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The Stonefly’s Scale-Out Clustered SCVM™ (Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine) revolutionizes the industry by creating a Highly-Available Virtual Software IP SAN.

Hayward, Calif. – May 9, 2011 — StoneFly, Inc., the leading supplier and innovator of advanced IP Storage Area Network (SAN) systems, has unveiled the Clustered SCVM™, a powerful virtual IP SAN software appliance. Designed for VMware environments, the Clustered SCVM™ is a complete virtual storage solution and virtual machine that is fully integrated with the hypervisor. This provides a fully redundant, fault tolerant, flexible, scalable, highly available and manageable iSCSI block mode storage. The SCVM™ can be provisioned to local virtual machines and guest operating systems on the network (via the LAN or WAN).

The scale-out Clustered SCVM™ can be created from two existing virtual servers (active-active nodes). Ideal for your virtualized and cloud environments, users can create a virtual IP SAN along with your server virtual machines (VMs) on the same hardware platform. Increase your productivity, simplify your management, and reduce your power and rack space by simply loading Clustered SCVM™ as virtual machine in a active-active storage configuration.

Implementing Clustered SCVM™ within a virtual environment enables users to reallocate existing hardware resources for a powerful business continuity and disaster recovery solution. By using StoneFly’s campus synchronous mirroring or asynchronous mirroring (replication) between remote facilities, Cluster SCVM™ is able to provide instantaneous recovery and eliminate storage access loss. For further data protection, the new clustering feature eliminates the risk of hardware failover by recognizing failures within a virtual storage server and instantaneously switching its resources to the other virtual active storage node.

“The IT infrastructure is drastically changing with the popularity of virtualization and cloud environments. Since releasing SCVM™, we have been working tirelessly to enhance our virtual IP SANs,” says Mo Tahmasebi, CEO of StoneFly, “Scaled-out virtual storage clustering is new paradigm for enterprise environments that are looking to drastically bring down their CapEx and OpEx.”

For more details about the Stonefly’s SCVM and how to download a free trail version, please, or call us at (510) 265-1616.

About StoneFly, Inc.

StoneFly, Inc., headquartered in San Diego, was founded in April 2000 to deliver upon the vision of simple and affordable storage optimization and disaster recovery protection through IP SAN solutions. StoneFly is a business division of Dynamic Network Factory, Inc. (DNF), a leading maker of high-performance network attached storage, storage area networks, RAID and iSCSI systems. For more information on StoneFly, please visit or


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