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Purpose-built Backup and DR appliance for Nutanix

Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructures, both on-premises and in the cloud, deliver storage, networking and compute resources in a single appliance; however, they do not ensure data recovery for enterprise workloads.

In order tomake sure that your workloads deployed in Nutanix infrastructure are always recoverable and available, StoneFly offers a Veeam-ready backup and disaster recovery appliance: StoneFly DR365AK™.

If you’re wondering what threatens your data in Nutanix infrastructure or any infrastructure, then you should give this article a read. It sheds light on the major causes of data loss for businesses.

Without reliable means to recover enterprise workloads, even with enterprise-level infrastructures like Nutanix; the important data of the enterprise will always be at risk. Let’s explore the risks that businesses take by not setting up reliable means to recover their data.

The risks Businesses take by not setting up Reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Violation of Industry Regulations – Most industry regulations, if not all, require enterprises to implement reliable means of ensuring data recoverability. Even enterprises with Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure have to setup backup and disaster recovery solutions to complement their storage environments.

In the events of data loss, these businesses don’t just end up dealing with the lost data but also the financial repercussions of violating industry regulations.

Disruption/Outage/Discontinuity – Without having reliable means of recovering data; even the simplest accident can result in an outage. A single misplaced coffee spill can result in hardware failure, which in turn can result in the complete loss of data from that hardware. This translates to discontinuity or an outage.

An outage means discontinued operations which result in financial losses, dissatisfied customers and brand reputation damage.

Higher Probability of Data Corruption – The lack of a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution makes IT environments a lot more vulnerable to data corruption. A single accident or malicious action or an IT management mistake means data corruption or data loss; it can also be a network failure or power failure that results in data corruption.

Software malfunctions or product patches can also lead to data corruption. Malware and ransomware are a major threat for all infrastructures and without reliable backup and disaster recovery; businesses are making their data vulnerable to them.

Disasters (Natural and Artificial) – Natural disasters can dismantle an entire office building. An IT environment is highly unlikely to survive something as devastating as natural disasters (tornadoes, earthquakes etc.). Without having means to recover from such devastation and without setting up reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions, businesses risk everything.

This risk isn’t just limited to natural disasters. It also includes man-made disasters like power failures, fires, malicious deletion, accidental or malicious damage to infrastructure etc.

Simply put, businesses without backup and disaster recovery solutions are risking their enterprise workloads even with enterprise-level infrastructures like Nutanix.

StoneFly DR365AK™ – Purpose-built Backup and Disaster Recovery Appliance for Nutanix Infrastructure

StoneFly offers a range of solutions to enable businesses to setup and deploy cost effective, reliable and enterprise-level backup and disaster recovery.

For businesses that have deployed their enterprise workloads in Nutanix infrastructure, StoneFly offers DR365AK™ – backup and disaster recovery appliance. DR365AK™ is purpose built to ensure simplified backup and disaster recovery and deliver reduced Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and RPOs (Recovery Point Objectives).

StoneFly DR365AK™ – Veeam ready Backup and Disaster Recovery appliance delivers RTPOs of less than 15 minutes for all kinds of enterprise workloads.

In order to deliver reduced RTPOs, DR365AK™ is equipped with a number of enterprise-level data services. Some of them are as follows:

  • Full Virtual Machine (VM) recovery
  • Instant VM recovery
  • Instant File-level Recovery
  • 1-click File and VM recovery portal
  • Built-in WAN Acceleration
  • Granular level backups

With StoneFly DR365AK™ enterprises can easily setup backup and disaster recovery that is compliant with applicable industry regulations. DR365AK™ comes in different configurations to facilitate a wide range of businesses (SMBs/SMEs and large enterprises).


Available Configurations for StoneFly DR365AK™ – Backup and Disaster Recovery Appliance:

Single Node: Best suited for SMBs (Small-to-Medium sized Businesses) and SMEs (Small-to-Medium sized Enterprises) on a tight budget and looking for backup and disaster recovery in a single box.

HA Node: High Availability node is perfect for enterprises that are looking to setup backup and disaster recovery without a single point of failure. The configuration delivers redundancy to ensure business continuity even if a cluster experiences failure.

Scale-out Node: This configuration delivers unlimited scalability and is best for growing enterprises with expanding data volumes. The scale-out node configuration delivers simplified scalability and can scale-out to PetaBytes of storage capacity for backup and disaster recovery.

Why deploy StoneFly’s product(s) and service(s) to Backup your Nutanix Infrastructure?

StoneFly is empowered by decades of experience of facilitating businesses to effectively deliver backup and disaster recovery for enterprises around the globe. StoneFly delivers cost effective and customer-centric solutions that are purpose-built as per the requirement of the enterprise.

With our expertise, we offer customized solutions to ensure enhanced business continuity and enterprise productivity. StoneFly’s innovative products make us the trusted service provider of Private and Government customers alike.

You can find a brief list of our customers here: Partial Customer List.

Besides our innovative solutions, we also boast a team of professionals, working round the clock to ensure technical support is always available to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Interested about DR365AK™? Read more about it here: StoneFly DR365AK™ – Veeam backup and disaster recovery appliance.

You can also schedule a demo with our technical professionals: Schedule a demo.

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