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StoneFusion MSP Edition

Built for Managed IT Services Providers & Large Corporations

Simplified MSP Solution & Managed IT Services

  • Provision multi-tenant NAS (NFS & CIFS/SMB), SAN (iSCSI & Fibre Channel), & unified NAS + SAN volumes
  • Set up object storage in Azure, AWS, StoneFly private cloud & other S3 compatible clouds
  • Configure remote, noise-less, easily scalable & multi-tenant storage volumes for thousands of customers, departments & projects
  • Easily manage provisioned storage resources with a unified management interface
  • Supported hypervisors: VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, & Citrix (formerly XenServer)


Offer Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) MSP services or set up remote storage volumes that deliver the full purpose-built appliance experience to different departments and teams with StoneFusion MSP

Managed IT Services Providers - Simplified MSP Services

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    What is StoneFusion MSP?


    StoneFusion MSP is built for Managed IT services providers and large coprorations enabling them to effortlessly provision efficient, secure and multi-tenant file-level, block-level and / or object-level storage volumes using VMware, Hyper-V, KVM and Citrix (formerly XenServer) virtual environments.

    The storage provisioning software enables users to facilitate the requirements of thousands of clients or deliver purpose-built full appliance experience to a number of departments and teams for a variety of applications and use-cases.

    Besides storage provisioning on mainstream hypervisors, our software also facilitates the integration of data services such as snapshots, replication, encryption, WORM provisioning, anti-virus, ransomware protection and more.  

    Learn more about the innovative MSP solution in this video with the CEO & Founder of StoneFly Inc. Mo Tahmasebi.

    Configure Multi-Tenant On-Premises, Remote, and Cloud Storage Repositories Effortlessly

     managed service providers can configure file level storage with Stonefusion MSP services

    File-Level Storage

    Configure multi-tenant Network Attached Storage (NAS) volumes for files, folders, videos, images and digital data storage on bare-metal servers and HCI appliances with VMware, Hyper-V, KVM or Citrix (formerly XenServer) hypervisor.

    Supported Protocols: NFS & CIFS/SMB

     Create high performance SAN storage with StoneFusion MSP solution

    Block-Level Storage

    Create remote multi-tenant  SAN storage repositories and offer end users the ability to run applications and programs on dedicated iSCSI (or Fibre channel) volumes. As a corporate user provide secure access to configured SAN volumes for your departments or sell block-level storage as an MSP service.

     managed service providers can configure multi tenant clouds for end users

    Object-Level Storage

    Configure public clouds (like Azure, AWS, or any other S3 compatible cloud) and enable your clients or end users to leverage remote, multi tenant cloud object-level storage without having to translate file-level or block-level data to object-level data.

    How does StoneFly StoneFusion MSP Work?

    StoneFusion MSP solution comes with “Parent ” & “Child” licenses. With the “Parent StoneFusion” license managed IT services providers or MSPs and large organizations can provision virtually unlimited “child StoneFusion” licenses.

    Each child StoneFusion delivers purpose-built full appliance experience to end users. The parent StoneFusion MSP offers a unified management interface capable of managing, controlling and monitoring thousands of provisioned child licenses to deliver NAS (NFS & CIFS/SMB), SAN (iSCSI & Fibre Channel), unified NAS + SAN, and object storage.

    StoneFusion MSP child licenses deliver completely noise-less multi tenant cloud storage experience to end users. Managed IT services providers can use the parent StoneFusion MSP licenses to offer Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) MSP services. Similarly, large organizations can leverage the parent StoneFusion licenses to provision secure multi tenant cloud storage volumes for different departments, teams and different projects.

    The parent StoneFusion MSP licenses also enables managed IT services providers and large organizations to integrate a number of data services facilitating a secure, efficient and cost-effective data storage experience.

     A structure explaining multi tenant architecture enabling manage service providers to effortlessly manage data storage

    Integrate Enterprise-Grade Data Services with Provision Storage Volumes

    Managed IT services providers and large corporations can integrate the following data services using the parent StoneFusion MSP console.

    Managed IT Services Providers - Simplified MSP Services

    Enhance Data Utilization Rates – with Data Deduplication

    Optimize provisioned storage space consumption with deduplication for NAS and SAN workloads.

    Managed IT Services Providers - Simplified MSP Services

    Faster Storage Provisioning – with
    Thin Provisioning

    Thin provision available storage resources to effectively and quickly provision storage for end users and/or departments, teams and projects.
    Managed IT Services Providers - Simplified MSP Services

    Availability, Reliability and Scalability – with Erasure Coding

    Ensure high availability, fault-tolerance and business continuity with built-in erasure coding.
    Managed IT Services Providers - Simplified MSP Services

    High Availability – with Replication (Synchronous & Asynchronous)

    Configure real-time replication or schedule replication jobs for NAS, SAN, unified NAS + SAN volumes & Virtual Machines (VMs) running on Hyper-V, VMware, KVM or Citrix (XenServer) hypervisors.
    Managed IT Services Providers - Simplified MSP Services

    Go Back in Time & Recover from Data Corruption, Ransomware, etc. – with Immutable Snapshots

    Set up delta-based immutable snapshots that can be used to recover previous sytem states in the event of data corruption, ransomware attack or other similar disasters.
    Managed IT Services Providers - Simplified MSP Services

    Deliver Data Security – with Data Encryption

    Secure mission-critical workloads with AES256 encryption and protect data at transit with SSL/TLS tunneling.
    Managed IT Services Providers - Simplified MSP Services

    Streamlined and Automated Data Storage – with Automated Storage Tiering

    StoneFusion MSP supports software and hardware tiering. Define policies and automate data transfers between different storage tiers.
    Managed IT Services Providers - Simplified MSP Services

    WORM (Write-Once Read-Many) Storage Provisioning

    Set up compliant immutable WORM storage repositories that are written once and cannot be edited or modified.

    Managed IT Services Providers - Simplified MSP Services

    Automated Virus, Malware & Ransomware Detection & Removal

    Provisioned storage volumes are well protected from threats such as virus, malware and ransomware attacks with built-in automated detection and removal.

    Become a Managed IT Services Provider – Sell Feature-Rich File-Level, Block-Level, and Object-Level Multi-Tenant Data Storage.

    Common Use-Cases of StoneFusion MSP Solution

    Managed IT Services Providers - Simplified MSP Services

    Medical Record Storage - Offer Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) to the Healthcare Industry

    The healthcare industry generates a lot of data in the form of patient records and PACS data. With StoneFly StoneFusion MSP, managed IT services providers can offer remote NAS storage repositories to healthcare service providers for cost-effective data storage. With our software, MSPs can also provide highly secure and scalable data storage repositories capable of storing continuously growing medical data.

    Managed IT Services Providers - Simplified MSP Services

    Internet of Things (IoT) Data Storage Repositories

    Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to generate zettabytes (ZBs) by 2025. Offer STaaS MSP services to the IoT industry by leveraging StoneFusion MSP and provisioning highly scalable cost-effective storage repositories capable of keeping up with the demanding workloads of IoT systems. 
    Managed IT Services Providers - Simplified MSP Services

    Scalable Storage for Retail Businesses

    Retail businesses maintain inventories of their stock and information about their products, sales and employees. As the number of products in a retail store increases and the sales figures accumulate over time, the data that needs storage also grows in size.

    MSPs can target such retail businesses and offer them a scalable and reliable storage solution with StoneFly StoneFusion for MSPs. By dedicating storage quotas for users, Managed Service Providers can offer disruption free, secure, and reliable storage options that ensure high availability through replication technology, recoverability with snapshots, and security with encryption.

    Retail businesses with branch offices and numerous departments can also leverage StoneFly data storage solutions to setup a storage architecture which dedicates storage quotas, simplifies data management, and optimizes data storage.

    Managed IT Services Providers - Simplified MSP Services

    Highly Available Remote Storage Solution for Schools, Colleges and Universities

    Educational institutions can leverage StoneFly StoneFusion for MSPs to setup dedicated storage quotas for each department and configure relevant data services to optimize data storage and ensure high availability for important data.

    Managed Service Providers can also offer education institutions remote storage repositories and enable them to leverage enterprise-grade data storage instead of setting up dedicated on-premises data storage infrastructure.

    Data services like erasure coding and replication (synchronous and asynchronous) ensure hyper-availability for important data while services like automated storage tiering simplify data management and reduce the overall cost of data storage.

    Partner with StoneFly & Deliver Feature-Rich Managed IT Services to your Customers

    StoneFusion MSP – Value Proposition

    StoneFusion MSP edition software is a one-of-a-kind state-of-the-art enterprise storage provisioning solution that combines different types of storage protocols in a single, unified, easy-to-manage solution.

    With our storage provisioning solution, managed IT services providers can fully leverage their data centers to enhance their business and facilitate thousands of customers.

    Similarly, large organizations can do the same for their data centers and cater to the requirements of different departments, teams and projects seamlessly, cost effectively, and efficiently.

     StoneFusion MSP allows multi tenant cloud storage provisioning

    StoneFly Solutions for Managed Service Providers is Available As:

    Hardware Solution – Turn-Key Complete Storage Solution for MSPs

    Acquire StoneFly’s highly scalable storage solutions to setup in-house data storage and offer a diverse range of storage options to your customers with StoneFusion MSP. Corporate users can leverage the storage technology to configure “Child SCVMs” and dedicate, manage and control storage quotas for different departments within the organization. The hardware chassis comes with support for standard NAS (NFS & CIFS/SMB) and SAN (iSCSI & Fibre Channel) protocols. 


    Software Solution – No Hardware Necessary!

    Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can also opt to get the StoneFusion MSP software only. Managed Service Providers can integrate StoneFusion MSP with most mainstream storage infrastructure such as Dell EMC, HPE, and more. Corporate users can integrate StoneFly virtual storage solution to leverage existing storage media, manage storage resources plus allocate, manage, and control storage quotas easily and efficiently.

    A mulit tenant solution for managed service providers
    A mulit tenant solution for managed service providers

    Deploy Your Managed Multi Tenant Cloud Storage Today!