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Cloud Storage for Veeam Backups
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Air-Gapped Cloud

Immutable Storage for Veeam Backups

Secure, scalable, affordable, and easy-to-manage cloud storage for Veeam backups with optional air-gapped and immutability.

Cloud Storage for Veeam Backups
Scalable storage
Cloud Storage for Veeam Backups
Month-to-Month Pricing
Cloud Storage for Veeam Backups
Integrated Features

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    Optional Integrated

    Ransomware Protection
    for Backup Data Stored in the Cloud
    air-gapped and immutable
    Air-Gapped and Immutable
    File and S3 object storage for ransomware-proof backup data storage
    immutable snapshots
    Immutable Snapshots
    Schedule hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly snapshots that cannot be edited/deleted.
    volume deletion protection
    Volume Deletion Protection
    Prevent ransomware attacks from erasing your critical backup data.
    multi-factor authentication (MFA)
    Multi-Factor Authentication
    Secure and restrict access, and admin-level tasks.
    end-to-end encryption
    End-to-End Encryption
    Protect data at rest/transit from unauthorized access.
    Cloud Storage for Veeam Backups
    Anti-Ransomware Scanner
    Automatically detect and quarantine dormant ransomware.
    Cloud Storage for Veeam Backups
    Sync/Async Replication
    Enable multi-site real-time replication or schedule replication jobs
    Sandbox for Backup Testing
    Sandbox for Testing
    Orchestrate and test backup and DR to ensure recoverability and prevent dormant ransomware attacks.
    storage for your Veeam Backups

    Store your Veeam backups in our cloud-based air-gapped volumes to protect your critical workloads from ransomware, malware, virus, malicious deletion, and other similar threats.

    Cloud Storage for Veeam Backups
    Air-Gap Repositories

    One controller with access to two target repositories with one network-facing and the second isolated detached air-gap volume.

    Cloud Storage for Veeam Backups
    Air-Gap Controller

    Two controllers & target repositories with one controller and repository network-facing and accessible and the other controller & repository isolated, detached, and air-gapped.

    Why Choose StoneFly Cloud Backup and Replication

    with Veeam integrated air-gap and immutability

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    80% Cheaper than Other Clouds

    Get the complete package & save money with the best price in the market

    No EGress

    Intelligently designed to remove unnecessary egress costs for built-in processes

    No API Fees

    Get an easy-to-use API to manage your backups, integrated features, & monitor resource health with no extra charges.

    Data Center Redundancy

    Built-in multi-server redundancy makes sure your data is always available.

    99.999999999% of durability

    Much more durable than traditional offsite backup, our cloud solution makes sure your data is secure & always available

    Optional Immutability & Air-Gap

    Get highly secure and compliant immutable and air-gapped storage for additional security of your Veeam backups

    Cloud Storage for Veeam Backups
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