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Scalable, Rapid-to-Deploy IP SANs Support Growing Storage Needs with Local and Campus Mirroring, D2D Backup and Up to 12TB of Single-Node Storage

San Diego – Mar. 27, 2006 –StoneFly™, Inc., a leading supplier of integrated IP storage area network (SAN) systems and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory, Inc. (DNF), today introduced the iSC-1620 and iSC-2420, two new StoneFly Integrated Storage Concentrator™ (iSC) product lines that deliver scalable, rapid-to-deploy “IP SAN-in-a-box” functionality to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), workgroups and departments of large corporations.

Offering everything IT administrators need to build an advanced IP SAN, both the iSC-1620 and iSC-2420 are anchored by the StoneFusion Operating System™, an IP-based block-level provisioning appliance that centralizes storage management, control and monitoring of logical storage volumes. Featuring robust, integrated business continuity, the iSC systems also include StoneFly Reflection™ for local and campus mirroring, and StoneFly Snapshot™ for fast, efficient data recovery. To enhance functionality, StoneFly also offers a wide range of software and hardware options, such as application-aware continuous data protection (CDP) and disk-to-disk (D2D) backup and recovery.

Based on a single-chassis design that streamlines deployment, the new IP SANs are highly scalable, with the iSC-1620 delivering 2 to 8TB of capacity in a single node, and the iSC-2420 offering 3 to 12TB in a single node. By adding Storage Concentrator nodes, growing organizations can expand storage easily and cost-effectively. Because iSC offers external expansion, users can also leverage nearby SAN storage to meet emerging requirements – an advantage for mid-to-large-size enterprises with multiple SANs.

According to Mo Tahmasebi, CEO of DNF, iSC is designed to expedite and facilitate SAN deployment for organizations facing escalating data management challenges. “StoneFly iSC eliminates the complexities of SAN deployment, saving valuable IT time while delivering best-in-class capabilities for centralized storage management, block-level provisioning and business continuity,” he said. “Best of all, iSC is a value-oriented solution that customers can afford today, with an eye toward meeting their increasing storage needs in the future as well.”

For high reliability, the iSC storage arrays come with features such as advanced sub-array support, with true RAID data protection built with the latest serial ATA high-speed disk drives. All iSC storage arrays features hot-swappable drive tray mechanisms, automatic drive failure detection, online rebuild and hot-swappable power supplies and cooling fans.

For Timothy Aguilar, CEO of Calculated Research & Technology Corp. (CR&T), a Salt Lake City-based systems integrator for more than 16 years, iSC has already proven its value for two key clients, Tai-Pan Trading Co., a home décor merchandiser, and Karen Foster Design, a leading scrapbooking design company. “With iSC, StoneFly offers a comprehensive SAN that meets my customers’ demands for high availability as well as fast, efficient D2D backup and recovery,” said Aguilar.

“The system was not only easy to set up, but it works like a dream. Customer restores that once took hours are now taking minutes – at a cost savings of 60 to 80 percent over traditional alternatives.”

Available now, pricing for StoneFly iSC-1620 starts at $13,500 for a 2TB configuration, and pricing for iSC-2420 starts at $39,000 for a 12TB configuration. StoneFly is also offering promotional pricing for registered channel partners. All iSC configurations include a StoneFly Storage Concentrator; StoneFly Snapshot and Reflection synchronous mirroring software; block-level virtualization; and Version 4.3 of the StoneFusion Intelligent Network Storage Platform, which offers comprehensive storage services such as centralized storage management, storage consolidation, access control, volume management, mirroring and provisioning to present SAN storage to hosts as local disks.

About StoneFly, Inc. and Dynamic Network Factory, Inc.
StoneFly, Inc. headquartered in San Diego, was founded in April 2000 to deliver upon the vision of simple and affordable storage optimization and disaster recovery protection through IP SAN solutions. StoneFly is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory, Inc. (DNF), a leading maker of high-performance network attached storage, storage area networks, RAID and iSCSI systems. For more information on StoneFly, please or

Founded in 1989, DNF is a privately held company based in the Silicon Valley (Hayward, Ca.). DNF carries a variety of products, ranging from network attached storage, direct attached storage solutions and IP SAN solutions, to assist companies in meeting their mission-critical storage needs with cost-effective, high performance storage equipment. DNF has more than 20,000 customers ranging from consumers and small-to-medium businesses to government agencies, universities, hospitals, financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies. Key customers include UC Berkeley, MIT, the Federal Aviation Administration, FBI, Lockheed Martin, Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Fujitsu, Honda Corporation of America, SBC, BAE Systems, and General Dynamics. For more information, visit


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