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Turnkey PACS Storage and Archiving Solutions
Turnkey PACS Storage and Archiving Solutions
Turnkey PACS Storage and Archiving Solutions
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Turnkey PACS Storage & Archiving Solutions

Highly secure, compliant, and turnkey storage appliances for PACS storage and archiving, Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), and medical record storage - tested and compatible with popular healthcare applications.

Turnkey PACS Storage and Archiving Solutions
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Virtual Storage Appliance for PACS Systems

Install our 8th gen patented storage virtualization software (SCVM™) on your server(s) and repuprose available storage space as NAS, SAN, S3 for your PACS systems, VNA, and medical record storage and archiving.

Turnkey PACS Storage and Archiving Solutions
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Cloud Storage for PACS Systems

Map highly scalable, secure, compliant, and affordable public/private cloud storage volumes to your applications and databases for offsite data storage, archiving, and long-term retention.

Turnkey PACS Storage and Archiving Solutions
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    Why trust StoneFly with your patient data

    data security

    Advanced Data Security

    StoneFly storage secure your PACS, VNA, and modality images using advanced security features such as air-gap, immutable storage, delta-based snapshots, encryption, & more.

    premium support
    24/7 Premium Support

    Our technical support structure is designed to prevent long waiting queues. Our support staff is available 24/7 to help you with your projects, questions, and provide any training wherever necessary.

    turnkey hyper converged infrastructure
    Turnkey Storage Infrastructure

    StoneFly storage solutions are complete turnkey appliances built, deployed, and tested together to deliver seamless plug & play experience.

    data security

    Best Price in the Market

    StoneFly storage appliances provide enterprise capabilities with integrated features at 50% less than any other alternative in the market.

    hyper converged infrastructure
    Custom-to-Order Appliances

    StoneFly offers flexible design capabilities enabling our customers to custom-build their storage infrastructure as per their requirements and projects.

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    We build complete turnkey PACS data centers

    Get a custom-to-order turnkey infrastructure installed with hypervisor and storage OS with support for NFS, CIFS/SMB, iSCSI and S3 object for your medical records, PACS and enterprise imaging, and radiological modality such as X-ray, MRI, CT, and more.
    PACS Application

    Popular PACS Applications Support

    StoneFly PACS storage appliances are tested and built to support popular applications such as IBM Watson Health, Sectra, Intelerad, Synapse, and more.

    compliant PACS storage
    Compliant Storage
    Protect confidential patient and medical information with advanced air-gap storage, immutable snapshots, WORM, encryption, and more.
    cloud storage

    Integrated Cloud Storage

    Store older patient data and medical records in secure and affordable public/private cloud storage for long term retention and archive.


    StoneFly PACS Data Center Can be Set up As

    Single-node, dual-node shared-nothing, scale out, & high availability (HA).

    Turnkey PACS Storage and Archiving Solutions

    Turnkey 4 to 60-bay hyperconverged appliances

    Turnkey PACS Storage and Archiving Solutions
    Dual-Node Shared-Nothing
    Dual-clustered hyperconverged appliances with automated failover & failback
    Turnkey PACS Storage and Archiving Solutions
    Scale Out

    Start with three hyperconverged appliances & scale out to as many nodes as you need.

    Turnkey PACS Storage and Archiving Solutions
    High Availability

    Modular hardware with two HCI controller nodes and one or more HA RAID array(s).

    Turnkey PACS Storage and Archiving Solutions
    Pacs appliances
    PACS storage appliances
    From $2495
    PACS Storage Appliances

    4 to 60-bay turnkey storage appliances for medical images, radiological modality e.g X-ray, CT, MRI, or ultrasound and more.

    Powered by StoneFly SCVM™

    Virtual Storage Appliance

    Reclaim unused storage space on your servers and provision virtual SAN, NAS, and S3 storage for your PACS images, VNA, and medical records.

    Supported environments: VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Citrix, and StoneFly Persepolis.

    Virtual PACS Storage
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    Store your medical data in

    Map public/private cloud storage to your servers with StoneFly Smart cloud gateway and store PACS images, VNA and modality images in scalable, secure, and compliant storage repositories.

    Set up air-gapped storage volumes, replicate data in real-time or schedule replication jobs, configure immutable snapshots, and transfer data across secure

    Supported Cloud Storage: Azure, AWS, S3-Compatible Clouds, & StoneFly Private Cloud.

    Cloud Storage for PACS
    Turnkey PACS Storage and Archiving Solutions

    Built-In Data Protection Features

    StoneFly storage secures your medical imaging data from ransomware, hackers, and other cyber-threats with advanced state-of-the-art data protection features:

    S3 object lockdown
    S3 Object Lockdown

    Lock S3 object volumes so that medical data stored in them cannot be edited, overwritten and deleted for a specified time.

    Air gapped storage
    Isolated Air-Gap Storage

    Store confidential and sensitive medical data in isolated, detached & secure air-gapped storage volumes.

    Immutable snapshots
    Immutable Snapshots

    Configure delta-based snapshots that can be used to go back in time & restore critical medical records in the event of a disaster.


    Automatically detect & remove ransomware, malware, & virus from medical records, patient data, and enterprise imaging.

    WORM storage
    WORM Storage

    Set up Write-Once Read-Many repositories to store your NAS & S3 object data - limit editing, overwriting, & deletion.

    Data encryption
    Military-Grade Encryption

    Protect your medical records storage with advanced AES 256-bit encryption.

    Compliant PACS Storage

    By trusting StoneFly PACS Storage solutions with your data, you can comply with the following regulations and more:

    Turnkey PACS Storage and Archiving Solutions

    Trusted by Healthcare Service Providers Worldwide