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Virtual Cloud Gateway

Cloud Gateway to Azure & AWS

Seamlessly connect your servers & applications to object storage in Azure, AWS, or the cloud of your choice for data sharing, collaboration, & backup & archiving with integrated data services such as snapshots, encryption, air-gap, anti-ransomware, replication, & more.

Smart Cloud Gateway

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    Cloud Gateway - Overview
    Virtual Cloud Gateway

    Cloud Object Storage for your Applications

    Powered by StoneFly's patented 8th generation storage OS (StoneFusion™), the virtual cloud gateway connects the cloud object storage via CIFS/SMB & NFS protocols to your servers & applications using a secure encrypted tunnel for data transfers and advanced encryption for data at rest.

    Smart Cloud Gateway
    Deploy on Any Hypervisor

    The StoneFly virtual cloud gateway can be deployed on VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, and Citrix (XenServer).

    Smart Cloud Gateway
    Connect with Any Cloud

    Set up object storage in Azure, AWS, or any other S3 compatible cloud & map it to your servers, applications & backup & DR systems seamlessly.

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    Smart Cloud Gateway

    Physical Cloud Gateway Appliances

    On-premises StoneFly physical cloud gateway appliances deliver the perfect blend of performance, capacity, & affordability. Set up policy-based hot-tier on-premises & cold-tier storage in the cloud.
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    Hybrid HDDs + Flash with RAID
    Store data in hybrid high speed HDDs and/or flash drives & set up fault-tolerance using the built-in hardware RAID controller.
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    High Speed Network
    Transfer hot tier data on-premises and to/from the cloud using 1/10/40/100Gb high speed network ports.
    Easy-to-Use Interface
    Manage your on-premises & cloud storage and integrated data services with an easy-to-use browser-based GUI.
    How StoneFly Smart Cloud Gateway Works
    Cloud Gateway | Cloud Storage Gateway

    Download & install the virtual Smart cloud gateway on your hypervisor or get the hardware gateway appliance and plug it to your infrastructure


    Set up hardware/software tiering, automate data transfers, connect to public/private cloud(s) & map cloud storage to your application(s)


    Manage your on-premises & cloud resource consumption with a centralized & easy-to-use interface.

    Smart Cloud Gateway

    StoneFly Cloud Gateway Features

    Use advanced data services to protect your data from ransomware & effectively use available storage capacity, CPU, & memory with powerful optimization features.

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    Automatically detect & remove ransomware, malware, & virus from NAS & object storage volumes

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    WORM Storage

    Set up Write-Once Read-Many repositories to store your NAS & object storage data - limit editing, overwriting, & deletion

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    Immutable Snapshots

    Set up delta-based snapshots which you can use to go back in time & restore critical workloads in the event of a disaster

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    S3 Object Lockdown

    Lock editing, overwriting, and deleting for on-premises and/or cloud object storage volumes for data security and compliance

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    Air-Gapped Volumes

    Store your NAS & object data in isolated detachable volumes with the option of air-gapped controllers & air-gapped repositories on-premises & in the cloud

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    Military-Grade Encryption

    Transfer your data through a secure encrypted tunnel & encrypt your data at rest with AES 256-bit encryption

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    Reduce storage space consumption & effectively utilize available on-premises & cloud storage capacity

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    Automated Storage Tiering

    Define performance & capacity storage tiers & set policies to automate transfers between tiers for simplified data management

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    Thin Provisioning

    Reclaim unused storage space, repurpose it, & quickly provision storage resources for new projects, databases, & applications


    Deployment Options for StoneFly Cloud Gateway

    You can use the cloud gateway to set up centralized storage, distributed storage, or storage as a service.

    Hybrid storage using cloud gateway

    Hybrid Storage

    Terabytes of on-premises storage with integrated cloud object storage for archiving
    Multi-cloud object storage


    Integrate multiple clouds with your servers, databases, & applications
    Multi-site object storage with cloud gateway


    Centralized object storage for multiple branches & sites

    Can StoneFly Smart Cloud Gateway Help You with Your Project(s)?

    Let’s talk about your project(s) and how StoneFly Smart cloud gateway can help. 

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