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Cloud Business Center™


Provides products and services for Private and Public Clouds.

Storage as service, Backup and disaster recovery, Replication, Server and Data migration,-, Dedicated hosting, colocation, Virtual server, Dockers, enabling organizations large and small to benefit from cost saving, accessibility, high availability and elasticity of the Cloud.

Migration to the Cloud, Email, Archive, Documents, Folder, Sharepoint, Databases.

Few users or thousands of users, Right Tools and our staff can make it pleasant experience.

Everyone is moving to cloud – Private or public

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    For any organization, it is imperative that Compute, Network, and Storage resources are elastic, cost-effective, Resource and workload fully utilized, optimized and balanced.

    A major stdudy shows that 93% of the organizations that have lost their data due to a disaster went out of the business within two years.

    StoneFly Cloud Business Center (CBC™) hosting empowers organizations to fully utilize StoneFly backup and disaster recovery features, enabling organizations large and small to implement offsite backup inexpensively with remote iSCSI, remote replication, remote backup and colocation solutions.

    Cloud Business Center™
    Cloud Business Center™

    StoneFly Remote Replication 

    Easily replicate the data from your physical or virtual servers  to StoneFly’s Cloud Business Center. Remote replication  is an affordable way to quickly add one or more disaster recovery sites for your critical data. By replicating your data to StoneFly’s Cloud Business Center, you immediately save on the capital expenses that come with the purchase of a physical appliance, along with operating expenses such as power and cooling costs. With StoneFly’s Remote Replication service you can rest assured that your data is secure and protected against loss. Stonefly provides a physical or virtual replication gateway appliance with iSCSI or NAS as storage.

    StoneFly Cloud Storage as Service

    Easily add Cloud storage to your servers in a matter of minutes all without any investment in new storage appliances. Provision iSCSI SAN, NAS or object storage hosted in the StoneFly Cloud Business Center or any private or public Clouds. NO capital expenses, power cooling and operating expenses. Cloud storage data services including volume encryption, data deduplication, replication, mirroring and snapshots. You can rest assured that your data is secure and protected.

    Cloud Business Center™
    Cloud Business Center™

    StoneFly Cloud Data Migration

    With StoneFly migration services, move your cloud workloads swiftly with no downtime. As a leading provider of cloud data migration, StoneFly helps businesses migrate their data 70% faster than any other migration service provider and cut costs in half. Emails, archives, storage, databases, migrate from any source to any destination of your choice.  We have moved hundreds of terabytes of data within days. So when you choose us, you will be investing less time and getting more when migrating your data.