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Multimedia, Gaming and Entertainment

Moving your structured and unstructured data to StoneFly™ Hybrid clouds enable you to leverage the elasticity and access of cloud while keeping certain workload on-premise. Hybrid infrastructure allows companies get access to unlimited Storage while having real-time file access to their Storage. Advantages of the StoneFly™ solution comprise:

  • Real-Time Teams Collaboration
  • Optimized Storage Usage
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Full support for Hybrid solution

Real-Time Teams Collaboration

For teams to effectively collaborate on projects, large media files shared by distributed teams have to be available quickly all the time. StoneFly allows teams from different work sites to share large media files and data at small transfer times without the need to provision an expensive MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) setup.  Designs, presentations, and other media files are always available for real-time access.

Cloud gaming providers can use StoneFly™ cloud Storages to store thousands of games, while offering real-time access to games for their customers at the same time.

Optimized Storage Usage

Media and Entertainment companies especially that of the gaming industry has to create multiple versions of a single project for multiple platform purposes. The same project is stored in different languages for different regions. This leads to massive data Storage requirements for merely a single project. For enhanced Storage efficiency, and decreased Storage capacity requirements, Stonefly™ offers a deduplication technology for data optimization. The technology allows you to fit up to 137x more data within the same Storage capacity with the least impacts on system performance.

Disaster Recovery

StoneFly™ offers disaster recovery solutions for all your servers, Storages and backup systems in a single box. Offsite cloud backup is implemented inexpensively and can be accessed anytime anywhere using merely a device with an internet connection. With StoneFly™, your Datacenter data is replicated multiple times in distributed remote locations to ensure timely backup if and when a disaster strucks.

StoneFly’s CDR365™ online backup solution automates backup process for secure and up to date copy of your datacenter, perfect for gaming companies that use cloud Storage to save customer progresses in a particular gaming title.