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Veeam-Ready Air-Gapped and Immutable Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) Appliance

Fully automated immutable and air-gapped backup & DR appliance with S3 object lockdown, FileLock, incremental and full snapshots, replication, and instant multi-VM recovery.

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    What is the DR365V?

    Turnkey Ransomware-Proof Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

    The StoneFly DR365V is a Veeam ready ransomware-proof data center in the box solution which delivers backup, replication, restore, and storage capabilities in a secure air-gapped and immutable ”plug and play” appliance.

    Veeam backup appliance

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      • 🔒 Automated Air-Gapping: Enable/Disable physical or logical air-gapping directly from the Veeam data platform through seamless integration with StoneFly.
      • 🌐 Secure Repositories: Secure critical backup data and snapshots in air-gapped and immutable repositories, preventing malicious encryption and modifications.
      • 🚫 Deletion Protection: Built-in volume deletion protection stops any attempt at maliciously deleting backup repositories.
      • 🏰 Sandbox Testing: Test and plan backup and disaster recovery with an on-demand Sandbox environment for foolproof preparedness.
      • 🔐 Access Controls: Establish secure access controls using multi-factor authentication (MFA), ensuring only authorized personnel can access crucial data.
      • 🧠 Machine Learning-Based Detection: Leverage Machine Learning to detect and flag unusual behavior and ransomware-encrypted files during backups.
      • 🔄 VM Spin-up: Quickly spin up virtual machines on the DR365V for granular or full recovery, ensuring near-zero downtime.
      • 🦠 Anti-Virus Scans: Schedule lightweight anti-virus scans to detect and quarantine malware, fortifying your data against cyber threats.
      • 🔐 Encryption: Protect data at rest and in transit with end-to-end encryption, ensuring confidentiality throughout.

      DR365V: Veeam-Ready Tested!

      StoneFly DR365V backup and DR appliances have been tested by Veeam and validated as Veeam-Ready repository, Veeam-Ready object and Veeam-Ready Object with Immutability.

      Veeam ready repository


      All Veeam backup, replication, & restore features supported.

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      Veeam ready object appliance


      S3-object compatible target storage for Veeam backups.

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      Veeam ready object immutability

      Immutable Object

      Object storage immutability for critical Veeam backups.

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      Veeam Ready Air-Gapped and Immutable Backup and Replication Appliance

      Veeam Competency Partner: Ransomware and Disaster Recovery

      Veeam has recognized our skills and experience in delivering secure and ransomware-proof enterprise backup and disaster recovery (DR).

      Beyond Backups

      Building a Secure Kubernetes Ecosystem with Veeam Kasten and StoneFly

      Alongside its industry-leading support for Veeam backup and disaster recovery, StoneFly DR365V seamlessly integrates with Veeam Kasten. This powerful combination empowers you to:

      • Protect Kubernetes applications and data: Ensure the availability and recoverability of your containerized workloads with Kasten K10 backups stored on the secure, immutable platform of StoneFly DR365V. Supported workloads include popular databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB; NoSQL databases like Cassandra and Elasticsearch; and critical enterprise applications built on Kubernetes, such as e-commerce platforms, content management systems, and microservices architectures.
      • Streamline disaster recovery for Kubernetes: Rapidly restore your Kubernetes environments in the event of an outage or disaster, minimizing downtime and data loss.
      • Enhanced security for Kasten backups: StoneFly DR365V’s air-gapped architecture isolates your backups, safeguarding them from ransomware attacks and unauthorized access.

      Furthermore, StoneFly DR365V integrates seamlessly with Veeam Kasten’s storage integrations, including:

        • Cloud provider block storage: Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) for AWS, Google Persistent Disk for GKE, and Azure Managed Disks for AKS.
        • Cloud-native storage solutions: Portworx, a leading container storage platform.
        • Open-source storage options: Ceph via Rook and NetApp Trident, popular open-source storage providers for Kubernetes.
      Secure Veeam backup appliance

      Backup Data Security

      Reduce Surface of Attacks from 3x to 1x

      Enterprise backup and DR infrastructure have three surfaces of attack, or entry points, for cyber threats – the backup server, network, and storage stack. That’s three times the risk for cybercriminals to strike. But not with DR365V.

      • 🛡️ Cut the Risk, Improve Security: DR365V reduces the surfaces of attack from 3x to 1x by isolating the network and storage stack.
      • 🤖 Automated Veeam-Aware Air-Gapping:With seamless integration with StoneFly, the Veeam data platform enables/disables air-gapping directly per backup/restore job, reducing vulnerability to ransomware and other cyber threats.
      • 🔒 Immutable Repositories: DR365V keeps your backups air-gapped and immutable. No modifications, deletions, or overwrites for a set period.

      Multi-Layered Ransomware Protection with

      Immutable and Air-Gapped Backup Repositories, Controllers, and Nodes

      Secure your critical enterprise backups and sensitive information with DR365V’s cutting-edge features – policy-based immutability and air-gapped repositories, controllers, and nodes. As the only turnkey solution in the market offering this level of protection, DR365V ensures a multi-layered defense against ransomware attacks, hackers, viruses, and malware.

      Air-Gapped and Immutable Repositories:

      • File and S3 object storage repositories are isolated and immutable for a set retention period.
      • Veeam data platform seamlessly enables or disables air-gapping, for the repository, during backup and restore jobs.

      Air-Gapped and Immutable Controllers:

      • Controller-level air-gapping and immutability secure all repositories managed by the controller.
      • Repositories are automatically isolated and detached when the controller is in the same state.

      Air-Gapped and Immutable Nodes:

      • Purpose-built Veeam-aware air-gapped and immutable nodes.
      • Similar to the backup repositories, Veeam data platform attaches these nodes during backup jobs, by disabling air-gapping, and detaches, upon completion, by enabling air-gapping.

      Compare StoneFly DR365V Veeam ready backup and DR solution with other backup appliances

      Detect Ransomware before it strikes with

      Inline Machine Learning-Based Ransomware Detection 

      Detect ransomware using advanced inline machine-learning process during backups. The DR365V identifies and flags:

      • 🚨 Irregular File Sizes: Instantly detects oversized backup files, triggering immediate notifications to system administrators.
      • 🔐 Encryption Anomalies: Identifies files with unusual encryption patterns, raising flags for quick action.
      • 🕵️‍♂️ Suspicious Changes: Flags files with uncommon extensions or unusual modifications, recognizing deviations from established patterns during backups.
      Ransomware Detection using Inline Backup Analysis
      File System Activity Analysis for Malware Detection

      Real-Time File System Activity Analysis for Malware Detection

      Prevent malicious encryption using real-time file system activity analysis performed during each backup job. Here’s how it secures your data:

      • Ongoing Metadata Scrutiny: Utilizing regularly updated metadata archives, the DR365V ensures real-time monitoring of file system activity.
      • Immediate Quarantine: If an unfamiliar file extension is detected, it’s immediately quarantined during the backup job to prevent ransomware threats. Simultaneously, system administrators receive instant notifications.
      • Halt on Suspicious Files: If a flagged file is identified during the backup, the process stops immediately, securing your backup repository.

      This meticulous approach guarantees that every backup job is a fortress against potential cyber threats. With DR365V, you get real-time security checks, ensuring that only recognized files become part of your enterprise data stream.

      Improve IOPs and Reduce Recovery Time

      Zero Latency Backup and Restore with Unlimited Data Movers

      Faster backup and restore performance with

      • Zero Latency Advantage: By consolidating the Veeam data platform and storage on the same appliance, DR365V removes network latency concerns. This consolidation ensures that both the source (Veeam) and target (file and S3 object storage repositories) coexist seamlessly on the same hardware, facilitating quick and uninterrupted backup and restore operations.
        • Unlimited Data Movers: DR365V introduces a unique feature—virtually unlimited data movers. Administrators can effortlessly create numerous data movers, empowering Veeam to intelligently distribute backup and copy jobs concurrently. This setup facilitates parallel operation, enabling multiple jobs to run simultaneously; significantly boosting overall performance.
        Software-Defined Network (SDN)

        Secure Backup Data During Transit

        Secure and Encrypted Communication with Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

        Set up a secure encrypted tunnel between Veeam data platform and the storage stack using software-defined networking.

        • Malicious Packet Prevention: Identify and block bad packets from compromising backup repositories.
        • Unique Packet Tagging: Legitimate packets are tagged with a unique hash for secure TCP/IP communication.
        • Encrypted Communication: Establish a secure and encrypted line between Veeam and the storage stack, acting as a robust defense against potential cyber threats such as man-in-the-middle attacks.

        Unified Block, File, and S3 Object Storage Tiers

        Tiered High Performance and Cost-Effective Long-Term Storage for Veeam Backups

        Store hot and cold Veeam backups in the following three-tiered storage stack built into the StoneFly DR365V Veeam appliance:

        • Block-Level iSCSI or Optional Fibre Channel: Built for Veeam databases and high I/O workloads, this tier ensures optimal performance with immediate access.
        • File-Level Shared Repository: Designed for unstructured data, data movers, and shared assets, this tier provides network accessibility and seamless collaboration.
        • S3 Object Storage: Purpose-built for backup and archive, this tier offers cost-effective elastic storage with virtually unlimited scalability, ensuring flexibility for any workload.
        Veeam Ready Air-Gapped and Immutable Backup and Replication Appliance
        Veeam Ready Air-Gapped and Immutable Backup and Replication Appliance

        Tiered Storage is Further Divided into

        Ransomware-Proof and Secure Air-Gapped and Immutable Storage

        The DR365V’s secure tiered storage stack can be further divided into regular, immutable, and air-gapped and immutable file and S3 object repositories.

        1. Regular Repository: Standard repository for read, write, overwrite, and delete operations. It supports all of the Veeam features for incremental and full backups, synthetic builds, and recovery.
        2. Immutable Repository: Secure and ransomware-proof S3 object and file repositories which prevent write, overwrite, changes/modification, and deletion for a set retention period.
        3. Veeam-Aware Air-Gapped and Immutable Repository: Physically/logically isolated and detached, and immutable, S3 object and file storage attached only during backup/restore jobs using job-level triggers directly from the Veeam data platform.

        On-Demand Sandbox for Ransomware-Free Backup and DR and Testing

        Test Veeam backups in an on-demand sandbox without impacting production to ensure ransomware protection. Here’s how it works:

        • Isolated Security Zone: Rest easy knowing that your production systems remain untouched as you test your Veeam backups within a secure sandbox environment.
        • Ransomware Detection: Verify that your backups are free from ransomware infections, ensuring no re-infections occur during the restoration process.
        • Scheduled Testing: Take control of your data integrity with routine unattended testing, customizable to fit your schedule – whether daily, weekly, or monthly.
        On-Demand Sandbox for Veeam

        Back Up and Archive in Azure, AWS, and StoneFly Air-Gapped and Immutable Cloud

        Whether you prefer the flexibility of public clouds like Azure and AWS or the security of our air-gapped and immutable private cloud, we provide the tools you need to secure your data. Leverage the built-in cloud storage gateway to integrate the desired cloud with the StoneFly Veeam backup appliance and get access to the following capabilities:

        • Backup, replication, Continuous Data Protection (CDP), and archiving options available in both public clouds (Azure and AWS) and StoneFly’s air-gapped and immutable private cloud.
        • Utilize StoneFly Cloud Connect to replicate VMs as images, enabling remote spin-up and reducing Recovery Time Objective (RTO) to as low as 5 minutes.
        • Ensure business continuity by quickly restoring your data and resuming normal activities with near-zero downtime in the event of a disaster.
        • Archive infrequently-accessed data and backups in cost-effective cloud storage in Azure, AWS or in secure and ransomware-proof air-gapped and immutable storage in StoneFly cloud for compliance.

        NVMe SSDs, SAS, and Cost-Effective Storage Media with Active/Active RAID Controller

        Store hot tier data in NVMe SSDs, infrequently-accessed data in SAS, and archive data in long-term capacity tier enterprise hard drives in the same appliance. Improve IOPs and custom-build your storage media for the best total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investments (ROIs) in the market.

        The NVMe SSDs are used for the OS and hypervisor, such as VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, and Citrix, but can also be extended for cache and hot-tier storage.

        The built-in active/active hardware controller supports RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60 plus hot spares in the single node and erasure coding in scale out configuration.

        The DR365V also supports tape arrays, as target storage, for onsite or offsite Veeam backup data archiving.

        Now Available

        Integrated Dual Hardware Controller Appliance (R2)

        Single-node with integrated dual hardware controllers used to set up two isolated environments, Veeam backup server and ransomware-proof target storage, that provide the same experience as dedicated appliances. With the R2 appliance, system administrators can seamlessly deploy:

        High Availability Veeam Backup Appliance
        • Isolated Dual Appliances: Each appliance operates separately, equipped with dedicated hardware controllers, ensuring isolated security zones protecting enterprise assets within the network.
        • Versatile Configurations: The secondary hardware controller offers flexible configurations, functioning as an isolated recovery module, which includes:
          • Air-Gapped and Immutable Storage: Configure secure, ransomware-proof, and automated air-gapped and immutable file/S3 object target storage for backups, snapshots, and replicas.
          • High Availability with Automated Failover: In case of primary controller failure, the system can failover to the secondary hardware controller for continuous operation.
        • Ransomware Protection Using Up to 64 Immediate Restore Points: Click-to-restore 64 images that have been stored in the last few days for quick recovery.
        • Secure Target for VM Backup and Archive: Backs up critical VM(s) to an air-gapped and immutable target storage for long-term recoverability and security forensics spanning days, months, or years.
        • Secondary DR Controller: Spin Up VMs with one click for instant disaster recovery on the secondary controller.
        • On-Demand DevOps Sandbox: Provides a secure and isolated environment for DevOps and backup testing. Test backups for a ransomware-free recovery in an isolated environment without impacting production.

          StoneFly Veeam-Ready Backup and DR Solution Can be Set up As:

          Immutable Veeam Backup Appliance


          Turnkey 4 to 60-bay backup and DR appliances.

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          Dual-Node Shared-Nothing Immutable Veeam Appliance

          Dual-Node Shared-Nothing

          Dual-clustered backup and DR appliances with automated failover & failback.

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          Scale Out Veeam Backup Appliance

          Scale Out

          Start with three backup and DR appliances & scale out to as many nodes as you need.

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          High Availability Immutable Veeam Backup Appliance

          High Availability

          Modular hardware with two backup controller nodes, one HA RAID array, and optional storage expansion unit (EBOD).

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          Integrated Data Security and Ransomware Protection Features

          Appliance Scalability

          Start Small and Scale as Backup Data Grows

          The DR365V scales effortlessly, accommodating initial partial population with the option to add more drives later, while also supporting scaling up and out to 128 nodes.

          Veeam Ready Air-Gapped and Immutable Backup and Replication Appliance

          Scale Up using Storage Expansion Units (EBODs)

          Scale up (vertical scaling) by adding Expandable Bunch of Drives (EBODs). Each DR365V appliance node can support 256 drives with EBODs depending on the appliance series and model.

          horizontal scaling

          Scale Out by Adding More DR365V Nodes

          Scale out to virtually unlimited number of appliance nodes. With each node added to the system, the performance and storage capacity ncreases in multiples.

          Individual performance & storage scalability

          Modular Scalability in DR365V-HA

          Scale performance and storage individually by adding backup controllers and EBODs, respectively. The DR365V scales to petabytes and supports thousands of drives using EBODs. 

          Available Appliance Series


          8 to 60-bay appliances with high performance multi-core Xeon processors, high speed network ports, built-in RAID controller, and enterprise NVMe SSDs and/or SAS drives.

          High performance and secure Veeam backup appliances


          8-bay to 60-bay  appliances with high performance multi-core dual Xeon processors, high speed network ports, built-in RAID controller, and enterprise NVMe SSDs and/or SAS drives.

          What Our Clients are Saying

          “StoneFly’s flexible backup grew with us, safeguarding our business and providing an integrated, stable foundation. They helped us to streamline our evolving backup and recovery operations for the most efficient resource utilization possible.”

          Ecker Enterprises, Inc.

          Leading Specialty Subcontractor

          “DR365 backup and replication appliance is a versatile box, you can configure it as a VMware host running multiple Virtual Machines and as a high-performance NAS. Really easy to manage and extend for more space.”

          WWF Canada

          Canada Largest International Conservation Organization

          “The DR365V made compliance, scalability, and data protection simpler for us. Despite our massive data set, we can easily manage everything and ensure ransomware protection; for us the mix of simplicity, scalability, and affordability, is the winning combination.”

          District Council

          16 sites, 550 employees, and a population of 75000.