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 Fast, Secure, Cost effective, Professional cloud data migration with StoneFly!


  • Work with industry leading “cloud-specific” migration tools and solutions.
  • Move your cloud workloads swiftly with no downtime.
  • We migrate your data 70% faster compared other service providers!
  • Your business keeps running as we offer co-existence support.
  • Emails, archives, storage, databases, migrate from any source to any destination of your choice.
  • Physical or virtual server migration to the cloud.
    Up to 10 Gb/sec content upload to the cloud.

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With StoneFly migration services, move your cloud workloads swiftly with no downtime. As a leading provider of cloud data migration, StoneFly helps businesses migrate their data 70% faster than any other migration service provider and cut costs in half. Emails, archives, storage, databases, migrate from any source to any destination of your choice.  We have moved hundreds of terabytes of data within days. So when you choose us, you will be investing less time and getting more when migrating your data. 


With StoneFly you can migrate everything!

StoneFly's Cloud Data Migration 1

 Email – Archive





StoneFly's Cloud Data Migration 2

Document – Folder – Sharepoint Migrations

StoneFly's Cloud Data Migration 3

Storage – Database

StoneFly's Cloud Data Migration 4

Physical – Virtual Machine


Get on board with the leading mailbox migration solution

We can migrate from any source to any destination:

With StoneFly’s email migration, you can migrate to destination of your choosing from any source! Whether on-prem or in the cloud, we can help move any exchange server, POP, IMAP, Google Mail, Google Mail, Groupwise, Lotus Notes, Zimbra and many more.

Scalable Email migration for any size project:

At StoneFly, we don’t shy away from any project, big or small. Our email migration can scale up or down to match any size project, plus, we can do it from anywhere without knocking your email system offline!

Take the pain out of phased migrations:

Expect zero downtime or interruptions during migrations. This means that mail migrations are not going to impact your work at all. Whether you want to sync free or busy data between users’ Google Calendar or on-prem Exchange and Office 365 calendar information, you will never face any downtime from us.

Cloud Data Migration
Migrate your documents

Migrate documents from virtually any source to any destination:

Like our email migration, we can help migrate documents from virtually any source to any destination. Whether its SharePoint, OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox or more. We maintain the file hierarchy and permissions during and after migration.

Powerful and fast:

Leverage the largest global migration infrastructure in the world. The power of the cloud lets you complete document migrations up to 70% faster than other methods—up to six or seven times faster to OneDrive with Lightspeed!

Cloud Migration
Migrate to Microsoft on-premises, hosted, or cloud-based SQL databases

Migrate your databases to secure Azure SQL swiftly:

Whether you are tired with SQL Server 2005 or worrying about SQL 2008 reaching the end of life, we can easily migrate it to Microsoft On premises, hosted or cloud based SQL databases with no hassle at all.

Forget about complexities associated with database migrations:

Our database migration is seamless and fast. Automatic schema and keyword incompatibility remediation eliminate common migration blockers. Everything is automatically transferred permissions, users, and their logins. In case your connection is lost, the work in progress is saved automatically.

Enjoy clear visibility and reporting: 

Watch migration progress in real time. Use comprehensive reporting dashboards to get full visibility of project details, and make it easy to show value to customers.

Cloud Data Migration
Migrate to Azure from unstructured storage repositories

Start enjoying the benefits of Azure blob storage:

Forget about using unstructured storage repositories by opting for Azure Blog Storage. It helps you save thousands of dollars while offering mobile access to your stored data and offers stronger integration with your favorite Microsoft platforms. 

We migrate larger workloads to save your time: 

StoneFly migration tools are prepped and ready to easily move large volumes of your data within two days! We can migrate more data in less time to shorten your timeframe. 

Big or small, our cloud storage migration can do it all!

Our cloud storage migration solution can easily scale to handle project of any size. Our experts can easily begin migrations from anywhere without any hassle, offering your excellent customer experience at the same time. 

Our Archive Migration-as-a-Service is faster, better and efficient

Migrate massive amounts of data at incredible speed:

Our archive migration helps move your archives really fast, migrating up to terabytes of mailbox and journal archives data per day! Faster migrations mean less downtime but swift migration and onboarding at Office 365.

Broken stubs:

Our archive migration are continous and without any hassle. This means that you don’t have to worry about stubs associated with other services in the market. Stubs can be bad for business as they can result in loss of 95% of all email data. We make sure that doesn’t happen.

No chance of data corruption:

Archive systems are known to have high rates of data corruption—up to 10%. Our migration experts ensure that all your data is seamlessly migrated with no chance of corruption.

Cloud Data Migration
Say goodbye to PSTs. Say hello profits and peace of mind

Forget about costly PSTs with our personal archive migration 

With our personal archive migration, you will never have to worry about PSTs anymore. Easily collect, collate and migrate all your personal archives to nearly any destination of your choosing including Exchange 2013, Google, Office 365 or Amazon. 

Quick, Seamless and Zero interruptions:

Our process is hassle free. We start off by scanning all the user desktops for discovery and colleting PST files. This also captures all the metadata and their owners of the archives to ensure that all the PSTs are associated with their original user and mailbox. 

Pass on more benefits:

Satisfy your customer’s legal and IT departments with secure, centralized personal archive storage, reduced IP leakage and security risk, and zero end user impact.

Cloud Data Migration
Get started migrating to SharePoint Online

Migrate files in a usable way

Migrating SharePoint files doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming. Want to align file structure and permissions? We can help migrate SharePoint files, lists and permissions quickly and easily so that you can use them right away.

Flexible scheduling

You can select which files to prioritize for a staged migration, and decide whether to migrate immediately or schedule them to migrate in the future according to your business plans.

Automated and simplified migration process

Our SharePoint migration process is automated to help reduce any chance of errors. Being automated, it also helps you getting no downtime during migration and offers ultimate experience in migration.

StoneFly's Cloud Data Migration 5

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