3 object lockdown, and more.

    Veeam-ready appliance with immutable storage
    Veeam-Ready Appliance
    with Immutable / WORM Storage

    StoneFly Veeam-ready backup and DR appliances provide immutable storage that prevents modification, and deletion for a user-defined retention period. As a result, ransomware cannot encrypt critical workloads.

    Trusted by Companies Worldwide

    StoneFly ransomware protection solutions are trusted by government departments, healthcare, education, finance, manufacturing, and corporate leaders worldwide.