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Live Webinar:

Simple & Reliable Veeam Backup & Recovery for Microsoft Office 365

Tuesday March 5th

11:00 am (PST)

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Microsoft Office 365 enables teams to work from anywhere, anytime. The cloud based work environment is simple, convenient and makes important data always available and accessible. Microsoft uses geo-redundancy to make sure that data is hyper-available, even in the event of an infrastructure failure on their end. Microsoft takes care of the infrastructure but the data remains the user’s responsibility.

The common misconception is that since Office 365 is cloud-based, everything is taken care of; including backup. Microsoft does not offer any built-in backup for office 365.

If your business hasn’t setup dedicated backups for Office 365 data, then your data is at risk. Here are some of the threats that your Office 365 data is vulnerable to right now:

  • Accidental and Malicious deletion.
  • Ransomware attacks.
  • Human Error (Overwriting, etc.)

Another red flag is that if you don’t have backups setup for Office 365 data, you’re probably not compliant to applicable compliance regulations.

What can you do now?

Don’t worry, StoneFly can take care of the situation for you. StoneFly offers Veeam backup for Office 365. The Office 365 backup solution will enable your business to create cloud-to-cloud backups and/or local/on-premises backups.

We’re organizing a webinar to take a deep dive into the backup solution. Join us as we discuss the simplicity and reliability of our backup solution for Microsoft Office 365.