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Dual Hardware Controller Ransomware-Proof Immutable and Air-Gapped Backup & DR Solution for VMware and Hyper-V

Hayward, California – StoneFly, Inc. (, a leader in storage, hyperconverged, backup and disaster recovery, and cloud solutions has released the DR365V-R2 architecture. In response to the complexity of managing multiple appliances for backup, virtualization, testing, disaster recovery, storage, and archiving, the new architecture introduces a turnkey solution that consolidates these functions into a single, unified chassis with dual hardware controllers.

How the DR365V-R2 Architecture Works

StoneFly’s DR365V-R2 leverages the advanced capabilities of its 8th gen patented storage virtualization engine, SCVM™, to create a unique dual appliance housed within a single chassis. This architecture allows enterprises to seamlessly deploy both a dedicated backup and disaster recovery (DR) appliance and high availability (HA) failover, ransomware protection using up to 64 immediate image restore points, an air-gapped, immutable target storage for long-term recoverability and security forensics concurrently.

  • Isolated Dual Appliances: Each appliance operates separately, equipped with dedicated hardware controllers, ensuring isolated security zones protecting enterprise assets within the network.
  • Versatile Configurations: The secondary hardware controller offers flexible configurations, functioning as an isolated recovery module, which includes:
    • Air-Gapped and Immutable Storage: Configure secure, ransomware-proof, and automated air-gapped and immutable file/S3 object target storage for backups, snapshots, and replicas.
    • High Availability with Automated Failover: In case of primary controller failure, the system can failover to the secondary hardware controller for continuous operation.
    • Ransomware Protection Using Up to 64 Immediate Restore Points: Click-to-restore 64 images that have been stored in the last few days for quick recovery.
    • Secure Target for VM Backup and Archive: Backs up critical VM(s) to an air-gapped and immutable target storage for long-term recoverability and security forensics spanning days, months, or years.
    • Secondary DR Controller: Spin Up VMs with one click for instant disaster recovery on the secondary controller.
    • On-Demand DevOps Sandbox: Provides a secure and isolated environment for DevOps and backup testing. Test backups for a ransomware-free recovery in an isolated environment without impacting production.

The diagram below illustrates the 36-bay DR365V-R2 architecture configured to function as 24-bay and 12-bay storage controllers.

Note: The DR365V-R2 architecture is adaptable and available across various chassis configurations, including 8-bay, 12-bay, 16-bay, 24-bay, and 36-bay options.

Dual Hardware Controller Ransomware-Proof Immutable and Air-Gapped Backup & DR Solution for VMware and Hyper-V

One Highly Available Appliance for Backup, Ransomware Protection, Testing, Disaster Recovery, Storage, and Archiving

Enterprise environments require the management of multiple appliances for backup, ransomware protection, testing, disaster recovery, storage, and archiving, each serving a singular dedicated function. The DR365V-R2 architecture from StoneFly redefines this architecture, presenting an innovative solution where one appliance effortlessly wears multiple hats.

Instead of the traditional mix of six dedicated appliances, DR365V-R2 consolidates operations into a single, unified chassis. The DR365V-R2 comprises of two isolated controllers configured within one chassis.

Picture this: one appliance functioning as a robust backup and DR appliance, and the second, a versatile entity adaptable to various roles—be it iSCSI, file or object storage, an air-gapped and immutable repository, an archiving solution, a testing site for DevOps, or a dedicated disaster recovery site.

The DR365V-R2 enables solution architects to replace multiple appliances with a single cost-effective solution managed with a single pane of glass.

The Challenges: A Multitude of Appliances

Enterprises face a myriad of challenges in managing diverse appliances:

  • Infrastructure Overhead: Setting up and maintaining separate appliances for backup, virtualization, testing, disaster recovery, storage, and archiving results in increased infrastructure overhead.
  • Operational Complexity: The need to configure, manage, and troubleshoot multiple appliances introduces operational, management, and troubleshooting complexities.
  • Resource Strain: Running various appliances simultaneously demands more resources, leading to increased costs and energy consumption.
  • Space Constraints: The physical space required to accommodate multiple appliances poses challenges in modern data center environments.
  • High Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Multiple appliances require more maintenance, security, and resources which increases the TCO of the infrastructure.

The DR365V-R2 Solution: A Unified Chassis

  1. Unified Infrastructure: The DR365V-R2 architecture removes the need for multiple appliances. It consolidates and unifies backup, virtualization, testing, disaster recovery, storage, and archiving functions into a single chassis, streamlining infrastructure and reducing complexity.
  2. Operational Simplicity: With DR365V-R2, operational complexity is significantly reduced. Enterprises benefit from simplified configurations, unified single pane-of-glass management interfaces, and seamless troubleshooting.
  3. Resource Optimization: By integrating backup, virtualization, testing, disaster recovery, storage, and archiving functions, DR365V-R2 optimizes resource utilization. This results in reduced costs and lower energy consumption, contributing to sustainable and efficient operations.
  4. Space Efficiency: The compact design of the DR365V-R2 architecture addresses space constraints prevalent in modern data centers. It offers a space-efficient alternative to managing multiple appliances.
  5. Low Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO): Due to the availability and integration of multiple functionalities in one chassis decreases the TCO and improves the overall reliability and Return on Investments (ROIs).


The DR365V-R2 architecture is available now, ushering in a new era of unified simplicity for enterprises looking to streamline their backup, disaster recovery, ransomware protection, and storage infrastructure.

For more information about the DR365V-R2 architecture and StoneFly’s comprehensive range of solutions, please visit or contact our sales team at [email protected].

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