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StoneFly SCVM Virtual Storage Appliance

An enterprise hybrid cloud storage solution that lowers costs by up to 60% 

StoneFly SCVM is trusted by 500,000 businesses in over 150 countries

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Best Software-defined Storage

Since 1996, StoneFly continues to lead the market with its innovative storage and disaster recovery products and services that deliver powerful data services transforming your legacy infrastructure into a modern data center. StoneFly’s innovative SDS enables all kinds of data storage for the enterprise; these include Virtual Cloud SAN (Cloud Block Storage), Cloud NAS and Hyper-converged virtual appliances (Both NAS+SAN)

You can use StoneFly’s SCVM™ – Virtual Storage Appliance for:

▶ Primary SAN Storage

▶ Secondary Storage

▶ Local Mirroring/Replication

▶ Remote Mirroring/Replication

▶ Storage for Backup software in Azure/AWS

▶ Backend Storage for an Archive Appliance

▶ Backend Storage for a Security Appliance

▶ Backend Storage for a Cloud Appliance

 ▶ Backend Storage for a Data Deduplication Appliance

▶ Storage for Veeam In Azure

You will no longer need a separate box for your Storage.

Create networked IP Storage for your virtual machines, all on the same hardware platform. Increase productivity, simplify management and reduce power and rack space requirements while using SCVM Virtual Storage Appliance with your existing hardware.

Tons of Enterprise-level Data Services for your Business


Hardware independent

Use StoneFly SCVM™ – Virtual Storage Appliance with your existing hardware; regardless of the vendor


Intall it where it is needed

It can be installed on Physical Server, VMware/Hyper-V or in the cloud as per your needs

Unlimited High Availability and Redundancy

Support of Hardware Raid and Erasure coding within or across Nodes for unlimited High availability and redundancy. Selectable redundancy failover from 1 to 5 disks per node.

Encryption – before, during and after transit

SCVM delivers AES-256 bit encryption at rest, during and after transit.

Storage Tiering - Best cost and performance

Supports storage tiering like Hot tier, Cold tier, Archive tier and it enables you to move your data between tiers in order to save money and time.

Async or Sync Campus Mirroring

Replicate your data between remote facilities and private or public clouds. SCVM™ enables instant disaster recovery and eliminates inaccessibility to storage resources during a disaster

Snapshots Flexibility in Data Backups

SCVM™ uses snapshot technology to facilitate backup and recoverability. With snapshot technology, SCVM™ delivers optimized data recovery and data protection from ransomware, malware etc

Data Analysis & Reporting

SCVM™ delivers simplified and comprehensive enterprise wide Data analytics and performance reporting.

Storage Pools

SCVM™ facilitates the creation of large pools of storage, it consolidates all files in cost effective object storage. SCVM™ can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution.


Thin Provisioning

SCVM™ optimizes storage resource utilization by allocating just enough space needed at the time. This saves unnecessary storage costs and enhances storage utilization rates.”


Data Deduplication

StoneFly SCVM™ provides optimized data deduplication (dedup) for increased storage efficiency, enabling users to fit 5x to 137x more data within the same storage space

Centralized Data Storage

StoneFly SCVM™ delivers fast and secure ways to share files anytime, anywhere. You can easily organize and move files between your computer and configured NAS volumes

Consolidate Your Datacenter

StoneFly SCVM™ enables you to consolidate your mission critical servers and storage into an all-in-one appliance. StoneFly SCVM™ delivers unlimited capacity and enhanced performance. It delivers a complete Hybrid Cloud Storage solution for enterprises. With StoneFly SCVM™, you don’t need to setup or maintain costly on-premises equipment for new projects. StoneFly SCVM™ gives you the ability to dedicate local storage resources for performance; providing you the flexibility to retain all volume data locally

Trusted By Customers Worldwide

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