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A Guide to Backup Appliances and Data Availability

Backup technology ensures that mission-critical enterprise workloads are always available and highly recoverable. As enterprise data steadily grows, the backup market grows proportionally. This e-book answers a number of questions about backup technology and is a brief guide on backup appliances and data availability. This e-book explores backup appliances and provides insight about:

  • The history of Backup appliances
  • Types of Backup appliances
    • Inline vs. post process
    • Interfaces: NFS/SMB, VTL and custom
  • Threats to Backups and Backup appliances

The e-book also provides insight on StoneFly’s innovative backup and disaster recovery appliances. You can explore the configurations the appliances are available in and the best suitable configuration for a business (SMB, SME, and Large Enterprises).  

32 TB iSCSI SAN Storage Appliance For $3,724

High Performance & Powerful iSCSI Storage SAN (or optional Fibre Channel) Solutions from the original pioneer of the iSCSI protocol.

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