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Oil and Gas industry and Big Data

Oil and Gas Industry Challenges

Oil and Gas companies are facing many problems. Distributed oil fields and office branches make sharing of files and data time consuming. To increase their production rates Oil and Gas fields and offices need to feel like they are working in the same room, not distantly separate. Geophysical processing, seismic interpretation, earth modeling, and reservoir analysis data growth rates need to be properly managed. Achieving the above mentioned goals is challenging for several reasons:

Data Management in Oil and Gas industry

Conflict and political issues make updating seismic information not always possible. Maintaining existing data regardless of age is mandatory as old oil and gas well data files are necessary for comparison with updated versions. These are files of huge size, analyzing and sharing these files adds even more complexity. Add to that the parallel cost of extra power, cooling, space and management requirements.

Managing the Growing Demand of Data Storage 

Oil and Gas companies live with the fact that Terabytes of data from geophysical processing, seismic interpretation, earth modeling, and reservoir analysis is consuming massive local storage capacities. This data is growing at the rate of 30% per year causing exponential increase in maintenance and storage costs.

Separated oil fields and offsite offices 

As an Oil and Gas company your fields and office branches are separated by hundreds if not thousands of miles apart. Sharing geology survey files from the oil fields and information from offsite offices takes significant amounts of time. That time can be used to increase the company’s production rates and ultimately the earnings.

Disaster recovery

The information you collect is important, you can’t afford to lose them The Data collected about locations, well information, depth variance, etc., is vital and companies can’t afford to lose them. These Data need to be protected since the collection of data costs a lot of money and it’s difficult to retrieve the data once it’s collected. Providing proper backup and timely recovery solutions with the least downtime is crucial for your production continuity- But companies struggle to make it work.

Real-time access

To make the most informed decisions, you need all your Global sites and offices to be synchronized in order to share and access small or large files in real-time. Analysts need to retrieve their work files in a secure and speedy manner.

StoneFly to The Rescue 

StoneFly Cloud Storage Gateway  integrated with Microsoft Azure allows the collection, transferring, analyzing and protection of data across sites, departments and company branches. Complexity is minimized as merely a device with an internet browser is needed to access your files and data anytime from anywhere, which makes it an inexpensive solution. Moving your data to the StoneFly™ clouds reduces Storage, data management costs and creates an efficient flow of data between your Oil and Gas fields and workplaces in a timely manner.

StoneFly’s DR365™ appliance node offers disaster recovery and data redundancy for your servers, Storage and backup systems in a single box. Your datacenter data is replicated several times depending on your choice to provide instant disaster recovery and no downtime or loss of access to your vital files and data.

Data from geophysical processing, seismic interpretation, earth modeling, and reservoir analysis are automatically, continuously backed up in Storage capacities ranging from few Terabytes to 2 Petabytes depending on your company requirements.

Oil & Gas Exploration- Production

With StoneFly scale out NAS, you can scale out data of petabytes in size across thousands of Oil and Gas sites and workplaces. This allows the latest information files from drilling sites and offsite offices across the globe to be shared and accessed instantly by the company employees, accelerating collaboration between teams.

Super Scale Out (SSO) allows you to expand your Storage capacity across multiple nodes in the cloud as your company’s Storage requirements increase. Scaling out the SSO adds more throughput, more capacity and more concurrency to your datacenter systems in each time.

Oil & Gas Exploration- Production

Our optional deduplication technology decreases your Storage requirements and makes your cloud Storage usage more efficient, best for data growth optimization. You can fit upto 137x more data within the same Storage capacity with the least impacts to system performance. You minimize your company floor footprint requirements and get rid of staff costs who manage your datacenter.